The implements of torture were all laid out in front of her. Menacing and waiting, the knife glittered in the candle light.

She had been warned of course, all her friends had told her not to go alone, and now she was suffering the consequences.

"If I ever get away, it will truly be a great escapeā€¦" She thought to herself as she hung her head in sorrow.

The boy across from her smiled. It made her feel rather sick. The chaotic dance of spots that covered most of his face was just too much.

She could take it no more! It was now or never. In a desperate bid for freedom, she ran, knocking over waiters and smashing plates as she went, desperate to reach the door that promised 'exit'.

She vowed never to go on a blind date again.

This was for a 500 hundred word national competition that we were FORCED to enter at school. Anyway, hoped you liked it!
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