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Head thrown back, eyes squeezed shut, body twisting and swaying. Lev let his body move to the rhythm of the music as it blasted from the speakers, uncaring of the other bodies that collided with his own; the occasional kiss of skin against his stomach through the fishnet that covered it.

Every so often his eyes, smudged and outlined in black, would open. Eyes a dark shade of blue that no one believed natural- surely the effect of lenses - revealing themselves to survey the people around him. His surveying paused when his eyes fell on a shaggy, dirty-blond head of hair and startling green eyes that blazed in the flashing lights of the club. And it looked as though those green eyes had fallen on him as well.

Lev let the corner of his mouth rise in a playful smirk when he confirmed that he was being watched before turning away and continuing to dance with himself. It wasn't long before warm hands fell on his hips, tugging him back against a hot body. His movements quickly fell into step with the stranger as he rocked his hips back against him. Rough hands slid over his waist, fingertips brushing over the soft skin along the waist-line of his low-rise jeans, sending shivers down his spine.

The steady throb of music, the rhythmic flashing of lights, the sharp scent of all the bodies around him, the scintillating touch of the hands on his body, all of it came together in a heady mix that hazed his thoughts. He spun around in the stranger's arms, light shimmering on his blond hair as he threw his arms about the man's neck. He was a head shorter than this green-eyed stranger, so he had to lean into him to comfortably clasp his hands behind his neck.

He continued dancing in this position, twisting and rolling his body to the music. He let his hips grind against his partner and wove his hands into thick hair. He pulled the man's face down and rose to his toes to reach the man's ear.

"Restroom." He whispered so softly that the man struggled to hear him, nipping softly at his earlobe before pulling away. He let his body slide down the man's front as he settled on his feet, throwing another smirk over his shoulder before heading to the bathroom at the back of the club. He didn't bother to look back and make sure he was being followed; he knew the type and knew green-eyes would be with him quick enough.

Damn this noise, damn those flashing lights, the ever-present smell of sweat and alcohol mixed with the grease of food; just damn it all. Damon growled to himself as he pushed through a crowd of people to the counter along the wall, he really did hate everything about this place. Well, at least he only had to tend the bar and not work back in that over-heated hell-hole of a kitchen…

He ducked through a side door and into a small room that barely qualified as a closet in his opinion, but was the closest thing to a break room they had. He dropped his bag onto a small card table and then fell back against the door. Damon ran his fingers back through his thick brown hair with a heavy sigh, his head throbbing faintly with the beginnings of a head ache.

He prepared himself to leave the meager quiet the room provided to fight his way to the bathroom, at least he could splash some water on his face and hope to keep the grimy feeling of the club at bay for a few extra minutes. With a heavy sigh he turned and slipped back out of the small room and into the thrumming waves of people.

Damon muttered and cursed under his breath as he worked through the crowd, growling slightly as someone rammed roughly into his shoulder. He raised his hand at one of the current bartenders as he passed the counter- five minutes -gaining a nod of relieved acknowledgement before continuing past.

He made it to the bathroom door and he let out another small sigh, hoping that it wasn't crowded. When he pushed the door open he was relieved to find it empty and allowed the ghost of a smile to cross his face as he went to one of the sinks set into one wall. Just as he reached the sink, the door fell shut and cut off the endless noise beyond it; only to leave empty silence for the rattle of one of the stalls behind him and a long breathless moan.

Damon almost laughed, somehow it didn't surprise him at all; he just shook his head and dug through his pocket for the last of his handful of Excedrin. Working here you got used to the odd things that went on in the bathroom, and, even though as an employee he was supposed to break it up, it was better to just let it go. There really was no reason for him to embarrass all of them by knocking on the stall and suggesting they break it up before he did. Besides things had settled down and he could hear low murmuring, so he could easily ignore them now.

