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"And that is what causes volcanoes to erupt," the substitute teacher said, finishing her lecture. Due to the fact that everyone in the classroom learned this in eighth grade, and they were sophomores, everyone just kind of goofed off. Most of the kids goofed off and talked to each other. Today, Aaron just sat there and stared out the window. He only had one friend in the whole school, and Yura wasn't there today. His mom and step-dad always wondered why he didn't have any friends. He was such a nice boy. Of course, he knew that that was exactly why. He went to a private school for the academically gifted. All of the kids here were so snooty that they only talked to people they've known for a very long time. Yura was the only person who would even talk to him. She just kind of mysteriously appeared about nine weeks before, and they were instant friends. She had a habit of being absent a lot, sometimes even days at a time. He wasn't at all surprised, but he was still lonely.

His only consolation was knowing that he only had about thirty seconds before the end of the day. It was also friday, which meant that he would get to go home soon. The private school was one of those boarding schools during the weeks, but you go home for the weekend. RIIING!

Everyone jumped up and went running for the front doors, excited to be going home. Aaron, on the other hand, loped slowly out the front door, slipping away from the crowd of kids waiting for their parents or their buses. Surrounding the school, there was a giant field of extremely tall grass. His mom had a nasty habit of always being almost exactly half an hour late to everything. While he waited for his mom, he always took a walk through the field. Today was no different, so off he went. He'd usually had Yura with him for the past few weeks, but he was alone today. It felt kind of weird being alone again.

"Wow, I hadn't realized how accustomed to having company I had become," Aaron said, more to himself then anything as he continued to walk along. He had always been more on the weird side. He had never really minded not having any friends. At his dad's house, he had a giant garden where, over the summer, he would just sit for hours on end, thinking and drawing, completely alone except for the flowers. Having Yura seemed to have made him become attached to having friends.

He closed his eyes and turned his head upwards as he walked, imagining that he was back in his garden. He suddenly tripped. He looked back and saw a large rabbit get up and go jumping off. It was followed by a number of other small rodents and animals. He looked over in the grass and saw something moving straight towards him. Now, he momentarily thought to himself "you know, i've seen enough horror movies to know that when a bunch of animals are all running in one direction, it's usually a good idea to follow them." Of course, by the time that he finished his thought, the thing was right next to the path.

Whatever it was stopped moving for a moment. Then all of a sudden, a giant beast reared its head up. It looked similar to a giant black snake, with small yellow bands along the top of it. If he had to guess by the length of what was showing, and how thick it was, he guessed that it was at least fifty feet long, and five feet thick. However, the most unusual quality was its head. It had an identical face on both halves of the jaw.

It opened its mouth and spewed out a jet of green mist. Just as it was about to hit him, something hit him, sending him flying. When he hit the ground, his ankle and foot felt like it was on fire. At first he thought it was broken, but then he looked down and saw a small amount of green mist on his foot. It had already eaten through his shoe and was burning his foot. At the same time, there was a very high-pitched screaming, that he thought was himself until he noticed that it was coming from his foot, as well as the spot on the ground where he had just stood. The girl who had tackled him dumped a small vial of glowing water on his foot and the pain stopped immediately. "Hi, I'm Michelle. Sorry we were kind of late," the girl said with a big smile as she stood up and straightened her sky blue skirt.

"Michelle, stop goofing around. Cross slash, now," another girl who looked to be about the same age, but wearing tight, dark jeans and a long sleeved black shirt with a skull on the shoulder. Although they both dressed like normal upper teens, they each wore a belt with a long sword sheath.

"Aye-aye!" Michelle called. Then she muttered to Aaron in a softer voice, "Don't mind Amber, she can be a bit of a buzzkill sometimes." With a playful wink, she turned back towards the monster. She and Amber both took a few quick steps towards it, unsheathing their swords. Aaron stared in disbelief at the whole scene, but especially at the swords. The blade of Amber's sword was made of some form of pitch black stone that shone like marble, and its seemingly infinite blackness drew him in. He broke his gaze to look at Michelle's sword, which was also incredible. Just as Amber's blade was pitch black, Michelle's blade seemed to be made of some sort of crystal, and it was cut in such a way that it captured the sunlight giving the appearance that it gave off its own hypnotic light.

The two paused for a moment, and then they both simply vanished. A split second later, two lines appeared in the air from where the girls had been standing, a white line and a black line, forming an X shape that went through the monster, and the girls each appeared at the opposite end. They dropped gracefully to the ground and didn't even look as green mist leaked from the beast's wounds, causing the wretched screaming sound. Then, all at once, it just dissolved into a faint red dust that blew away on the winds until it had vanished.

"Okay Aaron, come with us," the girl named Amber commanded in an icy cold voice.

"What? But, but, but, Who are you? What about my parents? What was that thing? How'd you do all that stuff? Where are you taking me? How do you know who I am?" Aaron asked extremely quickly so that his words kind of blurred together.

Michelle got a look of quizzical concentration for a moment then said with a speed rivaling Aaron's, "Okay, I can do this. Umm. We're Michelle and Amber. Your parents are safe. That thing was a Shriekmaw. We did it with magic. We can't tell you where we're going. Yura told us. There, did I get it in order?" Aaron just stared at them with a "what the heck" kind of expression.

"You'll either come willingly, or I'll force you to come," Amber said threateningly.

"What is wrong with you people? You come at me and save me from some monster that I'm pretty sure I just hallucinated up, you claim you did it with magic, and you want me to come with you? You're probably just a couple of crazy drug addicted kidnappers!" Aaron yelled.

"I didn't want to have to do this," Amber said stepping towards him. She held her right arm straight out in front of her and snapped her fingers. An orb of green flame appeared over her hand. When Aaron saw it, he found that he couldn't seem to look away. It floated so that it was directly in front of his face. Then, in an instant, it duplicated so that there was a wide ring of six fireballs around his head. Then the ring duplicated so that there were four rings all along his body, up and down. Then they started spinning until they were a blur of green, and Aaron suddenly found himself very sleepy.

As he passed out, the flames disappeared and Michelle caught him. "Did you really have to foxfire him?" she asked in a frustrated manner.

"He wasn't cooperating," Amber replied in a way somewhere between back-talking and whining. Without another word, they jumped off, Michelle carrying Aaron over her shoulder.