" I don't want to do this

" I don't want to do this." I looked in the mirror of the vanity and saw Jess sitting on the foot of my bed with a very pained look on her face.

" Stop complaining," I said as I continued to apply my eyeliner. " Think of this as a learning experience. Get out talk to boys, have some drinks, get over Jean-Luc…"

Jess let long sigh and flopped down on my bed. " Must you always bring him into the conversation?"

" I'll stop bringing it up as soon as you tell me what happened." I run my fingers through my hair trying to achieve some body. Trying and failing.

I have yet to find out what had gone on between the two of them, but I am determined to find out. Nothing will stand in my way, not even Jessica's stubbornness. If necessary I will go and ask Jean-Luc myself.

I turn and clasp my hands together. It is time to get Jessica up and force her to enjoy herself. Harsh, I know. But sometimes love hurts. "Okay up we get." I grab Jessica by her hand and proceed to drag her off the bed. I stand her in the middle of the room and take a good look at her. She gives me a small glare. I have the feeling that I am going to need help on this one … time to call in for back up.

" Now Jess," Tristen says as he circles around her. " How do you feel about glitter?" I couldn't help but laugh at the grimace on her face. I have a feeling I am going to be enjoying this very, very much. I lay on the bed, still smirking at Jess. I have the feeling by the end of tonight she is going to hate me.

" Why do you enjoy torturing you best friend?" Julian comes and sits beside me, the amusement apparent on his face as well.

" It's just what we do." I say with a small shrug as I watch Tristen hold up a rather shiny shirt to Jessica. Ever since we were younger Jess and I have always enjoyed each other's pain. I would make fun of her when she had a huge project due the next day and hadn't even started it. She made fun of me when I found a new way to make an ass of myself in public; it was an ongoing cycle.

" You have been friends for a long time haven't you?" Julian half observes as Jess shoots me the I-hate-you-so-much look.

" For most of my life…" I say almost dreamily as I think back to all the fun times we had spent together.

" No…purple isn't your colour," Tristen mused.

" Hey Julian?"

" Hmm?"

" How did you meet Tristen?"

Julian gave me a short stare before he started to laugh. " It's a very long story." He said looking at me a childish twinkle in his eyes.

" I think we have time," I say gesturing to where Tristen and Jessica were standing and having an argument about how she should get contacts.

" Well," Julian said getting a distant look in his eyes. " We met back when I was 18, Tristen was 21 and that was around 11 years ago. I was studying in Rome and he just happened to be dancing his way across Europe …"

" Dancing?" I interrupted

Julian smiled at me. " Yes. Dancing. Believe it or not, Tristen was a famous dancer at one point." I looked over at Tristen, he did have a somewhat dancer air about him. He seemed to twirl around Jessica with great ease and grace. I couldn't imagine what the pair had been through to end up in a place like this.

" We met in front of the Fontana di Trevi. I was throwing a coin into the water when he came up behind me and told me that my wish had come true." Julian smiled at this and looked over at Tristen. It had been a long time since I have seen someone look at another person like that. Julian's gaze was filled with such adoration. I felt my stomach twitch with a slight jealously. I wish for someone to look at me like that. To have some who would love me unconditionally.

" I am amazing" Tristen turned to us a look of victory plastered to his face " I have created a work of art! What you are about to see is the workings of a pure genius!"

" It was his modesty that attracted me to him..." Julian whispered in my ear as Tristen continued his rant. I couldn't help but laugh. " Enough about how great you are Tristen! Lets see this work of art."

"Patience is a virtue, dear Julian! But if you are going to be such an inpatient ninny, then I will go fetch the lovely Jessica." He twirled around and made his way over to the en-suite door and gave a light knock. " Would you please grace us with your presence?"

The door opened slowly and she stepped out with a very miffed look on her face. I had to hand it to Tristen he had talent. Jess stood in the doorway tugging at the collar of her dark mauve shirt. It had black Japanese letters going up the right side and a small swirling pattern behind them. Her hair was pulled up in a high ponytail with a sliver elastic that stood out against her black hair. Her cheeks had a little blush on them and her eyes were lightened by eye shadow.

" You look great Jess," I said smiling up at her.

" I feel like an idiot," she said with a sigh, fiddling with a belt loop in her jeans, " this guy practically attacked me with make up." Jess then pointed an accusing finger at Tristen who was looking around the room innocently.

" Where exactly are we going anyways?" she asked giving me an expecting look. Snap, I hadn't thought this far into the plan.

" Well … I was thinking we could…" I say trying to think of a place to go. The only problem, I have never been here before.

" You have no idea where we are going do you?"

