Mobile Suit Impulse

Chapter 3
The Impede

"Welcome back, Captain Kagawa!" An excited member of the Nirvana spoke, saluting as she boarded—Ray following behind.

"Thank you, Cade. How were things while I was gone?" Cassia spoke as the three of them now made their way to the Bridge.

"Everything is in order, ma'am. We've re-supplied from Stellar and are ready to go at your command."

Great, thank you very much, Cade."

Cade Nagasawa was one of the few who was apart of the Nirvana fleet. A happy energetic 18 year old from Earth, he sported short blonde hair, green eyes and was one of two Mobile Armour pilots for the fleet.

As Cassia and Ray then entered the Bridge, she was greeted by Saan Zhang, their tall 38 year old Lieutenant for the Nirvana.

"Ah, Captain Kagawa." Saan began. "Its good to have you back. Once we heard that the Sector 5 PLANTS was completely destroyed, we were tremendously concerned!"

"Something did go wrong back there…It looked to be a Blue Cosmos fleet that attacked them but it had an Atlantic Federation logo on it. Furthermore, negotiations with Zaft were unsuccessful. They are not willing enough for our cause. We'll have to search elsewhere now." Cassia replied, floating over to him.

"There is always Eurasia. They are not the threatening type, after all."

"Perhaps. We just have to find a way to show the people of space and Earth how serious we are."

Saan nodded his head then quickly looked over at the boy who was standing behind her. "Who is this?"

"Oh." Cassia sweat dropped. "This is Ray Kousuke. He is the reason why I'm here. If it wasn't for him and his Mobile Suit, I'd still be back in the PLANTS."

"Well then, Mr. Kousuke, you have my sincerest gratitude for returning us our Captain."

"Oh, uh…don't mention it." Ray nervously smiled.

"So you are a Mobile Suit pilot then, Mr. Kousuke?" Saan asked.

"It's Ray…and yeah, I can pilot them. But um…it's in need of some serious repairs though."

"That's quite all right. I'm sure our mechanics can get it up and running again. It's the least we can do for bringing Ms. Kagawa back."

"Thank you." Ray nodded.

"Anyways…" Cassia cut in. "We should retreat out of this area as soon as possible before Zaft notices us."

"Roger." Saan began, sitting in his chair. "Engines at full speed then."

Unexpectedly, a sudden alarm went out throughout the Bridge. "What is it?" Cassia asked.

"A vessel is approaching, ma'am. Distance 1000 and closing in fast." An operator spoke.


"They are broadcasting us a message, I'll put them up on screen."

Within a few seconds, the large screen came on, revealing a mid-aged man. "Greetings once again, Nirvana. I am Yuri Nagimo, Captain of the Blue Cosmos Alliance, Impede fleet. Disarm your weaponry and remain on standby as we connect to your vessel."

"Great. Just what we need at a time like this." Cassia sighed.

"Is this a bad thing?" Ray asked.

"Perhaps you should be escorted off the Bridge at this time, Ray." Saan suggested. "We'll handle the situation."

"Uh…okay." Ray finished, floating over at the door. He looked back once more at Cassia who gave him an encouraging smile just before he left. Sighing, he continued down the hall. He felt completely out of place and wasn't sure what he should be doing. He supposed once his Mobile Suit was fixed, he'd return home and back to Yaro. But even that seemed it could take quite a while.

The Impede was a much larger battleship than the Nirvana. It was fully equipped with two large cannons and over 5 large hangers for military Armours and Mobile Suits. Twice in size and more than ten times stronger in power than the Nirvana, the Impede was one of the most highly advanced fleets in all of Blue Cosmos and Zaft—a truly remarkable convoy.

As the Impede cruised over the Nirvana, its gripples locked onto it, thus connecting the two vertically. The Nirvana was ordered to shut down as the Cosmos soldiers boarded and searched the ship, escorting all of its passengers onto the Impede and having them wait in the guest suite.

Saan, Cassia and Ray were grouped together while Cade was seated next to another fellow pilot of Nirvana's—Lilly Wong, an 18 year old brunette.

Cassia was growing impatient with the wait and Saan could tell that unless someone was to come, she would have no choice but to demand for an escort.

Yet as impatient as it was, the doors finally came to an open, one man walking in.

"Ah, Captain Kagawa, so good to see you once again." The older one, known as Yuri, began. "I see that you are doing well."

