How did this go so far?

The early days full of shallow, meaningless

relief. Self inflicted mercy upon sinful limbs

of lust. Clean the filthy snow with drops of

crimson tears. Addictive forgiveness for

my vanity. Disguise my failure with

small, pretty fears. Grow deeper.

Etch the memory into my flesh.

Before I can close my eyes, this nightmare

is evolving, turning, flying

away from control. Spiraling into a

lonely abyss. More tainted than ever.

Now when I cry, deep dark rivers pour

from messy, unfamiliar wrists.

I scream, too numb to feel it

slowly breaking me. What is left of me.

Though the harsh truth is obvious.

These scars, they are the threads that

trap me. These wounds, a shell, becoming me.

The rest is empty, this secret.

Killed me.