Merlin Unit

The world of Nostrasia...

A place where magic dwells. Since the beginning of time, humans have been weilding magic represented by the five key elements: earth, fire, wind, water, and lightning. Each of these elements serve to balance each other through the mages of this world. Earth blocks wind, wind evades lightning, lightning shocks water, water douces fire, and fire scorches earth. However, 500 years ago, two new elements were discovered: Light and Darkness. Upon their discovery, these two elements were admited into the balance of power. Then, two of their most powerful practicioneers at the time, were even admited into the Mage's Council as the title of Archmage. But peace would not last forever. Because of the powers of light and dark having no balance other than each other, both grew to be too powerful. Dark mages became too powerful contain, and it was only through the aid of the light mages would the Council's army become victorious over the coming shadow. History named this fifty year event "The War of Light and Shadow". 100 years has passed since the war. Dark magic was outlawed by the council, while light was restricted to only those in medical professions. In light of all things, I take you to present day.

A blonde young man sits in the bath enjoying the relaxing warm water:

Joren Whiller

22 years old

lightning mage

The oldest member, and captain of Merlin Unit. Joren is known for his strong

leadership skills after being with Magestik for 4 years. He also occasionally

likes to pull pranks on people.

A loud knock slams on the door to the bathroom. "God damnit, Joren you've been in there for a half-hour. Save some hot water for the rest of us will you!" Yells the man on the other side of the door. Joren stands up and wraps a towel around his waste. He is a light skinned guy with a medium build and blonde hair which is normally spiked up a little, but now lies flat because it's wet. "Alright Chalgy I'm coming," but as he stepped out of the water he pointed his finger at it to put a little spark there. "There you go, all yours," he grinned as Chalgy passed him. "Well it's about fucking time," scolded Chalgy only to get a mild shock as he stepped into the bath water. He started yelling obsenities at Joren after he closed the door.

As Joren walked towards the locker room to change into his clothes, a beautiful blue-haired woman came out of the door right in front of him in her underwear. She was maybe a couple inches shorter than him, but had the same light skin. Her hair was a flat top and cut even around the neck. She was wearing a white bra and panties with hearts all over them. Which was really convinient because they showed off her enormous boobs that were the size of watermelons.

Merilyn Strobov (Meryl)

20 years old

water mage

Born to the famous Strobov water mage family,

Meryl excels in the use of her element.

She is also somewhat of an exhibitionist.

She turns around and notices that Joren standing behind her. His face turns bright red as you see steam puff out of his ears. Of course, Meryl does things like this all the time, but this is one thing that a man can never get used to. "Oh hey captain. Just got out of the bath I see," she said with a smile. It was just then that Joren snapped out of his hypnotic stupor. "Meryl, what are you doing this time?" he asked dumbfounded, but was interrupted by a voice coming from inside the room. "Meryl, will you hurry up. This isn't any fun by myself." Joren took a quick peek inside and saw a slightly tanned scrawney young man with fire red hair completely naked and covered in a sheet of ice. Thankfully, the ice sheets were covering his privates.

Jinashi Beleinco (Jin)

20 years old

fire mage

Little is known about Jin's family or past

because he mostly keeps to himself.

He only shares his feelings with Meryl (his girlfriend)

but is still a dependable member of the team.

"Oh sorry honey, I'll be right back with the chocolate ok." Joren turned back to Meryl confused, "Uhh... chocolate," he snapped out of it once more. "On second thought I don't really want to know. What you two do with your sex life is your business," he stated with a slightly embarassed tone in his voice. Meryl just ignored him and skipped downstairs to one of the refridgerators with all the men whistling and howling and the women getting mad or jealous punching them in the face giving them nose bleeds.

After Joren got dressed, he headed downstair himself (at this point Meryl was already back in the room) and pulled up a stool to sit at the guild bar. The other mage units in the guild were loud as usual because some of them were drunk. "Ah Captain Whiller, what can I get for you tonight?" Asked the middle-aged bartender. "I'll just have a martinee tonight, Bruce." "Coming right up, sir," the man politely stated and turned to mix the drink. "Its hard to believe that we haven't had any work in over a week," said a deep familiar voice. A very tall muscular man with a dark tan and orange long spiky hair pulled up a stool and sat next to Joren.

Burtur Padaleki

19 years old

earth mage

A descendant of the earth mage order founded 300 years ago

He is a fearsome but gentle giant; Unless you get on his bad side.

"It's hard for me to believe to Burtur," Joren agreed, "but it is not our fault that coward Liam decided to quit outright." He was refering to the former wind mage of Merlin Unit. "I wouldn't worry about it, though," he continued after Bruce handed him his drink and took Burtur's order. "The Headmage will find a replacement, eventually." Joren took a sip of the martinee and reveled in its flavor. "I suppose your right, " Burtur replied, "but we all have these expenses to maintain. I mean you do have that apartment that cost 30,000 galley a month."

Just as Joren was about to reply, a black-haired 40 something man walked through the front door of the guild. He was wearing a very nice looking suit, and a shorter girl with long green hair stood next to him. "Everyone, can I please have your attention," he announced. "This is:

Gwen Carreli

17 years old

wind mage

She was born to a family known for a variety of different magic types.