"Mr. Nagimo. What do I own the pleasure of this gathering? After all, I am a busy person." Cassia replied, standing from her chair.

"But of course, Captain. Surely it has been a while since we have last seen you and we just thought now would be more then acceptable to discuss recent happenings."

"Recent happenings?" Cassia asked.

Just then, a second entered. This one much younger and far more handsome man. He was well groomed, short dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and 19 years of age. "Cassia Kagawa. It has surely been a long time. I would be more than honoured if we could catch up later." He began, his eyes wondering over to the confused boy beside her. "And who is this? A new recruit to your liberation?"

Ray flustered. "Umm…well…"

"His name is Ray Kousuke, just an acquaintance of mine passing by." She replied.

He then began to walk up to the two and smiled. "You look strong-willed, Mr. Kousuke. My name is Haylen Kozumi. Lieutenant Commander of the Blue Cosmos Alliance Impede vessel. Welcome aboard."

"Thank you, sir." Ray replied with a bow.

"While doing a scan of the Nirvana we came across an interesting Mobile Suit. Mr. Kousuke wouldn't happen to be the pilot of a craft like that, now is he?" Haylen asked.

"Uh, yes sir, I am." Ray replied, nervously.

He smiled at him. "I was well informed that you rescued Cassia here from the Sector 5 PLANTS earlier and would like to thank you personally for your bravery." Looking back over at Cassia now, he then turned away and headed back over to Yuri. "It has been brought to our attention about the recent happenings at the Sector 5 PLANTS and its destruction. I felt that our meeting today was obligatory to it."

"The attack on Zaft." Saan spoke. "Was it intentional or accidental?"

"I'm afraid it was very much so intentional, Lieutenant Zhang." Haylen spoke. "Regretfully, news spreads fast. And we have just received word that Zaft has just ordered a full scale war on Blue Cosmos."

"They must be insane!" Cade exclaimed. "That can't be true, it can't. Ray here saw what happened, right?"

"Hmm?" Haylen asked.

"Uhh…" Ray stumbled. "It looked to be a Blue Cosmos model battleship but it had an Atlantic Federation logo on it."

"That is just precisely what we were thinking. After all, we are the only vessel dispatched in this part of space from Blue Cosmos. We are absolutely not to blame for the attack. Yet Zaft isn't so unlikely to simply believe that now." Haylen continued. "Action must be taken quickly about this situation."

"General Nagimo. Lieutenant Commander Kozumi. You are needed on the Bridge." A voice then spoke over the intercom.

"Ah, duty calls then." Haylen spoke. "We thank you for your time, Nirvana. We would so kindly as for you all to remain here on standby for the time being. I will have my men escort you all to private quarters within our ship." Finishing, he and Yuri then left the quarters and proceeded onwards to the Bridge.

Once gone, Ray was escorted to his own personal room, which so happened to be right across the hall from Cassia's. As he lay on the bed, he couldn't help but think about all that was going on.

He had only known of a simple lifestyle fixing machines for Yaro and running his small shop. The next thing he knew was he had almost been arrested by Zaft, had fled from the PLANTS only to come across a battleship like none other. A battleship honoured in liberation of war. But being caught up in that had only made him run into Blue Cosmos and this Haylen Kozumi officer. But none of that compared to the news of war breaking out between Zaft and Blue Cosmos for the destruction of Sector 5 PLANTS—a destruction he had witnessed with his own eyes. If things were going to continue like this, he knew that nothing will ever be the same again.

"Excuse me, Mr. Kousuke, may I come in?" He heard a faint male voice outside his door. Sitting up, he looked over to see his door open and Haylen entered.

"Ah, sir?"

"Please, call me Haylen." He spoke walking up to him. "I've just finished inspecting that Mobile Suit of yours down in the hanger and must say it's quite an accomplishment for you to reconstruct a machine of its size on your own."

Ray smiled, sitting at the edge of the bed. "Yeah…it took me a lot of years to finish it. But I guess it's not exactly finished since it stalled on me earlier."

"Well it just needs some maintenance. And it's the exact reason why I came down here to speak with you."


