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But I won't disturb the real outcome of the story, which I know you guys are all debating on what it'll be. So far, you guys know that Kairi WILL in fact fall for someone. But WHO is the question. I've put up a poll on my page, so be sure to vote! I wanna hear what you guys have to say.

And the chapter titles DO in fact mean something, usually relevant to an emotion or thing that happens in the chapter. But, sadly, no, I cannot speak Japanese.

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That night, it felt like all the stars were crashing around Kairi. It felt as though somebody was in the room with her, watching her, and it sent a chill down her spine. Still, at the same time, Kairi knew that whatever it was wasn't bad. It wanted to protect her and keep her safe. Kairi wondered if maybe Valkyrie was using magic somewhere nearby.

Quietly, Kairi slipped out of the bedroom. Though she knew that nothing was going to harm her, she couldn't help but want to get some fresh air. The castle hallways and corridors were quiet; not even Hidemi's loud and annoying snoring could be heard there. Still, she tiptoed through, not wanting to take the chance of waking anybody up as she made her way outside.

The temperature was a little chilly and Kairi already wished she had brought a sweater of some sort, but she didn't feel like going back inside. After all, she was already out. As she passed by the tree from which she fell, she couldn't help but get that feeling again—the one that somebody was watching her. Yet again, however, she assured herself in her mind that nobody wanted to cause harm to her.

Her eyes wandered to the forest that was just a few yards away from her. Something wanted her to go inside, though something in her mind was telling her otherwise. Was it a bad idea, a bad thing to do?—she couldn't remember. But something in her heart wanted her to go inside. And if there was one thing she remembered her sister Miname telling her just a few days before, it was to listen to her heart.

Walking slowly, Kairi made her way inside the forest, stepping carefully as to not trip and holding up her nightgown so it wouldn't get caught on any lingering branches. She could barely see, and as she went deeper and deeper into the forest, she just wanted to go back. But somehow, she just couldn't. She felt her feet bringing her forward and as much as she tried, she couldn't turn away and head back to the safety of her room. Part of her wanted to go deeper inside the forest until…until what?

The wind started to blow through the trees. She felt it pull at her hair, pushing it in front of her eyes and blocking her vision. She felt the sting of the cold as it hit her flesh, and she crossed her arms over her chest, closing her eyes tightly, still taking a few steps forward.

As the wind died down, however, she stopped in her tracks. She could have sworn she heard a whisper in the wind.

"Happy Birthday, Kairi…"

Or maybe it was just her imagination.

When she opened her eyes again, Kairi could see a figure standing in front of her. It was a few feet away, and it was facing her direction, looking straight at her. It was standing in the middle of a clearing of some sort, with moonlight shining down through the trees and onto the floor. A shiver went down her spine.

And yet, despite her reaction. Kairi stepped closer to the figure. Her throat was itching with words waiting to be spoken, waiting to be said. Getting closer to it, she could almost make out it's face…

"Lu-…," she stuttered, trying to find the right word, the right…name?

The figure stepped out of the shadow, and into the light of the clearing, and Kairi could see it was a guy instead. She felt her hopes drop to the floor, and yet something in her heart still felt hopeful.

His bright blood-red eyes scanned over her. She watched as a smile formed on his face. "Hi," he said finally.

He was taller than her, and as she looked up at him, she felt her heart flutter a bit. "Hi," she responded, finally finding words, even if it was just one.

He ran his fingers through his red hair and flashed another smile. Oh my God, he's gorgeous! Kairi thought to herself as she felt a blush creep over her face. He looked so perfect, so mysterious, just standing there in the moonlit clearing. But still, something wasn't quite right…

"My name is Kairi," she told him, silently having reminded herself to tell him one of the few things she had remembered about herself.

"Kairi." He said with a grin in his voice. "What a pretty name. My name is Hikaru."

Her heart skipped a beat as she replayed his name in her head. Hikaru….why do I feel like I've heard it before?

"Well, Kairi, what are you doing out here so late at night? It's dangerous to be out in the forest, especially at night."

"I couldn't sleep," she answered quietly.

He raised an eyebrow. "So you came into the forest? Life of danger makes you sleepy, huh?"

She chuckled. "Well, part of me just wanted to…but I'm glad I did." She looked around at her surroundings, the way Hikaru's eyes looked in the moonlight. "This clearing, it's beautiful…"

He nodded. "I just found it the other night…it's pretty peaceful, a nice place to collect your thoughts."

Kairi smiled and put her hands on her hips playfully. "Well, Mister-it's-dangerous-to-be-in-the-forest, why were you out here?"

His smile dropped slightly and he just shook his head. "Same as you, I couldn't sleep."

"Oh," was all that she could get to come out of her mouth.

His smile jumped back to life and he reached his hand up to twirl her hair. "Maybe you should get to bed, missy."

She shivered a bit at his touch. "Well, I've got a lot on my mind."

He pulled her bangs away from her face and stepped a bit closer to her. "But don't you want to dream?"

Again, Kairi felt a blush form on her face. "Of course," she said, her voice being emitted in a whisper.

He ran his hand down her face, down her arm and then took it back. "Well, then, goodnight, Kairi."


She knew the heat wasn't gone from her face when she had reached her room once more. It was radiant in her face, especially when she smiled. She climbed under the covers slowly, as if doing so too fast would erase the comfortable warmth that had spread throughout her body now. The sheets seemed cold in a way as they draped around her body.

Yet, as she now stared out of her window, she could feel a warmth in her heart. She stared at the moon, shining brightly into her bedroom, onto her pillow. It was almost like looking at something for the first time, yet that was always there, and was always going to be there. The thoughts swallowed her slowly, like a child hesitant to take medicine. She drifted into sleep, seeing Hikaru's face in her mind.

And yet…she didn't.