He finally found the two pills in his pocket and pulled them out as he heard the stall door open, a glance in the mirror showed a tall, attractive man with dirty blond hair and bright green eyes. The man flashed a sheepish smile and a faint blush crossed his cheeks when he saw Damon looking, then he hurried out into the excitement of the club. Damon shook his head and turned the water on as the door fell shut, tossing his pills back before leaning down for a quick mouthful of water from the sink.

The stall door moved again and another blond came out, limping and slightly flushed as he re-buttoned his jeans. He was smaller -shorter, paler, thinner- and more interestingly clothed than the first. Black sneakers, tight-fitting low rise jeans, a long-sleeve fishnet shirt beneath a tight black t-shirt that barely reached his navel, nails coated in chipped black polish and eyes smudged with black liner. When he glanced up, he flashed Damon a broad grin, blue eyes dancing without the slightest shame.

"Heh, you must've heard us huh?" The blond laughed softly, grin never leaving his face.

"Only the last of it." Damon answered with a faint, courteous smile, before leaning down to splash some water over his face. "Sounded like something better saved for home or a hotel." He added, his good little inner-employee popping in.

"Yeah, you're prob'ly right; but I could care less. Besides, the ass tried to pay me; can you believe that? I'd never go home with a jerk like that."

"Mhmm, well either way, don't let yourself get caught in here again or you could get thrown out." Damon replied as he watched the boy head for the door.

"Yeah yeah, I'll try." Another broad grin and he disappeared into the mayhem outside.

Damon shook his head again as he grabbed a handful of cheap paper towels to dry his face, people of all sorts showed up here. He wasn't quite sure if it was good or bad that the kid -for he had looked fairly young- was screwin' people in the bathroom for no money. Oh well, he didn't care as long as he didn't find him doing it again.

With that he left the bathroom to relieve Shaun from his shift, he'd looked more than ready to go home when he'd passed by earlier. As much as he just wanted to go home tonight, he needed the money; besides, once he got started it would be easy to fall into the steady pattern of serving drinks and food to people at the counter.

"Hey Byrd!" Damon smiled slightly as tall skinny guy with messy red hair greeted him. "Get back here, things slowed down and Shaun bailed but I don't want them to pick back up with just me workin' the bar!" The red-head, Alvin, gestured enthusiastically for him to get behind the counter and take over his end.

"I'm on it, settle down and go get to work on your end already." Damon laughed as Alvin walked away before turning to help the people waiting on him.

Lev was back in the mass of people, swaying a little slower to the music. He wasn't really even dancing now, more like letting his body be knocked about by those who were. He let himself be buffeted around for a few more minutes before deciding a stool at the bar sounded comfortable.

He slowly pushed past the masses of people and dropped down onto a seat at the counter, wincing a little. He pushed his hand back through his hair, trying to smooth out some of the tangles in the messy strands, letting his eyes fall shut.

"Can I get you something?" A low voice snapped his eyes open.

"Oh, hey, you again I didn't know you worked here; don't remember seeing you here before." He said with a smile, surprised to find the man he'd met in the bathroom earlier standing before him. "I would've pretended to take your advice more seriously earlier if I'd known then." He flashed a wide grin.

This guy was pretty good looking; tall, lean, thick brown hair that fell over his darker brown eyes. He was pleased to see him again so soon after their first encounter, but he seemed kinda serious, prob'ly a tough one to get to.

"Yeah, well I've been working in the kitchen 'til just recently." The guy's mouth twitched up in a half smile. "So what do you want, hmmm?" He sounded slightly impatient even though there weren't many people at the bar just then.

"Whatever's cheapest." Lev answered, leaning forward on his elbows as he spoke. He cursed inwardly as the man stopped mid turn to study him; and it was not the kind of look he wanted. "What?"

"Let me see your ID, kid." Dammit, he knew it was coming.

"Hold on a sec." Lev mumbled as he slipped a hand into his pocket for his wallet. Once he had it, he flipped it open and handed it to the guy. "There, satisfied?"

Damon studied the ID for a moment then glanced up, "Well, Lev, why did you bother showing me if you're only 17? You could've at least given me a fake instead of wasting my time, kid."

