I Could Never Pass up a Challenge


The word was drawn out as I pretended to say it casually. People shot me weary looks and I grinned evilly. They all looked so haggard and worn out from being at the pool all day, running up and down the waterslides stairs. Now they were all lazily seated around a table on the deck above the wave pool.

"Anyone want to go one one of those with me?" I pointed towards the tallest waterslides. No one would go on them with me before; they were either too chicken or were manipulated into not going by their girlfriends.

"No thanks, Kaci. And I think I already told you that," Shannon drawled, leaning into Williams arm, which was wrapped around the back of her chair before kissing him. I pretended to gag as I moved onto the next people, who declined saying they were going to go get food before promptly scampering off in the direction of the food stands.

I next turned my attention to the guy sitting next to me. He also happens to be one of my best guy friends and my long time crush. It didn't really affect me that I liked him though, we had known each other since eighth – I had had a crush on him then too – and so it wasn't anything different than now. Except that I can talk to him without shuddering now, though that doesn't help much with the cursed blush.

"Fine, in that case, I have decided Aaron's choice for him. And he so happens to say he would love to go! isn't that right Aaron?" I turned to him and pulled him out of his chair by his wrist, ignoring the sparks racing up my arm and his groan of frustration as I happily dragged him to the stairs. He decided to go up the stairs before me, but I truly didn't mind one bit. I had a nice view back here. You can't blame me. I mean, we are at the pool, with his swim trunks still a bit damp and he has no shirt on. What do you expect when he has got such a great body?

When we finally reached the top of the cursed never ending staircase I was actually tired, where as Aaron didn't look affected by just climbing 15 sets of stairs at all, stupid soccer player. There were only a few people in each line so we too the ones for the two identical red slides and waited.

"I'll race you." He called over to me, knowing I could never pass up a challenge.

"Okay, but if I win, you have to be my slave for the entire next week of school!" hehe, sucker.

"Deal, but if I win, I get to tell you to do something and you cant complain!" I sucked in a breath, stupid soccer player! He knows I can't handle being told what to do, why else would I get fired from every boss related job I have ever had? Because I didn't do what they said! Well, that and I boss them around back.

"Fine!" I'll just make sure I win, no way am I giving up my chance at a week long slave that easily.

Just as I agreed the slide attendant waved for us to go. I sat on the edge of the slide and purposefully and discretely pulled my bikini bottoms so that I had a wedge. Uncomfortable? Very. Awkward? Yes. Does it make you go faster? Yup!

When I looked over at Aaron he had his bathing suit shorts folded up at the bottom. Dang, he knew the skin trick too!

'One' I mouthed at him when he looked over.

'Two' he mouthed back, holding up his fingers in a peace sign.

"THREE!" We both shouted it at the same time as we pushed off and started down the steep, long waterslides.

It actually hurt I was going so fast. I got splashed in my face so much that I could barely breath in without getting at least some of it in with every breath. The water moved over my bare skin smoothly as I hit the pool with a large splash. The soles of my feet stung from where they hit the water. As my head surfaced and I wiped water from my eyes I whimpered. Aaron was already across the pool, standing shoulder deep by the steps. He had won.

I swam sulkily over to him and was again sprayed with water as someone else came down the slide after me.

"I believe that I won," his tone held arrogance when I reached his side. "—and I have decided what you have to do for me." Only now did I realize how stupid I was for agreeing to this, it could be awful. He could make me eat something, or make me tell him something embarrassing or…oh god… he could make me streak through the mall!! I cant streak! What if I get caught and get arrested and then I have to go to jail? i'm too young to go to prison! I'm only seventeen for c—

My thoughts were abruptly cut off when Aaron leaned forward so his head was right next to mine. I could feel his hot breath tickling my neck and sending shivers down my back. When he spoke his words were husky and barely above a whisper. "Kiss me."

I sputtered. "Wh-what?"

"You heard me," he leaned forward so his lips were mere centimeters away from my own, his honey-brown blue eyes were darker than usual.

Our lips connected not a second later. His mouth was warm and soft on my own and he instantly responded. One arm wrapped around my waist while the other hand cupped my cheek. My owe arms wrapped around his neck and my hands weaved through his silky dark blond hair. The places where our skin connected felt like it was on fire and I was only vaguely aware of the fact that we were still in public, the spray from others coming down the slide did nothing to cool my skin. His tongue massaged my own rhythmically, making me shiver in pleasure. When the kiss ended I pulled away and rested my forehead against his.

"Will you go out with me, Kaci?" each of his words was like a mini kiss, his lips were so close to my own. I nodded and kissed him again, pulling away before he could deepen it.

"Lets go again!" I cheered, pecking him on the lips one last time before quickly racing to the edge of the pool, up the steps and towards the stairs again. After a moment I heard him running behind me.

I fell asleep with that stupid grin still plastered to my face.