"As you know, nowadays co-ordinators are relatively extinct from the massacre 17 years ago. Co-ordinators are special beings who had their genes altered in labs before fully developing in the womb of a woman and birth. Unless new co-ordinators were born from those who were already ones back anywhere 19 years ago and beyond that, no more exist. It's because of co-ordinators that we have Mobile Suits—for they can pilot them. Of course naturals can pilot them too with many years of experience, but co-ordinators were specifically created for this cause. There is still much I don't know about you yet, Ray, but I can tell from the moment I met you that you were a very strong minded person." Haylen explained.

"So what are you trying to say exactly?"

"You're a neutral who lives on Sector 34 of Moon with your adopted father, Yaro Kousuke. Surely of course you took his name when he took you in leaving an empty space for what could be your real last name and parents. Would you happen to know anything of them?"

"I, uh…no. I've actually never known my parents. Yaro has taken care of me since I was a baby so I was too young to remember if anything at all about my real parents."

Haylen nodded. "That is more than fine, Ray. A lot of children lost their parents, especially after the war."

"What about you, if I may ask?"

"My parents are alive and well, living on Earth actually. Peacefully and undisturbed." Standing up, he then began to walk around the small room. "Ray, I have a request to ask of you. I am without a doubt that it must have been fate that brought you here with Cassia. I would gladly give you my life for saving her." He then looked back at Ray. "Whether you are a co-ordinator or not is irreverent. I understand those who are do not tell for the law of co-ordinators is still strong within the nations—aside from Blue Cosmos. But you have a special gift for piloting Mobile Suits. And I would be more than honoured if you would like to join Blue Cosmos and my vessel the Impede as one of our Mobile Suit pilots. In return, we will repair your Suit to its full beauty as well as offer you training in flying and fighting."

Ray was flabbergasted, never expecting such a thing as this. "Oh…uh…"

"Please, take some time to think about it. After all, something like this is a life changing decision. Please come speak with me at any time." With a bow, Haylen then tuned away and left the room.

Ray was speechless. Join Blue Cosmos and fight against Zaft? The idea sounded ludicrous, but it wasn't like he was doing much with his life at the moment anyways. It was a big decision, and if he agreed, Haylen was offering him much in return. Haylen, he sounded like a trustworthy person to count on. Very polite and smart.

Finally getting up and out of his room, he walked over to the other side and buzzed Cassia's room. "Hello? Cassia? Are you in there?"

The door soon opened, revealing her. "Ray? Is something up?"

"I was just wondering if I could speak with you for a bit?"

"Sure, come on in."

The two walked in and Cassia took a seat down on her bed while Ray found a chair not too far away. "How can I help you, Ray?"

"I was just wondering…what is your input on all of this? I mean…this attack and all. What are you planning on doing?"

"Our ship is not with Blue Cosmos or any other nation, so we don't plan on fighting if that's what you think. With the threat of war breaking out now, it will be hard for us which course of action we all will be taking now. Blue Cosmos has always taken us in whenever needed so we feel safe within their vicinity. But now with Zaft…" She spoke, looking down at the floor but then finally looked up at Ray. "Ray you saved my life back at the PLANTS. But I can't help but wonder what you will be doing now. Will you return to the Sectors of Moon?"

Ray took in a deep breath. "I'm not sure exactly right now…so much has already happened. And more to it, I just finished speaking with Haylen and he offered me to join Blue Cosmos as a Mobile Suit pilot for the Impede."

"Haylen is a very reliable military commander. When he makes decisions like these, I know he means well and that he knows exactly what he is doing." She smiled. "I remember when I first met him when we were 13. We were both in the same military academy, me for piloting and him for military strategist. He was the best of his class and because of that, he graduated early. He is the youngest Lieutenant Commander Blue Cosmos has ever had."

"Sounds like quite a guy." Ray smiled. "So you think I should do it then?"

"I can't make your decisions for you, Ray. You and you alone have to decide your own path in life."

"So I suppose you don't plan on joining Blue Cosmos then?"

"They are our ally, but we do not plan on joining them. We are neutral, after all."

Suddenly, loud sound alarms began to go off throughout the ship, pondering both Ray and Cassia in thinking what it could be.

"All hands, level 2 battle stations. I repeat: all hands to level 2 battle stations. This is not a drill." A voice spoke over the ship's main intercom.

"We're going into battle!?" Ray exclaimed.

Cassia began to head out of the room and Ray followed, both making their way to the Impede's Bridge to see what was going on. They knew that things weren't going to be good.

End of chapter 3