Summary: 20 year old Bianca Woods fell in love at sixteen. Too bad her ex is now becoming famous, touring the country with big hits and a bevy of women followers! But when she reconnects with Graham Krause at his band's Shadow Follower's concert, it just might be love again. First stop: run-in, next stop: touring...WITH THE BAND! Best friend Hallie Brock will join them. Frankie the bass player always wanted her in high school... it's a summer the two will never forget! Forget groupies, these girls are Shadees!

Author's Note: Okay, this is my original work so no stealing please. I have a big fear of that lately because I've heard of other fiction press people stealing. YIKES! I'm very proud of how this story is unfolding so far. Once I get some good feedback, I will post another chapter. Thanks for reading and please review! Katie :-)

When in italics, it is a flashback.

Shadow Follower does not exist. I made them up.

Chapter One

Bianca Woods blew a piece of her brunette hair away from her crystal blue eyes. She was staring at the pen in her hand, her mind wandering off to fantasyland. She saw a man's toned, yet thin figure, wearing those black jeans that clung to his skin like glue, his legs almost skinnier than hers. His hands were placed on her shoulders firmly, the tattoos that ran down his arms showing as he donned his white t-shirt. Bianca took her index finger and ran it along the rim of his ebony fedora hat, his eyes sparkling in amusement at her. She belonged to him, and he was ever so grateful to have her. And he belonged to her. They would never let go. Not until he was called to go onstage.

"I'll sing the song for you. It'll be the best song I have ever sang. Ever," Graham told her with a heavy sigh, breathing down her face as he pressed his forehead against hers. Though he was taller than her, the four inch heels brought her closer to his face.

"You sing with all of your heart baby," She whispered breathlessly. "Sing it like you mean it."

"Oh, baby, I do mean it. I love you," Graham moaned in utter admiration for the twenty year old in his arms. He kissed her parted lips. She kissed back. Was there anything better?

"Bianca! Hello? It's time to go to work!" She snapped back to reality. The reality was staring her straight in the face. Her best friend Hallie Brock was jumping up and down energetically, frustrated with her, waving her hand in front of her eyes as if she couldn't see.

"Work. Now. We can't be late. We have to make rent, remember?" Hallie reminded her.

Ugh. Bills. "Okay, okay. Hold your horses," Bianca demanded, throwing her pen down on the kitchen nook table in aggravation. She was writing out her list of things to do for the week. She had a dentist appointment. She had to buy more liquid foundation. She needed to call her daddy and ask for a hundred bucks. To be an adult sucked. But she's the one that wanted to move out, she had to remind herself. And she adored the freedom. Even if she had to buy two new tires for her Toyota and that stole every last bit of her leisure spending money for the month.

"I don't have horses. And even if I did, I can't ride them to work, so I still need a ride from you. Carpooling is awesome, isn't it?" Hallie asked. She ran a finger through her shoulder length blond hair and grabbed Bianca's wrist to pull her in the direction of the front door of their two bedroom apartment.

"Yep. I can't wait," Bianca responded sarcastically. "I just love putting makeup on prom goers." Working at their favorite makeup store could be fun. And it could also be hectic when dances, weddings or holidays arrived. This weekend was all about prom. And there were numerous high school girls that would be showing up to get their faces painted.

"Remember our prom?" Hallie asked. As if Bianca could ever forget. She lost her virginity to "him" on prom night.

"Please. Don't remind me," Bianca warned.

"Oh, Graham Krause! Do it harder!" Hallie teased.

"That's not how it went. And stop saying his name. He's the enemy now. Someone I used to know," Bianca sighed. She grabbed her keys from the counter and followed Hallie out the door. She locked it and pressed down on the handle, just to make sure it was in deed locked. Ever since her house was robbed as a child, she'd been cautious about locking the doors.

"Just because your first is famous now, doesn't mean he's an enemy. You know, we could totally get backstage at his concert if you messaged him on his band's Myspace," Hallie said enthusiastically.

Though Bianca listened to Graham's music group Shadow Follower's tunes privately in her room or car, she wouldn't admit it to Hallie. And no way she was going to see him. Just so she could feel pathetic? His life was super glamorous in comparison to hers. He was making some money, climbing the charts with his catchy singles, growing in popularity by the months, getting girls making comments about how hot he was in relation to his music video on YouTube. And just because Bianca fantasized about seeing her first real love constantly, didn't necessarily mean she wanted to act on that. It was just a silly dream. It was nothing.

"No. You know I said no before. I'm not going to change my mind."

Hallie shook her head at Bianca. "You're so lame," Hallie retorted. "He was such a nice guy."

"Yeah. Then, he was a nice guy. I bet now he's a real jerk," Bianca assumed.

They got into Bianca's Toyota Celica, backing out of the parking spot and driving toward the mall they worked at. Bianca looked over at her best friend, who was clearly up to something. She was going through her iPod, searching for a certain song. Bianca ordered her to chose quickly. She hated the silence of the road.

