sometimes i feel like i'm trapped
in a love triangle.

but not the kind of love triangle
where two lovers are fighting for my affection.

it's a little deeper than that.

angels fight for my affection
to show me how much the father loves me.
demons fight for my affection
to turn me away from the heavenly king.

but the demons' leader doesn't love me.
he just wants power over God.

yet he'll pretend that he's full of light,
that's he's a lover because i have what he wants,
what he's looking for:
a life to use against heaven.

and the electricity in my house surges
over the power clash in between molecules
and the empty space within the matter
of my small 20 by 20 foot room.

i guess spiritual battlefields aren't as grand
or as formal as the ones in this dimension.

yet it's exhausting…
moment after moment the angels fight
and the demons fight.

all relentless work for my soul.
while i sit there waiting for a breakthrough
in the warfare.

i'm waiting for this love triangle to end;
it's terribly hard being stuck in the middle.