If I could find you,

If I could find you,

I'd paint you a dream

A fantasy world,

Where nothing is as it seems

But this is already our world.

Our world where I hide,

Behind telephone rings

And knocks at our door,

Or, my door, since you aren't hereā€¦


Slowly I feel our love,

My love,

Drifting away,

Like I left it in the street,

Or maybe it was stolen

When I was mugged on the subway,

Because you weren't there to protect me,

To teach me.

Slowly I feel more and more frustrated,

Lazier, crazier, and altogether useless,

Rapidly, my health disintegrates

My brain is blocked by a tumor,

That was formed when

I couldn't think of enough words,

To describe your sense of humor,

Your smile,

Or your laugh,

When I couldn't find enough words to

Describe love.

Because love is not rhyme,

Love is not punctuation,

Or stanzas or words,

Love is not rhythm or poetry,

It is possible to love these things,

But love is so much bigger than all of us,

We're bigger than ourselves

But we can never SEE what we have,

Until we've lost it all.