je me rend


ought to be smooth

not ragged


we ought to glide

across linoleum floor

like a ship

upon a sea of glass

but we don't

we stumble


stepping on toes

more like a battle

against a gale

than dancing

a battle for the lead

for control

we stop

I close my eyes

feel the power

of my partner

his strong arms collecting me

supporting me


with silent suggestions

pressing my back

turning my body the way it should go

I surrender

bowing my head

I relinquish the lead

he suggests a step

I could

deny him

go my own way

shattering serenity

in an act of independence

but I don't

I follow

why fight for rights

for power

when his strength provides enough

for me as well

why unsettle

our effortless gliding

with a


a demand for a voice

when his silent suggestion

makes our dance