The Definition of Happiness

The Definition of Happiness

Dray was dozing under the big tree in the far corner of the huge school yard, hidden from the bustle and noise of lunch break. He hadn't gone home, not since his father came home three days ago. Since his father was home he'd been spending the remaining days playing around and the nights sleeping fitfully in his godfather's empty house.

His stomach gurgled, having not been fed since yesterday's lunch, but he was in no hurry to rectify the situation. Food, after all, had never been his main priority in life.

Right on cue, as if to negate his unhealthy thought, there was a rustle of bushes being parted and the sound of a gentle, masculine voice calling his name.

Next, he felt the bulk of a body sitting beside where his was stretched out, then a playful pinch on his nose, accompanied by a familiar voice that always made his heart beat faster.

"Get up, Dray. I bring you lunch…" with a pause to rouse his curiosity, "and dessert."

The promise of dessert was what made him get up and scoot closer to the other boy.

"What's for dessert, Leo?" Dray tried to rummage through the lunch paper bag, but his hand got slapped away.

"Not before you finish your lunch," Leo admonished him, handing him his lunch and taking out his own as well.

Dray pouted but Leo ignored it, and they started eating.

Not very much later, Leo finished his last bite, while Dray was still halfway through his salmon and spinach quiche, and it looked like he was not planning to finish the rest.

Leo sighed heavily, and Dray looked up from his food to Leo, his eyes pleading. Leo relented, a common occurrence between them. "Just eat the fish; then you can have your dessert."

Dray nodded and did what Leo told him.

A glass of iced mint chocolate in one hand, Dray's head was on Leo's lap while Leo was feeding him the last piece of the dessert, which was a bunch of tiny glazed fruit pies.

Dray was feeling blissful from all those sweets and the perfect atmosphere of the bright spring day, and he almost purred when he felt Leo's fingers carding through his platinum blond hair.

Then, Leo opened his mouth to say, "Your father's flight out is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon."

And it made his eyes abruptly snap open, jerked back from the edge of that floating-on-the-flood feeling, silver eyes gazing directly into Leo's emerald green. And Dray was sure that Leo could feel the sudden stiffening of his body from hearing the words "your father".

But Leo acted like nothing happened and only watched his face steadily. His next words were gentle and coaxing. "Will you come back home then?"

Dray slowly relaxed back into the feel of Leo's thigh acting as his pillow and Leo's fingers massaging gently over his scalp. Closing his eyes, after a moment he answered calmly, "If you make me strawberry cheesecake."

He heard Leo's amused laugh over his reply, and even without opening his eyes, he could clearly see Leo's handsome face in his mind, made more so by the laughter curving his lips.

Dray sighed contentedly, and the tender brush of a butterfly kiss on his forehead made his body tingle, warmth spreading from that point of contact all over his body, momentarily banishing the numbing cold that he had been suffering since he left home.