Perry walked out of the courtroom filled with pride. Not in himself, really, but in the "Jury". And the "Judge". And Casper Nueman. All of the people who had gotten him free.

"Hey," he said as he passed the members of the jury talking to each other in a large group. They all smiled, and some of them waved as he passed, but only one came up to him. It was Andrew Finster.

"Nice job, 365. Casper was so pissed when you didn't read his statement, but yours was way cooler."

"Eh…" Perry tried to act modest. "Was nothing. Did Hope and Katrina take care of the press?"

"Yep. They teamed up with a bunch of drunkards and staged a bar fight. The Whisperer reporters ate it up. All that your trial is going to get is all about Onwich. They're only interested in his break. Interviewers up his ass. Should keep him busy."

"Perfect," Perry said, "But where is Annie?"

"She's over there, trying to get the judge wig off. Remind her to tell you about Kathy…" Andrew chuckled to himself as he turned and walked off.

Perry strode over to Annie and gave her wig a tug. The white curls fell off her, and she sighed in gratitude.

"You'd have thought they glue those things on," Annie said, "And this robe is killing me!"

"Then take it off."


"Thank you."

"Shut up."

Perry smiled slightly. "Andy said you had a story about Kathy."

"Yeah. It cracked him up. You probably won't find it that funny…"

"Try me."

"'Kay, well, I sent Judge Kathy away so we could go along with the plan, and in a couple of minutes Jeff brought me these robes and wig. Then, right after the trial, I went into a supply closet to change. And guess who I saw, half naked, sitting on the floor all bound and gagged! I almost killed Jeff for it, until they took Kathy for questioning. Who is ever going to believe that she was shoved in a closet by a man and his eight-year-old daughter? Yes, Becky was there…"

Perry faked a laugh absentmindedly. He wasn't concentrating on Annie's story, but rather planning what to do next. So, he was out of trial free, and now had to carry out his plan. But taking over the world via computer wouldn't be that easy, smashing it and then rebuilding it from the ground up.

Well, he thought as Annie finished her story and walked off, Better get started.

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