I rolled over, pinning Lily under me

I rolled over, pinning Lily under me. She immediately reached into my backpack and pulled out my gun. She took off the safety, cocked the gun, and looked at me. I nodded gravely. She shot upward, distracting Mr. Sniper, who probably wanted to kill us. Strike that. He definitely wanted to kill us.

We hurriedly crawled through the bushes on our elbows. About 2 meters and twenty minutes later, peeked out and signaled the coast-clear to Lily. I started to get up and again she tackled me. This was the 2nd time that she had been on top of me in a half an hour and I was getting seriously pissed because I did not like being randomly tackled, even if it was to prevent my death.

"Wha-" I started to ask, but she covered my mouth with her hand and whispered that while I took a peek out for "bad guys" a sniper had aimed a gun at my head. I wondered briefly how she noticed the camouflaged snipers, but decided to worry about that later.

I'd have been dead the moment I stood up. That was definitely a random tackle with a good reason, which technically made it a non-random tackle.

We still couldn't get up; he'd shoot us if we did.

We laid there for what seemed like hours. For the first five minutes Lils held herself up on her arms, but after that, she'd started to lower herself towards me. Eventually, I pulled her to my chest to avoid the assassin seeing the bush moving with her. We repeatedly blushed for the next ten minutes.

I started to think of a plan, but was occasionally interrupted by thoughts of, "She's gorgeous," or "She's kind and caring." They were all true, but I hardly knew her. SHE hardly knew her, but right now we needed a plan.

"Where is the bloody sniper?" I asked quietly.

"Right across from us. Why?" She replied.

"I hate to do this. I really do hate to do this, but…" I grabbed the gun from Lily and aimed blindly right across from us. "I'm going to shoot, but hopefully I'll miss. It doesn't matter. I'll run and steal his gun."

"Sh-hoot him?" She stuttered. I look her apologetically and rolled over slowly. She was once again pinned under me.

I crawled off of her and fixed my aim. 'Please don't hit him.' I thought. I squeezed the trigger and pleaded. Then I ran over to his side. The sniper was startled, but injured greatly. The bullet looked like it had grazed his leg, and there was no real damage.

I punched him in the face, grabbed the metal suitcase that had been next to him and his gun. I yelled to Lily and told her to come with me. She came without question, but she had worry, though it could've been fear, in her eyes. I knew what she was thinking about: me shooting the sniper.

"He's not dead, the bullet grazed his leg."

The worry, or fear, in her eyes lessened. She hurried behind me. We ran for at least 20 minutes before settling in a forest. I immediately started to build a shelter. I had left at eleven in the morning and it was now 6 PM, and it was getting dark. We, or at least I, needed to sleep.

"Lils," I ventured. We hadn't talked since the assassin. "Can you help me with the shelter?"

She nodded, but still didn't speak. I would for something and she would hand it to me, silent the whole time. I tried to make conversation, but she refused to talk. In the end out shelter was small with two bed rolls lain out. Its roof was one of two tarps; the other was underneath us. It looked like a tent. I had rolled the tarp around two blankets. There was a circle of stone right outside in which a fire could be started.

"Welcome to our five star hotel, Le Tente," I put on a fake French accent. 'I would kill for a smile, traveling with a sad/fearful person was not fun at all.' I thought as I held open the tarp/door so she could enter. We laid down on our bedrolls and I asked, "Lils? What's wrong?" I had only been with her for a few hours, but already felt very close to her.

"What about me? What have I done? It's not fair, I don't know who or what I am. How people have I killed?"

"Lily, relax. What's all this about?"

"I-I just, when I saw him, the sniper, I saw one of my memories. I was standing over a corpse, a gun in my hand.

"Life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride." I quoted one of my favorite Gary Allan songs. Her worried expression was replaced with a look of pure confusion. "It's a song," I explained, "by Gary Allan."

"Never heard of him."

"You're kidding!" I exclaimed.

"Let's see," She looked up in fake thought, "after chronic memory loss I remember only Gary Allan," She said sarcastically.

"Shit, right I knew that." I blushed, "Sorry." 'Nice one,' I thought, 'bringing up memories of her nonexistent past.'

"Don't worry about it," She turned over before saying, "Let's get some sleep." She soon fell asleep, but I laid there looking at her.

Her auburn hair was messy and out of place, and she had a look o f inner peace on her face. I wished I could put an arm around her. 'Don't think about that!' I mentally scolded myself before falling asleep.

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