"Hey, might as well be an ass when the opportunity presents itself right? And why are you calling me "kid"? You can't be that much older than me." Lev said smiling brightly as he took his wallet and returned it to his pocket.

"I'm 21, and I call you kid because you are one. Now, do you want anything that you can actually have or are you done wasting my time?" The man sounded as though he were getting impatient.

"Aw, see, I knew you weren't all that old. That's only a few years, so you shouldn't be such a grouch already. What's your name anyway? You've got mine after all." Lev laughed inwardly, he could tell his company was getting irritated with him; but he had nothing better to do. Besides, this stranger was nice to look at.

"Maybe it has something to do with boys wasting my time and keeping me from my job." With that the man headed a few feet away to help a small group of girls who had gathered at the end of the counter.

Well, he had bailed a little quicker than expected; Lev hadn't even worked a name out of him. Lev leaned on the counter and glanced around with a sigh, he wasn't quite ready to return to the dance floor; and he was definitely not ready to return home. A lanky red-head working the other end of the bar caught his eye and he smiled to himself.

Lev slid from his stool and made his way to the red-head, trailing his fingertips across the counter-top as he walked. He settled onto a new stool and waited patiently for the red-head to come talk to him; flashing another signature grin when he finally caught his attention.

"Hey Lev, can I get you something? Legal." The red-head added quickly with a friendly smile of his own.

"Hey Alvin; I just have a question for you." Lev answered with a soft laugh.

"Oh yeah? Shoot." Alvin said as he dropped down to grab a water bottle to exchange for the cash a young girl handed him.

"Yeah, who's that guy working that end?" He gestured towards the opposite end of the bar. "I haven't seen him here before."

"Oh, Byrd? Yeah, Damon used to work kitchen duty but Shaun's leaving soon, so he got bumped out here; since he can actually do the job." Alvin answered, propping himself against the counter with skinny arms.

"Hmmm, Damon huh?" Lev murmured to himself. "Thanks Alvin." He smiled and got up, returning to his original seat to bother Damon; not caring to wait for Alvin's answer.

Alvin thought he was just an odd kid who took an interest in pushing people's buttons. That was half-right, but he didn't know about Lev's more promiscuous habits and didn't think anything of him asking about Damon. He marked it up as plain 'ole curiosity and possibly a little crush if anything at all.

"Hey, Damon." Damon stiffened when he heard his name; and turning around he found what he had already suspected.

"Well, kid, how'd you figure out my name?" Damon sighed, as he was met with another flashy grin.

"Our friend Alvin informed me." Lev pointed down the bar at the red-head as he spoke.

"Oh really? Well that's wonderful, but why are you still bothering me?" Damon asked, getting tired of the boy regardless of how good looking he was. His headache was swiftly returning and he was out of Excedrin.

"Just being friendly, you seem like someone who needs to be around people more." Lev pushed his fingers back through his hair as he spoke; grinning with less flash and more sincerity.

"I work at a bar, I see and talk to more than enough people; it's part of the job." Damon said as he checked his pocket, praying to find a hidden pill somewhere in its material.

"Yeah yeah, but that's not the same as actually talking to people." Lev replied.

"Alright, so it's not, that doesn't mean I want to talk to you now, kid. Isn't it getting kinda late for you to be here seducing people into bathrooms anyway?" Damon flashed a smirk of his own.

"Hey, you don't have to be rude about it. And don't say that so loud, I hear I could get kicked out for stuff like that." Lev said with mock concern.

"That's exactly why you should leave me alone before I decide to do just that; you're making my job harder than it needs to be." Damon couldn't help a little smile at the kid's words.

"Does that mean if I come back when your shifts over I can come home with you?" Lev questioned with a soft smile and a lusty gaze.

Damon's own small smile faltered slightly at the blonde's words. He was surprised by the question itself, and caught off guard by a little flare of pleading hope he wasn't sure he'd seen in the boy's eyes. He blinked a few times then laughed quietly.

