Story by annajade

She is suffocating behind her lies, until he comes along.


I whimpered silently.

The air was too thick with tension and fear, it was extremely dark that the walls could have been closing in and I wouldn't have noticed. The springs were digging into my back but I ignored the pain it caused me, scratching the delicate skin that bruised easily beneath a finger now was scored with small gashes.

The pressure, the pure misery of it, I wanted to vomit.

I knew that I wasn't going to survive this. I was hurtling through a black abyss with no way of knowing if it was going to end. To become a dream that I would wake up with just a jolt and roll over unto my stomach.

But it wasn't so easy as to try to blink away the darkness, the obscurity pressing against my vision was reality. The shadows didn't relent as I couldn't speak, but just whimper around the restraint that kept my mouth from screaming. I was in shock, my limbs locked except my fingers curling like untamed beasts around the solid wall, acting like savages upon one will; their own. It had to stop, the destruction, jarring the coldness within with feelings, with panic that made me gasp.

My ribs ached, the force arching them inward pulling me inside out, ripping me apart from the internal until I couldn't breathe. I wasn't going to continue to exist.

That last thought made me stalwart. I was going to live on, to exist more than a shadow. Rebuild the defenses of my courage, rage away the terror choking me. Fingers curling, I slammed away the abyss. Running elsewhere, far from the crushing chasm that wanted to pull me under, dragging me down to the deepest of waters until I couldn't resurface.

I wouldn't let it win.

Hurting with each move, I deafened myself from the sting, running until only my will kept me on. My legs screaming in pain, my ribs aching with each breath I took unsteadily. I was going to endure, I was going to repair the damages.

I was wild.

The currents of the blackest sea wouldn't heave me down again.

I didn't stop until I saw the daylight, the sun warming my wintry skin that has been kept miserable by the unfriendly waters of the gloom, freeing me from the restraint I had dwelled in so long. Singing me a rhapsody of exhilaration as I spread my arms over my head, grinning. Laughing at last.

I was free.

Until when?

author's note:
This is a new story I've been writing
It's actually modern days, believe it!
Anywho, no Scottish Highlanders on this one.
Just 'normal' people.
Um, I think I will be putting the names of songs
That inspired me on each chapter,
because music inspires great things, go figure,
at the top of each chapter.
And if you guys want to listen to the songs that inspire me to write,
just go to to hear them.
They're cool, well to me anyways.