Declare this an emergency
come on and spread a sense of urgency
and pull us through
and pull us through
and this is the end
this is the end of the world


I've always lived in Chicago, and I've never really ventured far from it. Why would I? I love everything about my city; downtown Chi has this unique essence about it, like you can stick out as much as you want and no one will notice, no matter how different you are. Anyone is welcome there.

It seems fitting that if I was born there and lived there, I might as well die there, too. Not that I have a death wish, but after everything that's happened, I just don't know anymore; maybe I do after all. The human mind is not designed to accept change willingly, and maybe that's what my problem is.

Life is even more unexpected than I had ever thought. I mean, I really should be dead. The way I feel now encompasses the complete definition of surreal. It's almost like I have hidden cameras following me, with people ready to jump out and scream "Surprise!" as if it was some huge joke everyone in the world was in on. I've never been so paranoid in my life. I'm sure now I would have rather died than lived to see what the world is now. God, I still have no clue exactly what happened. All I know is that Chicago as it is now… it isn't my home anymore. This place is not the Chicago I knew.

It's time we saw a miracle
come on it's time for something biblical
to pull us through
and pull us through
and this is the end
this is the end of the world


Not New York, he told me. It's so typical, fleeing the country to go to America and then picking New York of all places. When I suggested going to a small town, he wasted no time shooting that idea down as well. He said that was just as cliché, and I might as well just go to New York, then; I'd be caught within a month either way if that was the best I could come up with. We agreed Chicago was a nice compromise, and I went along with it because I thought it was going to change my life. Yeah, my life definitely changed, that's for damn sure. But has it been changed for the better? That's almost funny at this point.

I would have rather died in New York. Hell, I would have rather died anywhere, but the fact that I was somehow saved just pisses me off.

I guess I shouldn't be mad, because no one could have predicted this. Well, let me rephrase: no one I knew could have predicted this. So now instead of dying, I'm just alone. I don't know which one is worse anymore. This is what happens when you listen to family, I suppose. I guess all thanks should go to the guy who "saved" me. Believe me; if I ever see him again, I'll be sure to show him just how much I appreciate it.

Proclaim eternal victory
come on and change the course of history
and pull us through
and pull us through
and this is the end


You don't vacation from a busy city by going to another busy city. That's not a change of environment, and I don't see how anyone would find it relaxing. Grand Cayman would have been a vacation. Cozumel would have been a vacation—at least it would have been warm. It would have been sunny. And I could bet on my life that it wouldn't have blown up.

But no. Chicago it would be. I mean, who was I to argue with my dad? He was paying for it, but then again, I was the one going. Yeah, I love Chicago, but only as a day trip when I want to go shopping. I don't think that will even be possible now, with all the boutiques and shops in ruin. No sir. I wish we could have just gone down to Tijuana. I could have at least gotten a strong drink before the world decided to go apocalyptic.

This is the end of the world - Muse. "Apocalypse Please"

Author's Note: This is the book I'm currently writing, it does have a working title. 2022 will hopefully not be the title it has upon completion. I am going to try to make sure this isn't just another "Its the end of the world as we know it." kind of books. There's definitely more of a twist to this one that I hope makes it stand out. I decided to add in the lyrics today. I'll work with lyrics on and off, cuz I really think it can set a mood for the chapter, especially with this prologue.

Any comments, responses, suggestions, constructive criticism is very much appreciated. Before I post any chapter, its most likely that it's been edited over and over by not only me but my friend Lauren too. Still if you catch any mistakes, please please please tell me.

I hope anyone who has read this enjoyed it, hopefully it left you with just enough questions to want to read on. More will be posted later, I promise.

And most of all, thank you. All of my author's notes will not be this long, I promise. ;)

Much love! -MDC