The Big Sleep

The sleep has sewn
my eyes closed but,
despite this fortune, I must
not avoid awakening.
Coffee is necessary to
produce movement, borrowed
energy abused to
eradicate the residue
accumulated at the corners of
my eyes lest I
waste the daylight,
sought and not understood.
We are reflections of
our projections,
products of our projects
and just as sad and pathetic
as the source of our
Prescribe for me a
medication to belay my
laying down: there is not
time in the daylight,
always underappreciated,
to grow accustomed to
the presence of the sun.

Were our bodies skilled
enough to
provide for us
an enzyme to move
us, perhaps we
could produce the
energy to
awaken in the morning.
The daylight,
exhausted and never missed,
transitions us from
sleep to sleep
as we seek to avoid
our laying down the last time.
What folly.