Doctor Isaac Lowlight...hahaha, as if you could even call him a doctor, but I had respect for the man, so I'll use it; don't feel pressure to though, it's not like he can reprimand you for it now.

Some of you may be wondering, who is this man? Doctor Isaac Lowlight was a graduate from UC Berkeley (that's in California if you didn't know). A brilliant man and, while some beg to differ, he was a modern day polymath, or Renaissance man for the layman. As a man unparalleled in the field of biochemistry, a virtuoso pianist, published poet and Science Fiction author, as well as a neurosurgeon, plastic surgeon, and a strong debater...those who speak against his abilities are merely jealous. Jealous of his talent.

Ugh. Forgive me. I tend to speak in a biased fashion.

Regardless, one can not discount the intelligence of a man based on his…very few shortcomings.

But I ramble, let me continue this in a more productive fashion.

Doctor Lowlight was a genius. He conducted hundreds, if not more, unique experiments within the confines of his home. Home. Hahaha. That place was nothing more than a gigantic laboratory until I got there.

If I could speak of the things I saw there. The horrible…and the great…I would. Haha, I really would love to describe in such detail the goings on of Doctor Lowlight, but I feel that words could never explain these things. Things that need to be seen to be believed. Much like how you could never grasp the majesty of the Statue of Liberty or the overwhelming presence of the Colosseum in Rome, until you stand before them in awe…Doctor Lowlight's…facilities, operate in a similar fashion.

But he was crazy. The stories? The rumors? They were all true. Heh, his wife was his first experiment in that house, believe it or not. Well. Actually, that's a mistake as she was just the vessel, her son was the first experiment. What a marvelous one he turned out to be too! Strong and healthy, with a brain as enormous as his father's, ah, but he lacked the fundamental flaw which separated his father and himself: apathy. The boy was empathetic, he could feel the pain and suffering of others, as well as their joy and angry. It took time, but he was…broken of the habit.

Over time, Doctor Lowlight became increasingly more paranoid. His experiments became more…estranged? More…eccentric, outlandish, and just…strange: bizarre, if you will. It was as if he was slowly realizing the end of his days neared and that he had to get everything he could possible do, done before then. It was like a date on his calendar. In-fact, I'm pretty sure it WAS a date on his calendar.

And no, no he didn't do this himself. He had a massive following. Kids from colleges all over the world who'd do whatever they could to help him. Hahaha. What idiots! If they only knew what they had gotten themselves into.


Oh. What? Oh. Hahaha. You want to know why I know all this and why I'm sharing it? I'm his son and I think it's time for Armageddon.