"I think you'd better pull over"

Jazz blinked as the sun fell over her eyes. "Yeah, that might be a problem," she said, her hands shaking a bit.


"Well, as you know, I can drive just fine.."

"Excuse me?" Seth had heard lies that were more believable. Hearing the disbelief in his voice Jazz shot him a glare. "Except for that whole unimportant left/right thing."


"Anyways, it's stopping that I have trouble with," said Jazz.

"You hit who in the what now?"

Jazz signed. She hated telling this story. "Remember Fluffy?"

"Your neighbor's cat?"


"What about him?"

"Lets just say he didn't exactly die a natural death."

Seth looked upwards to the heavens and wondered out loud exactly how he had gotten himself into this.

"You were drunk," Jazz answered promptly.

"I don't drink."

"Yeah, I may have kinda spiked your milk. And juice. And toothpaste."

A light bulb went off in Seth's head. "I thought it tasted funny."

"I was shocked that you didn't pick up on that." Jazz giggled to herself and nearly went off the road in the process.

"Remind me to never trust you with anything important." Seth glanced in the rear view mirror. "I think that cop is gaining on us."

Panicked, Jazz wondered what she should do. "Should I go faster? Try to outrun him?"

"Here's an idea- why don't you stop!"

Jazz hit the gas then braked suddenly, stopping so quickly that she not only broke a few traffics laws, but several laws of physics as well.

"People should fear for everything when your driving. Especially their lives."

Jazz wasn't really paying attention, however, because there was a cop right outside the window.

"Name?" The cop asked.


"Now do you know why I pulled you over?"

"I made an illegal left hand turn?"

"Really?" said the cop surprised, "I hadn't noticed that. Actually, one of your tail lights are broken. I'm afraid that I'm going to have to give you a ticket."

"If you have too..."

"Well, I don't have too..."

"No, go right ahead," said Jazz with a smile.

Jazz heard a muttered "I hate you."

Several minutes later Seth was in the driver's seat. "I'm going home."

"Well, we can always finish this later."

"Or never."

"Tomorrow, it is."

"I hate you."

Jazz smiled. "You've said that twice now Seth and we both know that isn't true."

Seth leaned over and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "If there was any justice in the world, it would be."

"Oh, but there's not."

She proved this a few weeks later when she passed her driver's test and was given that most dangerous of weapons.

A license. Cats everywhere cowered in fear.