Ainu had settled himself in one of the little pools that was separated from the large community pool. It was fed by the warm underground spring. He lay back with a sigh. Thoughts drifted away towards dark auburn hair and silver eyes which could turn warm and caring once stirred. His body could still feel the embrace that the Elvin prince had returned. He let his hands slide down his chest and his fingers trail lazily over his soft cock. Thoughts of long graceful fingers touching him and working him down there filled his mind as his mouth opened slightly in a gasp. He let his hand move down further and touched his hole. Cautiously he pressed a finger in and gasped at the sensation.

"Enjoying yourself my pretty?" Ainu's eyes snapped open and focused on the dark head that belonged to his hated fiancée. His hair was grabbed unceremoniously and he dragged out of the pool and deposited on the cold stone edge. Cortax licked his lips, taking in the lithe figure and the long silver blonde hair that was spread around his head like a halo. "Did you find it amusing humiliating me in front of everyone today?" Cortax used his body to pin Ainu underneath him.

"I didn't humiliate you Cortax...let me go. You're hurting me!" Ainu struggled; his body writhing underneath Cortax's causing the other to become aroused.

"Now why should I let you go? You're mine anyway pretty, and today I'm going to ride you in and teach you your place once and for all." He pushed Ainu's legs appart brutally, making him cry out. Panicked thoughts flew through Ainu's head as he tried to figure out a way to free himself from Cortax's iron grasp. Screaming wouldn't help, it would only serve to make Cortax move faster, he needed to get his hands on him to stop him from putting that wrinkly shrivelled up thing inside. He felt his entrance being nudged.


"What? I wont stop my pretty you are mine, I will take you whether you like it or not." Ainu clamped down on his anger and made his eyes as big as possible, trying to appear willing.

"But don't you want to kiss me first?" Cortax smirked and grabbed Ainu's head, smashing their mouth together brutally. However he released his hands so with giving Ainu that chance to grab onto his cock. Fuelling his power with his anger Ainu sent it sizzling down through his hands and onto the other's cock making the dark haired man cry out in agony. He was whacked across the face brutally.

"You little bitch. No you'll see what you get from resisting me!" Another hard hit was landed on his face causing him to cry out in pain, before the third could land though; Cortax's arm was grabbed and twisted brutally behind his back.

"Do not dare touch him in that way ever again." A sickening crack was heard. "Take him away to be dealt with later." Ainu glanced up and saw Syrus, the flickering light of the candles in the bathing room casting shadow over his face, the silver eyes glowing with a fire no one had seen for a long time. Cortax was no where in sight. Gently he was lifted up and placed back in the bathing pool. He watched Syrus strip and settle in next to him, picking up a soft clothes and gently pressing it to where he had been struck. "How dare he touch you in that way." Ainu gave him a curious look, as Syrus other hand proceeded to stroke his good cheek gently. "So beautiful" he said more to himself then to anyone else.

"Thank you Syrus." Ainu couldn't help himself but to embrace the man sitting next to him, pressing grateful kisses along the underside of his chin. Syrus gasped. "I do not know what I would have done without you."

"You seem to have fried his penis pretty well." Syrus chuckled and placed a kiss on top of Ainu's head. "I wish you were mine, I would not treat you that way."

"I do not belong to anyone Syrus, but I would prefer to be with you then with him. Kiss me again like you did, please just one kiss to keep for later." Syrus hesitated but then bend down and gently placed their lips together, moulding them into one. The kiss was gentle but indefinitely igniting in its passion. They broke apart, their breathing heavy. Ainu traced the panes of Syrus' chest with his finger tips, causing the auburn haired prince to shiver and reach for his lips once more. This time they kissed longer, their lips moving together in unity, Syrus tongue nudged at Ainu's lips begging for entrance which they granted happily. Their tongues duelled but not one searched for dominance. Syrus' mouth moved down, exploring the soft curves of Ainu's chin, he nipped at the vein that was pulsing in his neck, drawing a moan from the cherry red lips. He moved across Ainu's chest stopping only to lavish the pink nipples presented to him. Placing both hands on Ainu's hips, Syrus gently lifted him out of the bath and placed him onto the edge. Emerald met silver and the dilated pupils, dilated even more with desire. Slowly, with a skill honed from years of practise with his first lover, Syrus ran his tongue teasingly along Ainu's cock, making him shudder and clutch onto the sides. He pressed a kiss to the tip and blew on it, making the silver haired angel moan with the ecstasy of it. Ainu shivered, trying to still his hips from thrusting forward into the warm cavern that promised so much sinful delight. Syrus looked up at him, eyes twinkling devilishly, as he let his tongue lap at the already quivering cock. He moved his face downwards and tasted each of Ainu's balls, suckling them in gently and wondering at the complete lack of hair that his logic (which had switched off quite a while ago) told him should be there.

"Can't....oh gods!" Ainu shuddered, creamy white liquid spilling out of the top of his cock, splashing his stomach and a few droplets ending up on Syrus' hair. However, it seemed Syrus was not to be deterred from his task. He rubbed gentle circles on Ainu's stomach showing him that it was alright while his mouth continued to manipulating his balls which made Ainu hard as a rock again in only a few seconds. For a brief moment, between the after mass and the new ecstasy, a thought sprang to Ainu's mind that they should not be doing this but it was soon driven away by a new onslaught to his senses.

