I could see his every move through the scope. The butt of the long rifle was digging into my shoulder a bit. Beads of sweat dripped down my forehead and my finger itched on the trigger. Just a little longer... I thought to myself. He was wearing a white suit. How ostentatious. I could already see minute sweat stains forming on the underarms of the jacket as he reached up to water an overhanging plant on the roof. The roof was set up like a garden, with plants absolutely everywhere. I wondered at that for a moment, the bright, flashy white suit the mark wore really didn't go with the whole calm plant vibe. He was alone, but he might not be for much longer. He kept moving and the damn plants hanging around the roof continued to get in my way. I could see him moving between the foliage, but I couldn't see clearly to get a head shot. "Come on..." I whispered, blinking to clear the sweat from my eye. Finally, he moved past the green wall. "Yes..." I hissed, my finger tightening on the trigger. I could already feel the power of the bullet in the gun, itching to be out...

A figure dressed in black appeared seemingly out of nowhere on the roof beside him. Raising a small handgun, the newcomer calmly placed it against the mans head. Before he even had time to react to the touch of cold steel to his skin, the figure pulled the trigger. The mark crumpled like a leaf. I managed to jerk my finger back before it could close on the trigger.

"Dammit Lexi!" I hissed into the tiny microphone resting against my cheek, connected to the piece sitting in my ear. The lone figure on the roof pulled off her black ski mask, shaking out her short brown hair and grinning in my direction.

"Oh come on sis, don't be a whiny little thing." My twin's dry voice crackled to life in the small earbud in my ear. I growled softly and re-aimed the gun, pulling the trigger a moment later. The bullet whizzed straight past Lexi's ear and thudded into the cement beside her face. She started a bit, which was a feat in itself... not much could startle my tough-as-nails sister. She glared upwards at me and flipped me off. I smiled, my good humor restored, and slid down from my position atop the peak of the roof to a small ledge a few feet down. I began dismantling my rifle, expertly packing it away in a small silver suitcase that didn't look half big enough to contain it. I knew Lexi would be stripping out of her black jumpsuit, revealing the casual jeans and T-shirt she was wearing beneath it, so she could walk out of the building without any suspicion. I finished packing my rifle away and attached the handle of the silver case to my belt. When I arrived on the roof earlier, I'd taken the time to attach a grappler and a rope to the edge of the roof and I now grabbed it, swinging over the edge and beginning to rappel down the side of the building. When I reached the bottom, I gave the rope an expert little twist that disconnected the grappler at the top, and neatly caught it as it sailed down to land in my hand. My car was parked a few feet away and I tossed my gear into the metal box hidden beneath the backseat and quickly stripped off my jumpsuit. Like Lexi, I was wearing street clothes beneath. Climbing into the front seat of the car, I drove the few blocks to the tiny cafe where my twin sat waiting, sipping on some strong coffee and grinning like an idiot. I parked and headed over.

"You fucking bitch."

"Oh calm down. You were taking too long."

"I was waiting for a clear shot, genius. The plan was, I shoot him, you're there for backup. I don't like it when we don't follow the plan. There's a reason we have a PLAN."

"Oh for Lords sake sis, sometimes you're more of an old fruit than mom is."

"Don't bring mom into the equation."

The two sisters continued their bickering as they munched on pastries, ignoring the police cars and their wailing sirens that sped past their location. After all, they were just a couple of tourists, right?

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