As well as being very sexually adventurous.

"WHAT!! ONLY SEVENTEEN!!" Shouted the entire room. "That's right," the older man announced, "now I know that normally, Gwen here would be too young to be a full fledged guild mage, but do to excellence in her school, she was allowed to graduate one year early." Everyone in the room was flabbergasted. Joren stood up to take a good look at Gwen. She was definetly attractive. With a perfectly smooth light face, and breast while not as big as Meryl's, were certainly big enough to sqeeze. These are all things that Joren thought to himself of course. After all he was not the type to openly annouce perverted thoughts. However, Gwen spoke first. "If you want proof, then I'll show it to you." She conjured up a piece of paper out of thin air and handed it to Joren. It was legitimate. It had the signature of principal and everything in magical liquid that cannot be erased. "Alright, this proves that you graduated, but do you really have the skill?" He asked reluctantly. Gwen held up her hands and made a swirling motion. In the middle of her hands formed a minature tornado that became bigger when she let it loose. "TEMPEST!" She shouted and a large tornado blew through the room knocking down chairs and tables in a neat row until Burtur jumped in front of it to stop it right there on the spot. Everyone looked at Gwen astounded. Except for the man, who expected nothing less. "Uh... Headmage Basil, where did you find her?" One of the mages asked the middle-age man.

"Why I interviewed her of course," he said with a laugh. "Now Gwen, we need to assign you to a unit. Hmm... let's see, Joren..." he looked at Basil to stand at attention. "Yes sir," he said. "Last I checked, Merlin Unit was in need of a new wind mage am I correct?"

"Well yes sir, but..."

"Then it's settled," Basil interrupted, "Gwen, starting tomarrow you will be with Merlin Unit. Have fun!" The Headmage said cheerfully as he walked upstairs to his quarters.

Gwen sat with her new co-workers on a stool at the bar. "So Burtur, you're Merlin Unit's earth mage right?"

"Yep," he responded to Gwen casually. "So then, what is your role then, Joren?" She asked batting her eyes like a love struck teenager. "He's both the lightning mage and the captain," Burtur said for him because he had trouble finding his words. "She's very flirtatious for someone her age," Joren thought to himself. "So then, where are your fire and water mages?" Before one of the guys could respond there was a loud noise that came from the second floor. "OH JIN, YOU TASTE GOOD AS AN ICE CREAM SUNDAE!" Meryl voice rang out through the entire guild causing a few seconds of silence from their guildmates. "You think they know we can hear them, Joren?" Burtur asked when their jaws dropped down to their necks. "Somehow I don't think they care," he retorted slyly. Gwen had a look of disbelief on her face. "...And that would be them," Joren said with said with an embarassed smile. "Oh really, I can't wait to meet them," Gwen stated with stars in her eyes. "Wow, she's just as kinky as they are," Both guys thought to themselves at once.

Joren said goodnight to the others as it got dark. It seemed that Meryl and Jin were in an all night fuck session, so Gwen would have to wait until morning to meet them. After he said goodbye he touched the TV on the counter of the bar and electrically transported himself into his own TV in his living room. Yes, lightning mages have the ability to use any source of electricity as transportation. He did his usual ruotine of brushing teeth and getting ready for bed, but before he turned off the lights he heard the doorbell ring. He went over to answer it. When he opened the door he saw Gwen standing there looking at him with great intensity. "Gwen, what are you doing here?" He asked surprised. "I don't have anywhere to stay tonight," she said looking at him pleadingly. "Uhh... well you can't stay here. Why don't you ask the Headmage, he'll probably lend a dorm to you for the night."

"But I hate dorms. They're cramped and smell like shit."

"Well, there isn't anything I can do about that right now."

Gwen pushed herself in and hugged him with great intensity. "You know, if you let me stay here tonight, I'll make it worth your while." She looked at him with puppy dog eyes and pressed her chest against his face. Joren pulled off looking kind of disgusted. "Is this how you get housing for yourself?" He asked angrily, "Get men to let you stay over by having sex with them." He was outraged by this young girls behavior. "No, of course not," she retorted, "I just came here to make a promise with you."

"A promise..."

"Yes, that's the way I am. You see, I think you are cute, Joren. And when I think a guy is cute, I like to test his manhood," she laughed. "If you know what I mean." Joren didn't know how to respond. He had never met a woman so bold in his life. Gwen started to strip out of her shirt to reveal her C-sized bra. Joren felt his penis tense up in his pants. "Well, it looks I'm not the only one that's enjoying this." Gwen suddenly pressed her lips against his as he led her into the bedroom. She threw him down on the bed and sat up kneeling on top of him. "How do you like what you see so far?" She asked, but Joren was at a loss for words. She unhooked her bra from the back to reveal her nicely sized boobs with her nipples perking out. Joren gave in to her temptation. He slid off her skirt and panties until she was completely naked, and she did the same to him. Gwen turned off the light, when Joren turned her over to be on top of her making up and down movements as she moaned with pleasure. Her breasts bouncing up and down all along. "Wait," he said in the middle of it, "shouldn't I take it out before I'm done?"

"Oh don't worry about that. I put up a barrier before I got here." With that she enjoyed him for about another 15 minutes before they both climaxed and fell asleep.