A finger was pressed into him, slowly testing the way, curling and stretching and making him mewl with desire. Another kiss was pressed to the tip of his cock and a mouth descended upon it, soft lips massaging the very top, causing Ainu to clench at the side of the bath convulsively. A second finger was added and curled around inside him, seemingly searching for something. Syrus smirked around Ainu's cock and pressed on the hidden nub he'd found. Ainu cried out, clamping a hand over his mouth in case they were heard. Syrus repeated the process, thrusting his fingers in and out, slowly stretching the silver haired youth and revelling in the little moans and cries he managed to extricate from him whenever he pressed that secret little nub. The combined smell of Ainu's unique scent and the heat of the baths were driving Syrus to the brink of his control. He wanted to feel that warm, tight heat clasp him firmly, pull him in and massage his cock. He reigned in his desire though and focused solely on Ainu, now that he had come once, he was more then stabilized to hold on for what was to come. He felt the tight muscles loosen around his fingers and pressed in a third, scissoring them so as to stretch his lover as far as possible without causing any pain.

"I will take good care of you little angel." He mumbled against the smooth cock in his mouth. His tongue drew lazy circles around the head of Ainu's cock, who had taken to mumbling incoherent sentences. He pulled out his fingers, causing Ainu to cry out at the loss of feeling. He pulled away from his cock and looked at his lover with lust dilated eyes. Ainu was truly magnificent, silver blonde strands clung to his toned chest, his dusky nipples were perked by the cool breeze that blew through the slight gap of the not completely closed door. His emerald eyes were large and round; the black dilated pupils making his eyelashes seem even blacker as they fluttered shut. The lips were red and swollen from their previous kissing.

"By the gods but you are beautiful." He breathed, before pulling Ainu down into the water and onto his lap. He pulled the silver haired beauty into another passionate kiss, their mouth already taking on the ancient rhythm of love making, Syrus' tongue mimicking what would later be happening down below.

Gently he lifted Ainu up, who instinctively wrapped his legs around Syrus' waist. Slowly ever so slowly he lowered him onto his engorged cock. He hissed as the tip disappeared inside Ainu's tight heat which clenched onto him like nothing he had ever felt. Gently he lowered his fragile lover downwards. Ainu rocked forward trying to get some sort of relief of any kind; however his rocking cause Syrus to slide in faster than he had intended and he heard the undeniable hiss of pain, as his muscles were stretched too quickly. Quickly he kissed him, massaging Ainu's cock, his other hand keeping the slender hips steady. As he felt him relax, Syrus continued his penetration. He sighed as Ainu was finally settled on his lap; legs wrapped around his waist, arms around his neck, smiling at him adoringly. They stayed like that for what seemed like hours but was only a couple of seconds, basking in the unity of their bodies which felt so very right. However the ancient rhythm soon took them; and Syrus started lifting Ainu up and down first slowly until they were completely taken; Syrus' long slim cock sliding in and out in a steady rhythm; their mouths met muffling the cries of pleasure that threatened to overtake them. Syrus shifted the angle of his thrust and something clamped down on his cock making him cry out in pure bliss. He could not pull out as much anymore but his arms held Ainu tightly, rocking them both closer and closer to completion. He pressed another lovingly gentle kiss to those swollen lips. Ainu's eyes had fluttered shut, his breath coming in short gasps as he rode on the waves of passion that were flowing through him. He clung onto Syrus as if his life depended on it.

"Hold on little angel, so close, very soon my love." Neither pleasure befuddled mind noticed the last part of the statement as Syrus drove them both closer to the edge. "Now my treasure, come for me Ainu, I need you." He came then with a cry, muscles clamping around Syrus like a vice, sending him over the edge too as he spilt all he had into the deep recesses of Ainu's body. Ainu collapsed against Syrus chest, basking in the glow of the after mass of their coupling. As clarity slowly returned to both of them, they were still reluctant to pull out of each other's arms.

"Syrus, we...oh gods." Ainu's face contorted between joy and worry, sadness and pure adoration.

"Yes Ainu I know." He was wrapped in a gentle embrace and a kiss placed chastely on his forehead. "I...don't know what came over me."

"I don't want to marry Cortax, I want you Syrus, I lo...." A finger was placed over his lips.

"Don't say it Ainu, we both know it cannot be, please don't make it worse by saying it. At least we had this chance, this one chance to be together."

"I know Syrus, it was so perfect." He snuggled for a moment more and then slid off Syrus' lap. "We best not tell anyone this ever happened. We must act as if everything is as it was before."

"You are right little angel." Long slender fingers ran through silver hair, as they both washed off quickly. "I wish it would not be so."

"My heart will always be..." His mouth was covered in another gentle kiss.

"To keep for later." And Syrus disappeared, as hot tears slid down Ainu's cheeks, he knew there would be no later for them. Slow steps carried him away from the alcove that had showed him love, back to his own cold lonely room.