I awoke with a jolt

I awoke with a jolt. Very few times does a Goddess sleep and even fewer times do we have a nightmare slash vision. The white sheets about me were stained with sweat, while beads of it still fell down my face. Every dream, whether bad or good, we get meant something. What did mine mean?

I was up and moving in a moments notice, slipping on my grey dress with royal flared sleeves and a high slit across the side. The belt was of the rainbow, a gift from Meria the Ocean Goddess that made a knot on my left hip, covered its way around my waist, flaring out on my right hip, and around again. The excess fell down beneath the knot in a flare of color.

Zenithe, the Sun God, told me not too long ago that the colors of the belt and grey dress clashed with my dark skin and my waist length reddish brown hair. On my chest, enveloped in my skin was a diamond shaped jewel that was my soul. It was a mix of black, gold, silver, red, and brown for the color pelts of the wolves that resided down below me. Zenithe told me I looked old. But Noreeton, the God of Truth, told me that my eyes were far too golden to be looking old and he is literally incapable of even thinking of a lie, let alone saying it. I was thankful my brother was there at that moment.

The Halls of the Gods passed by me as I ran down to Dreme's Rooms. Of course, my Uncle's room had to be placed on the complete opposite side of the forever going Halls. Gods and Goddesses of all types waved to me as I passed them, running at full speed.

"Hello Kasétora!"

"Hello Lady Wolf!"

"Hey, Kasee!" the other Gods and Goddesses called as they passed me in the halls. I was the Wolf Goddess of the Mortal Realm of Avelon that went by the name Kasétora. Some, like Zenith and Luna, who were husband and wife as Sun and Moon, called me Kasee.

I reached Dreme's room in a matter of minutes, to my own surprise. His copper door was intriguingly carved with designs that changed with his likings of dreams he sends his Mortal Minions as he calls them. Today, it was of Treni's snakes gobbling up humans in the Grimfeld, the large prison on the north shore in Avelon. With a sigh I pulled on the iron handle and opened the door.

The room was dark, as usual, and I could feel Dreme's demons swirl and wriggle around my feet. They were tiny creatures, went no higher than my knee that were either black skinned with white eyes or white skinned with full black beady eyes. The dark skinned ones we called Blacks, or the ones that send nightmares down to the people of Avelon. Whites were the ones who send the good dreams down to their humans. Each Black and White was assigned a human being and which one was stronger at the time by the person's deeds during the day counted which demon would work its magic that night.

Any Black or White could get a hold of a God or Goddess's mind if he just happened to find them asleep in their rooms.

Adjusting my sight, I saw them more clearly. Most of them grunted at me for being in their way.

"Dreme!" I called out, trying to hard to ignore the creatures going beneath the hem of my dress. I knew he was here though. I could feel him if I couldn't see him. "I want to talk!"

"Whatever for Kasee?" his voice teased behind me, "what have I done this time?" I felt a cold and chilling hand on my shoulder and I span around to see him. It was night in Avelon, so he was at his peak of power, reining a couple of feet above me. His skin was pale from the lack of light. He never left his rooms. Not for anything. His eyes, however, still amazed me as the first day I met him near two and a half centuries ago. His right eye was pure white with no pupil, no iris, nothing. His left eye was similar, just completely black. Simple brown breeches and a loose fitting white tunic covered his pale features. A green emerald twinkled brightly on his right earlobe, the other a black opal.

"I slept last night, Dreme. One of your Blacks came and gave me a vision. I want to know which one so I can snap his head off." His big figure chuckled in front of me.

"I did not give the order to invade your dreams, child," he said. He knew I hated it when he called me that. But another thing shocked me in what he said: he didn't give the order. As much as the Blacks and Whites would want to, they aren't allowed to leave Dreme's rooms into the Halls unless he agrees a pardon. If a demon did try to step outside of his copper door, the creature would just keel over and die and another one would take its place. "They were all downstairs in the Mortal Realms, as they were supposed to be." I sighed, opened my mouth to tell him he was mistaken, but only had him, in turn, screaming in my face. "And it wasn't me either, Kasétora! Do not accuse me when you do not have the proof!" I could see a vein appear on the side of his temple. I raised my hands in defense.

"I did not mean offence to you, Dreme, and please. I have already had this lecture before. Please do not make me listen to it again." He chuckled placing his big hand on my head and ruffling my hair. In a swift movement as when he appeared behind me he held me out at arms' length looking over my body.

"My goodness, Kasee, you look thin!" The shock that registered over his face hurt me. He was like a brother to me; always looking out for me. "What is exactly happening down there?"

"They are killing them, Dreme. Nothing that any of the others have done," others meaning the other Gods and Goddesses who actually care about my well being, "has gotten those rotten creatures to stop killing my wolves." I sighed,