My Puppeteer

Secrets and lies,
Secrets and lies -
That's all we were;
That's all we'll ever be.

You pulled me along in your twisted world,
Knowing that you were my puppeteer.
You held the strings to my actions
And I trusted you; but you left me
With a broken dust.

Now my heart's lying down on the ground -
Mixing in with the sand.
Lost! Lost! I'm losing it! It disappears before me.
Oh! Heart! My heart! Tell me you still pulse...
Show me that I'm not just a lurking shadow.

Look at what you've done! Painting a pretty portrait?
You knew my heart would follow its lovely sheen.
What you promised, it was but a fairytale - no a dream!
For princes do not deceive. You - twisted maestro -
Return me my strings.

I've been released, and now I see the truth;
How could I have been so blind?
Right behind my pleasant clouds,
You were there, laughing - and I was the foolish puppet.
But now? I have come to life.

Secrets and lies,
Secrets and lies -
That's all you were...
And that's all you'll ever be...