The names of the parks are actually characters in my story Lovesick Losers.

Damn… I should update that…

Happy Fourth of July!

Missed the Boat

"I hate you." Nikki muttered under her breath.

Celia let out a gust of air. "I know. I hate me too."

The two were sitting alone in an empty field with nothing but a black sky and a few choice stars to keep them company.

"How could you get the entire park wrong?" Nikki spat.

"I don't know!" Celia yelled. She buried her head in her hands. "Just shut up for a minute."

There was a park that was having a fireworks festival for the fourth of July called Fritz Park.

Celia had thought it would have been the coolest thing to see it. She had never been to one before. So she buttered Nikki up for it, bought a fuzzy red blanket, and brought her to what would have been the greatest time of her life.

Save for one specific detail.

They were in the Ritz Park.

"They looked the same." Celia tried to defend herself.

"Then you need glasses."

Celia suddenly could feel the grass poking through their red blanket and itch the bottom of her legs.

Although it was probably just her imagination.

The brunette stood up and said with a tight smile, "I'll go get some fireworks. Just for the hell of it." She turned stiffly and walked away muttering obscenities beneath her heated breath.

Nikki sat on her knees and reached into her side pocket when she was sure Celia was gone. Her fingers took hold of something and brought it out for her brown eyes to feast on.

A black box.

It was soft velvet that wasn't even bigger than her palm.

Nikki's short, brown hair fell into her face as she whispered. "Celia…"

She had thought this firework show would have been the perfect the time to do it too…


Nikki jumped when she heard Celia's voice and hastily shoved the box back in her pocket.

Oh well. She thought. It's not like I would want to spend the rest of my life with her anyways.

Celia dumped a mountain of different fireworks in Nikki's lap. The writer sat in front of her spoils and rummaged through them with a bright smile on her face.

"Nikki, look at this one!" Green eyes meet brown and Nikki could feel her heart sputter.

She did want to spend the rest of her life with Celia.

Nikki glared at the pile of junk before her. "What is this shit?"

"Fireworks." Celia spat.

"How did you afford them? You haven't published your sequel yet."

The silence emanating from Celia caused Nikki to look up.

"Celia. You didn't—"

"This is the last time I swear!"

"Give me back my credit card, god dammit!" Nikki thrust her hand forwards and Celia sheepishly took out Nikki's gold credit card and placed it in her hand.

Time for a convincing act. Celia looked at the floor and said softly, "Nikki… I… I really am sorry… I didn't think—"

"Stop with the act, Celia." Nikki roughly shoved the card in her other pocket. "It got old after you spent eighty dollars on an Ebay purchase."

"I bought all the Loveless manga books!" Celia defended. "You read them too!"

"And they sucked." Nikki shook her head and sighed.

There's no way I would be able to live in a world with only her.

"Nikki!!" Celia whined. "Help me with these!"

Nikki's eyebrow twitched.

I'd kill myself.

"Nikki… Nikki… Nikki… Nikki!" Celia grunted and stood up with a firework in hand. "Fine, don't help. I'll just have fun on my own." She tossed her head as she turned her back to the baker and walked away.

Nikki kept a close eye on her.

She didn't need Celia on fire. Nikki would never hear the end of it.

And, just like magic, Celia screamed as a flash of fire lit up the sky.

She fell to the floor.

"Celia!" Nikki quickly ran over and placed a shaky hand on Celia's shoulder. Her back was to her and her face covered in shadow. "Celia!"

A 'heh' was heard and Celia turned to gaze at Nikki with a smirk. "Got you."

The corner of Nikki's mouth twitched.

No, I'd kill her first.

"Since you're here," Celia sat up and smoothed some of her brown hair down. "why don't you help me with these fireworks?" She gave Nikki a wink and the baker couldn't help the smile that graced her lips.


"RUN!" Celia yelled.

Nikki and Celia both scrambled back to their blanket in a fit of giggles as the fuse of their biggest firecracker grew shorter.

Nikki stumbled over her black converse and fell into Celia's back before they could reach safety. She clutched the back of Celia's light blue, summer dress and brought her down with her.

Nikki gazed down into the green eyes below her as the sound of firecrackers popped against the starlight.

"Celia…" Nikki breathed.

Celia blushed. Her thick eyelashes slowly brushed against her cheeks as she blinked. Nikki could feel her racing heartbeat mingle with her own.

Nikki leaned forward. "I…"

"Whoa Nikki look!" Celia pointed behind Nikki and shoved her off. "A shooting star!"

Nikki swallowed the hard lump in her throat and looked at the hands in her lap.

Celia smiled brilliantly at Nikki, oblivious to her mood change. "Make a wish!"

"A wish?" Nikki muttered. "I wish you would say 'yes'."

Celia's smile faded as the fireworks died down. "Say 'yes' to what?"

Nikki's hair fell into her face and covered the stinging tears her brown eyes were holding. "I wish I could ask. I wish I wasn't so afraid of this. I-I wish…" She shook her head lightly. "I wish I could have you."

"Nikki…" Celia placed a hand on her shoulder. "What—"

But she was silenced by the hard gaze Nikki gave her. "You always miss the boat, Celia." She said. "Whether it's fireworks, love, me, even your own life, you can never get it right. You go through life smiling and laughing and oblivious to everyone but yourself!" A tear fell down her cheek and her voice broke into a desperate whisper. "You can't even see that I…"

"Nikki…" Celia brushed her tear away with a thumb. "What's wrong?"

Nikki jammed her hand into her side pocket and threw the black, velvet box into Celia's lap. "This is what's wrong."

"Uh…" Celia opened the box and her eyes widened when she saw a diamond ring inside.

"I want you to be mine always, Celia. I… Don't want to just be another chapter in your story. I—"

Celia's lips locked with Nikki's. A hand was lost in Celia's hair as another was creeping under Nikki's shirt. Nikki grabbed Celia's hand and felt her ring on Celia's finger.

She broke the kiss and Celia laughed. "You're always so dramatic. You send me to jail, make a huge deal out of a simple game of Twister, don't talk to me until now, and you're afraid I was going to say 'no'?" Celia started to laugh harder. "It seems you miss the boat too."

Nikki glared and grabbed the back of Celia's neck, "Shut the fuck up."

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