Title: Driven Insane or Otherwise

It was a beautiful summer day: The sky was blue, the air was warm, and Jazz was furious. "You really shouldn't be so closed minded." These words caused the other occupant of the car to sigh.

"We are not having this conversation."

"Fine, Seth, ignore me like you always do. I was just saying that you need to appreciate the customs of other countries."

"I like to think that I do."

"Why," asked Jazz, "did you get so mad earlier then? I was only trying to experience life to the fullest."

"That's admirable." He said this in a way that caused Jazz to believe that he was not being sincere. In fact, Jazz almost believed that he sounded sarcastic. Little did she know that this was the effect Seth was trying to achieve. Had she been aware of this this she never would have returned the polite "Thank You" that she had.

"However," Seth continued," was it really necessary to drive on the wrong side of the road?"

"Yes. Yes, it was."

"Jazz, you nearly killed that guy."

"Nearly killed. Nearly-he's still alive and kicking."

Seth could hear the sound of his teeth grinding together. "Only because he managed to jump out of the way in time. He still broke an arm and two legs."

"Okay, maybe not literally kicking- it was life experience- he'll thank me some day."

"Yeah, with a lawsuit maybe."

"You're so pessimistic. I need to find a better driving instructor."

Fine by me, Seth thought to himself. "Turn right here."

"Okie dokie." Jazz turned the wheel sharply. The smell of burning rubber entered her nose. Jazz didn't notice this, however, because Seth had thrown in hands into the air and was waving them around like a madman. Or more accurately like himself.

"That was left."

"Are you sure?"

Seth nodded. "Positive. Just like I'm positive that you'll be the death of me."

"Gosh, there's no need to be so dramatic. I didn't even do anything illegal this time."

"Except make an illegal left hand turn..."


"Opps, is right," said Seth as he somberly pointed to the red and blue flashing lights visible in the rear view window. " I think you'd better pull over."



... Too be continued...Maybe...