"Okay, I got a good one," Hallie said with a smirk. She turned the volume up and waited for her friend's reaction. Hallie knew that Bianca had heard their music before.

"You evil little wench!" Bianca said with a chuckle. She couldn't help finding the humor in it. Hallie always knew how to make her laugh. But she wasn't really in the mood that day and her laugh stopped.

Bianca stole the iPod out of Hallie's hand and changed the song.

"Oh my gosh! You're such a downer! It's my favorite song right now! Just let me listen to it! Come on!" Hallie whined.

Bianca kept a straight face now. She would not cave in. Not even when Hallie started to bribe her with a cupcake from her favorite bakery.

"No," Bianca said sighing angrily. Her eyes turned cold. She wasn't joking.

Hallie was wounded as she attempted to gingerly rub Bianca's shoulder. "I'm sorry. I thought you would think it's cool. They've gotten famous in the last year or so. We used to know the band members. You had sex with the lead singer!" Hallie said convincingly.

Bianca's frown turned into a small smile. Tiny, it was, but it was still a smile anyhow. "You're right. It is pretty cool," She said, letting a smudge of her stubbornness fade away as the rolled down windows in her car blew in her face.

Summer was near, and it was in the air, which she had longed for it since January. She couldn't wait to put a bikini on and lay out on the beach, scoping for cute guys. Because it had been really tough to get over Graham since they broke up. It happened just five months before he got his record deal when his band's song was played frequently on Myspace. When Bianca found out, she wanted to call Graham to congratulate him. But she was still stung by his bite. He broke up with her because he wanted to follow his dreams. However, one night when she was drunk dialing, she punched in his number by heart. It was a number that was no longer in service. She didn't even want to try the other band member's numbers. It was obvious she was in the past. Graham's future was bright and didn't include her.

"So, we can listen to the song?" Hallie persisted.

"Sure. Why not. Just, not too loud. I kind of have a headache," Bianca lied. Once the song came on, she started to mouth the words. And then they joined in together, singing loudly and being proud about it. Because Hallie was right. They did know the upcoming, major band way back when. When they were in high school, and everything was so innocent. Well, somewhat.

Later, when Bianca was in her room, she decided she could take a risk. It had been over two years since she had seen Graham. Two, long years of which she still randomly had dreams about him. She tried to forget him, yet it was tough. He stole her heart at sixteen, and she was convinced they would get married. She imagined the same scene over and over again. The one where she kissed Graham before he went onstage and he told her he loved her. He would sing the song he wrote for her. Even if he didn't really have a song for her, it was still a nice daydream. And she had that same reverie since she first saw him play the guitar in his parent's garage, singing about ditching school to smoke pot.

She went onto her Myspace account. She hardly went on it anymore. Lately, she seemed to grow out of it. It was more for high school kids. But she was interested in seeing Shadow Follower's page. There were pictures of the album cover splattered in the background. Their first single played automatically. It was an upbeat song that made her want to dance around her room. She was tempted to, but she didn't for fear that Hallie would hear.

"Hmm," She said to herself aloud. They had 135,606 friends. She shook her head in disbelief. These guys were getting more famous by the hour. And they had thousands of comments. Of which girls wrote on and on about how hot the guys were and guys saying how awesome their music is. Most of the girls had crushes on Graham. Some of the girls opted for his best friend and bass player Frankie. But it was unavoidable. Graham was the most admired. Which caused a little anger inside of Bianca. At school, most girls dismissed him. They thought he was different, wearing clothes of a rocker. Well, he was a rocker. A genuine rocker with the most unique voice that stood apart from the other bands arriving on the scene, that blend of Boys Like Girls with The Killers. That sound that was so addicting. And she wasn't just saying that. Even when she was the devoted girlfriend, she was their biggest fan. And it was hard to avoid that as well.

She decided to look through their pictures. They had professional photos up from photo shoots. Mostly, they had pictures from the road, on the stage, while Graham sang his heart out, Frankie nearby in the frame. The drummer, their other old pal Zachary, with his long fire engine red dyed hair in his face as he was caught in his motion of hitting the drums. Then, the keyboard player, who was someone she had never met, had a sincere grin in most of the pictures with short brown hair. His name was Cody.

Seeing Graham's photos made her heart beat a little quicker. There was just something about him. He was different, he was cool. He was badass. He had a sweet side when they were together. When he called her baby. When he kissed her neck. When they made love.

Bianca inhaled deeply. She couldn't believe she was going to do it. But she wouldn't go back now. She already clicked on the button. She added them to friends. The band would review and accept her if they wanted to. A part of her was scared Graham wouldn't want to add her to their long list of friends. If he remembered her at all. She was just a high school girlfriend. A nobody. He was a somebody.

She decided not to worry about it for the rest of the night. She would go to sleep. Even if she tossed and turned for a least an hour, thinking about her usual daydream until she finally dozed off.