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Little feet barely made a sound on the forest floor as the two boys escaped the watchful eye of their respective nannies' presence

Little feet barely made a sound on the forest floor as the two boys escaped the watchful eye of their respective nannies' presence. Their race for freedom was abruptly brought to an end as they hit a slope which sent them both tumbling down. The younger of the two clutched on his older companion, his silken tunic staining green from the grass on the slope. A large willow stopped their fall unexpectedly. The older boy sat up and pushed the younger one's blonde bangs out of his eyes.

"Must you leave tomorrow Syrus?"

"Yes Ainu, father said we must go." The smaller blonde boy pouted.

"Well promise you'll come back."

"I will." Syrus picked up his friend's hand and placed a kiss on his palm. "To keep for later." Ainu nodded, closed his hand and watched his dark haired friend rise gracefully. "Lets go back Ainu our nannies will be worried." The silver haired child nodded and took his friend's hand as they started their ascent back to the castle.


15 years later.

A handsome young man stood at the bow of the ship letting the wind blow through his silver blonde hair that shone brightly in the moonlight. Emerald green eyes sparkled with excitement as a shore came into view slowly. The sea had been calm and Ainu was thankful for it. He did get so terribly sea sick.

"Your highness, we are nearing Tira Dahn. You father wishes to see you in his cabin." The young prince glanced at the servant and then turned his glittering eyes back to the ever growing shoreline.

"Yes alright Thomas. Tell my father I will be down in just a minute." The servant bowed and left his prince to watch the trees growing in the distance. After a few more minutes of sending his longing gaze out towards the land, Ainu made his way down to his father's cabin. He knocked and then entered.

"You wanted to see me father?"

"Yes Ainu. Sit down son." Ainu did, settling down in the comfortable settee that was situated on one side of the spacious cabin. Taking the offered wine from the servant who exited silently, he watched his father with suspicious eyes.

"What is it father?"

"Ainu, I know you're excited about seeing Syrus again. I just ask you to remember propriety. You are a young man now, no longer a child of 5 and Syrus is no longer 7, and he will probably have changed." Ainu bit his lip. "I want you to behave according to your status Ainu and according to the fact that you are engaged."

"Yes father." Ainu sighed, that's what was putting a damper on this whole venture. The fact that his father had engaged him to the eldest son of the neighbouring kingdom, and that said fiancée was joining them on the trip to visit his father's oldest friend, the king of the Elvin Kingdom. Strong winds and storms and busy schedules had kept them from visiting the far away kingdom in the last years. Ainu wanted to spend time with his friend; he didn't want Cortax tagging along all the time and having one jealous fit after another. Well he wasn't completely certain about the jealous fit but he could imagine it fitting into his general character.

"Ainu are you listening to what I'm telling you?"

"Pardon father?" His father sighed and shook his head.

"What am I meant to do with you my little angel?" He smiled fondly at his son. Ainu had grown so much in the last few years, yet he still had the bad habit of drifting off into a land of his own. He knew he spoiled him greatly ever since his mother's death but he was sure Cortax would rectify that and that Ainu would become a strong and loved Prince Consort of their joined kingdoms. "Ainu I want you to behave as someone who is engaged and a prince of our country, not like a wild street child."

"Yes father." Ainu sighed. He didn't want to behave as everyone thought was proper. He would have to spend enough time doing that when he was married to Cortax…Cortax was so damn boring and proper and just generally not his type. He knew however that it was a marriage of politics and politics always demand sacrifices. He was pulled out of his musings by a knock on the door.

"Enter!" The door was pushed open slowly and a man in his early twenties entered, dressed in black silk and velvet, he was tall and broad shouldered. Shortly cropped black hair covered his head and small beetle black eyes scanned the room. "Ah Prince Cortax. I have just instructed Ainu on his behaviour. You may take him back to his room now."

"Of course King Apol. Ainu come; it is time to go to your cabin until we make birth." Ainu frowned but let Cortax take his arm and lead him out of the room. "Do not frown so Ainu it mars your beauty. We will be married in three months time; you should be excited and happy as any bride should be."

"I am not a bride Cortax, I'm a male."

"You'll be the one doing the whelping."

"It's called giving birth Cortax, not whelping. Dogs whelp, I am not a dog."

"Well you're going to be taking up the woman's duty in this relationship so you will be the bride. My father's tailors are already having fitting dresses made for you." Ainu felt his jaw drop.

"I am not wearing dresses Cortax. If you think you can walk all over me then you've though wrong. I am a prince in my own right! Not some little peasant boy you can just push around. No dresses." Ainu could feel his finger's start to tingle; little blue sparks flew to the floor and danced around for a while. Cortax, knowing that his fiancée posses certain powers so it was best not to risk his wrath, he had done that once, and lost his shoulder length hair in the process.

"Alright Ainu, no dresses. I will just call you my fiancée." And when we are married, he thought, we shall see who has the say about what you will wear. "Here is your cabin, you should freshen up before we arrive, wear that nice deep green tunic of yours, it matches your eyes so nicely. I want to show you off." Frowning again slightly, Ainu nodded, Cortax was like a snake winding and backing down only to get ready to strike at a most unexpected moment. He didn't trust him at all. Turning to go into his cabin he was stopped by a hand on his arm.

"Don't I at least get a kiss from my fiancée?" He considered this request for a while, but then turned around and pressed a cool kiss to Cortax's cheek. Before he could turn away, Ainu's face was caught and a deep kiss forced upon his mouth. The lips were hard and unforgiving, exactly like their owner. He shuddered at the thought that these lips would be kissing him every night and those cold hard hands would run over his body and that…he didn't even want to think about that. Placing both hands firmly on Cortax's chest he pushed him away.

"That's enough! I didn't allow you to do that."

"I'm your fiancée, it is my natural right Ainu. You might as well get used to it, after our wedding I will be doing that a lot." He ran a hand over Ainu's flat stomach. "I can't wait to make this grow. You will be all mine Ainu and there is nothing you can do about it." With that, Cortax turned on his heal leaving Ainu to shudder and quickly disappear into his cabin.

He settled in front of his mirror and stared at his face for a while. His features were soft, large emerald eyes framed by dark lashes, silver blond hair cascading around his face in soft waves. His lips red and swollen from the kiss that Cortax had forced on him; sometimes he wished that he was an ugly old hag. He pulled a face and then another one, remembering when he had been five and Syrus had showed him how to do it and made him laugh ever so hard.

Ainu reached over and pulled a brush through his hair and then proceeded to braid it in the formal style. Nobody should say that he didn't know how to behave like a prince of his country. Soon he had finished the two braids that pulled the hair away from his face, adding a few green gems here and there. He opened his trunk and pulled out the deep green tunic embroidered with Silver patterns, exchanging it for the plain white one he had been wearing. The ship jolted. It seemed that they had made birth at the harbour of Tir Dahn. As excited as he was, Ainu forced himself to wait for his father and fiancée, even the word made him frown now, to arrive. It seemed like an eternity until they did, and Ainu impatiently took Cortax's arm and let himself be lead up to the deck and towards the ramp that would lead them down to the welcoming party that was waiting for them. As they stood at the top, Ainu's eyes searched for his old friend and settled on a tall, slender man with dark auburn hair and eyes of molten mercury. He smiled but the man, his old friend didn't smile back, the eyes hard and cold and Ainu felt his heart sink. His hand formed a fist and he felt something burn his palm and the words spoken so many years ago, echo hauntingly in his head.

"To keep for later."