"You don't know why you're here do you?" a soft melodious voice. Soon Ace would see eyes identical to his own. He would face the creamy why skin mingled with a mask to cover his eyes.

Ace shook his head.

"No," he announced casually, "no body tells me anything anymore. I feel so left out. But while we're still talking, why exactly am I?" No light here except for the a glow showing the two of them one in a black suit the other in yellow and navy blue pajama bottoms, and both with disheveled curly blonde hair.

When the other didn't answer, Ace spoke again, "why is it you believe I know every thing? You know, despite the fact that I'm thirty it doesn't mean I'm old, ya got that?"

The other one smiled.

"You'll learn soon enough."

"And just what is that supposed to mean?"

"Well," the other began starting slowly, "your job is to observe people. Do it." Ace glared and the visible features on the masked man's face softened up somewhat but continued as if nothing had happened.

"If you love that woman, you'll protect her." His voice hardened. "That's the only warning I'm giving you."

"Look," Ace said all but a glimmer of patience, "I'm not gonna as—"

"And I'm not going to tell you again!" The other's voice echoed loudly, the sound of it surrounding the two them like the rings of water when it drops from the center. The masked man had his back turned, facing Ace, his shoulders hunched over like a sudden great weight. He let out a large gust of air with a sigh. And when he turned his head, his eyes were red rimmed as if from crying and the glitter of liveliness in his ivy colored eyes were gone.

Like the eyes of a dead person.

Ace knew those eyes. Dangerous eyes. It didn't matter if the face it belonged to were alive or dead. Dangerous eyes. The human gasped, a look of horror graced his face and he foresaw the graceful melancholy within the soul he was talking to. all of a sudden this wasn't just a dream. It was a terrible, terrible, nightly occurrence and had now become a nightmare.

The younger looking one with the dead eyes sneered.

"Don't let them take what's precious to you, Ace Wrightman. The dead belong to me, and you will not get her back if you don't hurry."

Ace blinked as the other started the fade. The black all around them turned lighter, as if someone was turning on a light with roll-switch, instead of one that flicked on and off, first dim, then slowly it became full on.

And in the clearing light he saw her in gray rags with arms outstretched towards him. "Ace."

And then he woke up.