By: SilverIsamu

It happened only a year ago today

But the memories are my co-existing reality

I'm feeling lonely

I want out

I see the casket and I'm crying

And there is only one thing that I've regretted

Saying to you

That night when fate drew you from me

The blade was so close

And yet I told you how I felt

I told you that you were my all

And I could be your pillow when you fall

Plunging the knife into your heart

You repeat the words, trying to let them linger

If this is what love is about, then let your blood flow upon the ground

It's useless to stay alive

Is it so much to ask?

That love mends my broken heart, rather then destroys it?

As crystalline tears turn a dark shade of red.

I wonder what it's like to die

Does it feel empty, lonely or dark?

Trace the severed fibers of my lover's heart

And tell me what you feel…

Some may say that love is the beginning,

But for me- it always marked the end

The end of life as we speak

Always comes at a constant speed

When it comes, we have no warning

For we bled at times many

We bleed for those who don't really care…

They enjoy what the pain has to offer us

But, often sob when the shoe is on the other foot

So long as it isn't them

Now you tell me, my shivering confidant

Did he rally care about me loving him?

I loved his eyes,

His smile

His tears

And his embrace

I guess you can say I was obsessed with him…

Now picture this as I stand before his deathbed

With him I was happy

But with me, he wasn't…

It was her fault

She took him away from me

She could never be me

With her showering blonde hair

And taunting blue-gray eyes

No competition to me

My hair of black and my eyes of blue

She tried my patience

I look beside him and glare

There she lies; she wanted him,

She got him

Til death do us part?

I look back down at him

Now who's holding the knife?

I believe it's me…

So did he care?