" Yeah, basically."

" Awe poor muffin," Tristen said gliding up to Jess and giving her a light tap on the head, " All dressed up with no place to go."

" I think I might know some places you should check out!" Julian said from beside me.

" But before we tell you," Tristen said turning to me a criticizing look on his face, " You aren't going dressed like that are you?"

"Okay, children," Tristen says as he slides into the driver's seat of the black convertible mustang, " I want you all to be on your worst behaviours! Be sexy, naughty, and bitchy! I want you two ladies to go out there and make them want it."

I hope he isn't serious. Jess has collapsed into laughter beside me and Julian is shaking his head. " But Tristan," I say leaning over the back of his seat, " What If I don't want to give it?"

"Here we are everyone!" Julian chimes as the car comes to a halt. I get out and take in my surroundings. The building was rather large. It had a huge glass doorway with two very indignant bouncers standing guard. Near the roof there was a large pink neon sign that read The Iris. There was a long line up that seemed to stretch around the whole building.

"This place has the best dancing!" Tristen informed us as we made our way towards the building. As we approached I could hear the music coming through the walls. Jess and I started to make our way to the back of the line when Julian stopped us and steered us to the door.

" Aren't we supposed to wait our turn?" Jess said quietly as the people in the line shot us little looks of annoyance.

" Of course not!" Tristen boomed from the doorway, " My cousin owns this place!" My muscles tightened as I walked past the bouncers. They had to be around seven feet tall.

" Good evening ladies," One said in a deep husky voice. I only nodded in reply. I had the feeling that if I opened my mouth my voice would come out as a squeak. We walked in and walked down a few flights or stairs. The brick walls were covered in eyes, and as we descended the music grew louder by the step.

I was nearly blinded when we walked into the bar itself. Neon coloured lights brightened the dark room and music vibrate off the walls. Bodies were packed from wall to wall and as I approached I was hit with the expected heat wave.

Julian grabbed both Jessica's and my hands and began to lead us through the throng of people. Truth be told, I never liked crowds; they scare me. After about five minutes of trying to find our way through everyone we come to the bar. Jess sets out with Tristen to try and find a table, while Julian and I got the drinks.

" Okay," Julian says leaning up against the bar " I'll get two beers … what do you want Meg?"

"Uhmm," I say trying to think of all the drinks I have had.

" Try Sex On The Beach," a voice said from behind me, " I hear it is wonderful." Both Julian and myself turn. I feel my mouth fall open.

"Hector!" I cry as I see the tall man standing in front of me. I really didn't think I would see him again. I mean really what are the chances of seeing him? One in a million? You see a guy on the street late at night and then he shows up at the same bar as you! Wait … if Hector is here, then that might mean …

" Hey Hector!" a voice calls from somewhere in the mass of people. Oh dear god, its dead guy.

" Matt!" he calls back. I look and see the dark haired man striding over towards us. This is going to be an interesting night. " This is Meg!" Hector says to Matt as he reaches us.

" It's a pleasure to meet you!" Matt says with a huge smile on his face. He was a lot taller when he was standing up. I had to tilt my head back just to look him in the face. If I had to guess I would have to say he was around 6 foot 3. He also was a lot cuter when he wasn't puking his brains out. He had dark brown eyes that went with the dark tan of his face. And there was something about his smile … something warm and welcoming.

I hear someone clear their voice behind me. I turn and see Julian giving me a very knowing look. " I am going to go over to the table … you, have fun." I could feel my cheeks redden.

" So did you find your way home alright?" Hector asks as I turn my attention away form Julian's back.

" Yes, we were fine," I say trying not to sound flustered.

Matt got a very confused look on his face, " You two have met before?" he asks his brother his eyebrows slightly raised.

Hector lets out a loud laugh and a few people near by turn their heads in our direction. My face began to grow hotter. " Of course we met before! You met her too, Matty boy! But you probably don't remember! Too shit faced to even walk!"

Matt's eyes widened and his face turned pink. " Oh…" he said quietly.

" Well what do you have here?!" I feel someone grab me around the shoulders. Jessica had appeared beside me and was studying both Hector and Matt. " Didn't think I would be seeing you again!" She laughed shaking Hector's hand. She then turned to Matt and raised an eyebrow. " Go easy on the drinks tonight! Don't want to get run over!" I clasp a hand to my forehead. She didn't just say that.

Matt looked to his brother as if to ask for an explanation, Hector however only held up his hand. " Why don't you two lovely gentlemen come and have a seat with us?" Jess said. It wasn't a question it was an order. I felt my stomach twist. This was going to be one of the most embarrassing nights in my life! I just know it.