"I can't believe this is happening. I feel like I need another picture," Bianca said standing up from her red seat.

"Oh no you don't. Sit down. You got at least forty pictures honey," Graham assured Bianca, squeezing her knee after she reluctantly sat back down. He offered her a chuckle to get a smile on her tense face.

"The show is about to start. I can't even believe it!" Hallie said next to Bianca. "This is so huge."

The lights dimmed in the large venue and the host stood on the stage in perfect viewing from the front row where they sat. Bianca squeezed her husband's hand tightly, remembering scenes from their lives as if it were right before her eyes. Maybe that's because it was as before her eyes as the host walked away and the big screen showed images of Shadow Follower in concert, on the road and interviews being spoken, the audience cheering loudest when young Frankie said in a loud voice, "Let's rock and roll bitches!"

Bianca looked over to her old friend, who had tears in her pretty eyes. Hallie looked over at her director husband Jack, with whom she shared two gorgeous daughters and one handsome son with. They met just over a year after Frankie's accident and married seven months later, almost immediately becoming pregnant with their first daughter. Hallie looked back to the screen with contentment in her face.

"We just want to make music. Great music that people will love for years to come," the twenty year old version of Graham spoke in his laidback voice. The sentence repeated like a broken record and the lights flashed brightly as a band onstage started to play "Dopey ditch day." It was a tribute to Shadow Follower, and it was an amazing moment.

"I can't believe he's singing a song about getting high," Bianca whispered to Graham in a mock angry voice, smacking his chest playfully.

Graham chuckled. "His old man wrote it!"

Grayson moved down the stage and close to his parents, belting out the tune. The old music video played on the big screen in the background, showing his mother in her bikini, his father singing his heart out.

His voice was like his father's, but different as well and just as equally talented if not more. The song faded into another, and then finally, Shadow Follower's last hit with Frankie. When Grayson and his increasingly growing popular band The Mighty Trip ended their set, the crowd cheered loudly and gave a standing ovation.

Graham smiled widely and proudly at his son. Though he himself had sung the songs hundreds of thousands of times before, it had so much more meaning with his nineteen year old son on the stage performing. It meant the songs had influence on him and he did right in his life. The band, the albums, all the work, it wasn't without merit. And even though it was twenty years since they had first broke into the music world, their work was still playing to that day.

A tribute to Frankie was next, showing images of the troubled bass player, singer and friend. And finally, the band went onstage and were awarded and sent into the music hall of fame.

The crowd applauded and Graham felt serene, Zachary spoke first with his thanks and then Cody, who made a special appearance as an original member. Bobby, who stayed their keyboard player for the many years leading up to the night, spoke with thanks. Graham talked last, looking up to give a special shout out to his best friend in heaven.

"Frankie, you were a great person and will always be missed. It's years later and we still miss you. We have a great bass player in Jack. But Frankie, you will always be the original Shadow Follower. The heart of the beginning, a dream three teenagers took and made a reality. This is for you bro," Graham said. The crowd cheered as the show ended with the band playing their latest Shadow Follower tune. The one that is on the comeback CD "Number Ten."

"I want a picture!" Bianca trilled, shoving her camera into Jack's hands. He happily snapped some photos of the band along with Bianca and Hallie. Grayson and his band then joined in on the pictures.

"Where's Vanessa? She needs to get here soon for pictures! I haven't seen her in months!" Hallie said.

"There she is!" Zachary said pointing in her direction.

"Hi!" Vanessa said enthusiastically, her blonde bob bouncing as she ran over. Her third husband followed suit. She stood close by, ready for pictures, instantly joining in on the fun.

"You were so good Grayson. I love you," Bianca turned to say, hugging him.

"Mom, okay," he groaned embarrassed, wiping the kiss on his cheek.

Fourteen year old Harper rolled her eyes. "Okay mom! He knows. He's not that good."

"Shut up Harper," Grayson ordered.

Her twin, Sadie crossed her arms. "I'm so going to get a record deal next."

"One at a time please!" Graham said, hushing his children.

Zachary stopped the sibling rivalry with his words, "One more picture. I'm thinking after this we go and get some good old Frankie originals," Zachary said in his loud voice, laughing. Chloe shook her head at him, who remained his wife and carried their two boys who at eleven and eight, were already just as interested in music. It was inevitable. The music was in the genes.

"Frankie originals?" Hallie asked.

"Yeah. Corona and limes," Zachary hollered.

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