this is:

the epilogue of your fairy-tale ending
the conspiracy of our romance leaking from serpentine tongues,
my lips stuttering over siphoned summers and riffing cosmic oceans,
eruptions of butterflies and technicolor horizons,
the delusion of our static love leaking with saccharine & anesthetic.

(numb your insides with sugar-coated lies, sucking down relapse
and regret between your throat)


my eyes sizzle with splintered sunrise,
serrate teeth chewing between turbulent dreams;
my hands raking over the fear shredding through my lungs,
monsters of olympus swept like a halo of atrophy
around my lungs.

darling, this tragedy is pouring below my cigarette
the crisp feel of smoke and fiction smudged across my teeth.


lose yourself in the crowd as your face melts,
embers of chortled ashes dancing like dragonflies
across the crackles of your purity, lips kissing insanity
like nymphs of eden.

(oh, you're losing yourself in the carnival's illusion.)


"never mattered, never did, never well, this hurt—"
,and your eyes cough up maggot-induced apathy,
heart searing blue in lime green bleach, your tongue
dripping galaxies below infinity.

(crash and burn.)

Author's Note:
Four separate pieces. The words are getting more awkward, and I think I might of gone too far. Oh well. Might be deleted later.