Oh, bitter night, bitter bitter night.
Tell me, do tell me why!
Tell me why must the sky blacken,
And the empty ground darken.

Explain to me what shapes you see,
When you can not let light be.
Can you feel the brisk wind better,
Or read a bitter love letter?

Does the taste of a blind paramour's kiss,
Excite you to a state of higher bliss?
What grandeurs can night fathom,
What sun cannot imagine?

Can you say the heavens stay true,
When the skies are not blue?
Can you say an apple is red,
Or a mailbox is white,
When there is nothing but darkness in sight?

Why must the birds nest,
During sunset and see that star rest?

Oh, bring me salvation and clarity!

Give me vision and sight,
A yellow ray and its blight!
Give me six forty-one,
A morning staying and an eternal sun!