"Sorry, kid, you're a underage and I don't particularly want your parents getting me arrested for sleeping with you." Damon shook his head as he spoke.

"I doubt they'd get you arrested." Lev snorted softly.

"Doesn't matter, I'm not going to take you home with me. Besides, I'm not going to add to the list of people who've used you kid." He frowned a little, thinking of how many people like the man from earlier had used the boy. Or been used by him.

"Hmm, well you're no fun." Lev rose from his seat and started away. "You sure you don't wanna? If you don't some one else will." He paused and looked over his shoulder, the light casting shadows over his bright eyes.

"I'm sure kid, and you should just go back to your house." Damon answered.

"I wont go home with anyone if you promise to stop calling me kid and use my name from now on. I'm not a kid anymore." Lev said quietly.

"Fine, from now on I'll call you Lev when I see you, alright? Now go home." Damon smiled as the boy turned and walked away.

His smile faded as he thought about the way he had looked when he'd said he wasn't a kid. He had still been smiling, a big grin spread over his face, but something hadn't seemed right…something in his eyes had made his words sound hard and cold. But then, someone who seemed so…promiscuous probably wouldn't be much of a kid anymore…

Lev quietly slipped through his front door and glanced at the clock on the hall wall. 1:00...Well that wasn't all that late, but it would be late enough if he didn't make it to his room without notice. He carefully undid his sneakers and left them at the door to pad softly across the carpet in sock feet.

He found himself thinking back to the brunette, Damon, at the bar. He had liked the thought of spending the night with him and usually anyone he set his mind to took him home; but not this one. He had turned him down, and Lev couldn't really think of how to persuade him. After that he didn't feel like looking for someone else to follow home, and had settled on his own house. Besides, Damon was supposed to stop calling him kid now.

"Hey kiddo." A rough, slurred voice stopped Lev in his tracks, but he didn't turn around. "What're you doin' here so late." Maybe if he stood still the voice wouldn't see him, would just walk away and let him be.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you." Fingers dug into his shoulder as he was spun around to face his father. "Where've you been?"

"Nowhere dad, just out walking." Lev said, hissing as fingernails bit into his shoulder and he was slammed back into the wall.

"Nowhere huh? Then what the hell is this crap you're wearin'?!" Alcohol coated breath blew over his face making him gag. "Out hanging around trying to act like an adult but dressin' like a fag."

"At least I'm doing something in my spare time." Lev mumbled without thinking. A strong slap knocked his head to the side and he felt blood spill over his tongue where his lip tore.

"I work everyday to make sure you have something to come home to kiddo. If you don't appreciate that then get the hell out."

"I've tried to get out dad, you're the one who keeps dragging me back!" Lev shouted, clawing at the hand digging into his shoulder. "You just keep bringing me back here to this hellhole and-!"

His father yanked him forward, he lost his footing and tumbled to the floor in the narrow hall. A swift kick to his side knocked the air from him and he curled into a tight ball, gasping for breath.

"You shut the fuck up! You're my son and you'll do whatever it is I tell you." Rough hands tangled in blond hair as Lev was yanked to his feet still choking and gagging. He bit back tears that threatened to spill, crying only made things worse.

He had to walk hunched over as his father held tight to his hair and dragged him down the hall, shoving him into his bedroom at the end. Lev stumbled a step before falling onto the softness of his own bed.

"Now get your ass in bed and I don't want to hear another word out of you!" The door rattled as it slammed shut.

Lev curled into a ball on his bed, trying to force himself to breathe right again. He shouldn't have come home, not then. It was always easier if he was home before his father or if he just stayed somewhere else and came home after school the next day. Somehow it was like the man didn't quite realize what had happened, but if he was caught coming home late…

He sucked softly at his lip, licking the blood away as he slowly uncurled to stretch out on his bed his; stomach still sore. He should've just stayed out, should've found someone else to go home with or somewhere safe to sleep. Anything was better than coming home to this.

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