"Red Like Embers"

Prologue: Cats Eye Illusion

-beep- beep- beep- bee- crash

There was a loud bang as something hard was thrown into the wall, and a mumble of 'stupid fucking alarm'. A pale arm creped out from underneath a forest green comforter; searching seemingly in vein for the nightstand. With sunlight spilling in from an open crack between the black curtains a head full of dark brown hair popped out from comforter. "Uhh. It morning already..."

Sluggishly getting out of the bed the person grabbed a pair of glasses off of the table and slipped them on. "At least now i can see. Sort of..." squinting with almost no visible light the figure tripped over things that had been lying on the floor. "Maybe i should clean my room, before i trip and kill myself on my own clothes. Wouldn't that be a funny headline?"

Flipping the light switch up, bright yellow light lit up the room. Walking half naked to the dresser the person searched for clean clothes and put them on. The outfit consisted of a Black cargo pants, black sandals and a black t-shirt with the phrase 'you looked better online' across the chest portion and a small computer underneath. Placing her silver snake necklace over her head she grabbed her keys and walked out of her room; careful not to make anymore noise in the quiet house.

Walking down a small set of stairs the girl crept into the kitchen, took a yellow apple form the table, and left out the back door. Getting into her beat up black and red muscle car she revved the engine and left for school.

Cranking up the music she sang loudly to the Japanese rock music spilling out of the cars open windows. If she had to be up at an ungodly hour to go to school, everyone else had to be up as well. As the CD flipped to a Gackt song she cranked the music higher. Glancing at the clock it read 6:58 am. "Wonderful, I'll have ten minutes to do absolutely nothing…"

Finally arriving at school she didn't bother to turn down her music. It's not like she cared what others thought, if she had to go to this hell hole she would at least have her damn music. A group of well dressed girls stood together and glared at her as her car passed bye. "Preps...I wonder if I'd go to jail if i ran them over? Probably..." she mumbled to herself. Climbing out of her car after she turned the ignition off, she locked it and pocketed the keys.

Climbing the steps up to the second floor she headed to he top of building two. (The building order for the 4 main buildings are 1,2,4,3. Makes so much sense doesn't it?) The hallway was crowded since she was late. Normally there was one maybe two people walking around to fill the time before their friends arrived. But she must have hit the snooze button her now obsolete alarm clock a few too many times.

Looking into her friend's classroom she saw the teacher staring out the window with a blank expression, his eyes glazed over. "What the fuck?" she said aloud. Hearing her the teacher turned to look at her and for a second she swore there was red in his eyes. "Good morning." Nodding she quickly made her way passed the classroom and out the doors that lead to an open, but still roofed area, that was in-between buildings.

"Jessica! God where were you?!" A girl with dyed blue hair yelled and walked over to her. "I killed my clock." Jessica said with a shrug. Shaking her head the other girl dragged Jessica over to her group of friends. One was a short calculating girl with medium length brown hair and glasses. The other was a tall, thin gothic girl with long curly dark brown hair.

"Hey have you guys seen Mr. Brooks this morning?" she questioned her friends. "No, but he should be in his room. Why, he's not even your teacher?" Shrugging a shoulder Jessica waved it off ignoring the weird looks she received. "So Amy, were you bored without me this morning?" her blur haired friend tried to hit her but missed and stumbled earning laughs from the others. "Yes, and you know Chrystal doesn't talk much (looking pointedly at the gothic girl) and Holly arrived just before you. So yeah it was boring."

The first bell rang and Holly waved to her friends before leaving. "It rang already.. Urgg this is going to be a boring day. Especially with first period.. I really hate that class." Amy muttered while she grabbed her bag. "At least you don't have math first." Jessica said with a sigh and rubbed her eyes without knocking off her glasses. "Yeah, you're right, that sucks worse. Ha." glaring at her friend she looked over to find Chrystal gone. "When the hell did she leave?!"

"Who knows, come on or we'll be late." Amy grabbed Jessica's arm and dragged her into building one, the same building she had been in only minutes earlier. With a once last glance at Mr. Brook's classroom she found his eyes staring directly into her own. The gaze was broken as she passed the room and was pulled down the hall to wherever Amy was leading her too.

But she couldn't shake the feeling that something just wasn't right. As the warning bell rang Amy let go of her arm and ran to get to her class. Jessica walked at a slower pace seeing as her class was directly on her left. "Maybe i just need to go to bed earlier? Yeah, that's it..." Walking into the classroom Jessica sat down at the closest chair and watched as the assistant teacher pulled the door shut behind her.


Alexhliel: So... How is it? I know i "said" i wasn't going to do anything new until my naruto fic was done but i just... had to write something else...my muse was going to kill me if i didn't. But this by no means will be done before my Naruto fic. Which is now three chapters long... Or short depending on how you look at it. Well this is all for now. And im sure if anyone has read or goes and reads my other fic, you will notice i seem to use the same names over and over, its not that i like the names, but these characters ARE based off of my real friends and i use thier names. :)