We're… not your average group of girls in high school.

Some call us snobbish, others call us bitches. There's no difference really...

They think we think we're better than them.

Honestly, that's NOT true

They even think that we think we're better than the other group of girls who you might call the 'popular' group.

But… we DON'T think that.

We're just unsocial because we want to keep it down.

What's the it?

My first sentence was 'We're… not your average group of girls in high school' remember?

The five of us… are a group because of this one guy.

We revolve around him, completely.

It's a tricky understanding… but… it can be simple if you—

Actually, never mind. It's not simple at all. It's actually quite messed up.

Because… you see…

The five of us provide a service in school.

A service for guys only.

We… help them with their struggles?

Oh fuck it.

We have sex for money.

Please! Don't call us prostitutes!


Okay fine, we ARE sluts BUT…

I told you this is messed up.

A/N: Warning: this is for mature audience if you couldn't tell by what you read up there. But… it's also a story too. Just another warning, there are grammar mistakes, and I would LOVE it if you can point them out. I bet you found loads already from reading this one page.

Anyways, thank you for giving this a try and words of encouragement are greatly… needed and of course appreciated!