Last Love

Walk through garden of Eden

Flowers slowly grey,

Colours fade, petals droop,

In bitter death, sway.

There is no turning back,

Move on without a sound.

Further into the maze,

More wilt into the ground.

The beauty disappears,

Trees, grass, all never were.

Darkness sets on seventh day,

Stop and freeze in fear.

There is none left but one,

One rose still glowing bright.

Begin to run, faster.

Reach out with all might.

Dashing, running,

Break the fall,

Crawling, gasping,

losing all.

Lie beneath the rose,

Heart racing, beating.

Raise hand up to touch.

Thorns, so much bleeding

They grab, scrape soul,

Merciless, all the blood,

Flowing down the wounds.

Can't breathe in the mud.

Rose looks down, mocks,

Last love, it fades away.

Grasp, too late, nothing.

Dead soul, beneath tree of life,