The Ten Commandments

1. Though shalt always be prepared (meaning thou shalt carry a knife in case they try to get in thous pants)

2. Thou shalt not fall in lust (Unless they are so darn sexy thou melts)

3. Thou shalt not fall in love (Unless they are perfect in every way)

4. Thou shalt not pay for food (Thou were asked. Let them pay)

5. Thou shalt not pay for entertainment (Thou were asked. Let them pay)

6. Thou shalt not be kind at any time (Unless they are sexy or perfect)

7. Thou shalt not instigate pleasant conversation (Thou does not wish to be here. Show it)

8. Thou shalt not meet the parents on thy date (It is thous first date, get over thyself, buddy)

9. Thou shalt not kiss thy date (Unless thou date is sexy or perfect, and thou wishes to jump thy bones)

10. Thou shalt not flirt with thy date unless they are worth it. (Flirt with the hot waiter/waitress instead)

The Vow

I swear to honour and protect my free way of life
In the case of karaoke, I shalt sing Single Status, by Natasha Bedingfield
I shalt keep an icy demeanour, unless their hotness melts it
If the date has the looks, but not the wit, thou shalt back away and take a cold shower
And never look back
In the name of thy freedom

So this is something random I came up with, whilst thinking about how I enjoy being single. Now, if you want to put this in your story or whatever, fine, but credit me and send me a link. Otherwise the karma ninjas will kill you. And I'll do stuff to get what it's in taken down, so yeah :) Otherwise, go nuts.