There are two of us. Two different souls, two different personalities, but God chose to put us into two identical bodies.

Our different personality is the walking, living cliché of the sun and the moon, day and night, light and dark. And like the cliché it is, opposites do attract.

Rick is the devil, and I, Mike, am the angel. Rick is the slut who sleeps with everyone younger than his age. I am the prude who never has sex with anyone.

Until Rick decided it's a high time for me to do my first fuck. And the best, safest way to do this was to share his newest boytoy, a barely legal, sluttish twink, with me.

At first it's only me fucking the twink after or before Rick, but it escalated slowly yet surely to the day when Rick propositioned a double penetration.

The bottom twink only moaned eagerly, I hesitated, but as usual, Rick successfully cajoled me to do it.

The first time we did it, Rick came the moment I fully sheathed my dick inside the twink's tightly stretched asshole. It was a record for him, the quickest fuck of his life, quicker than even his first time, he admitted to me later.

We never talked about our fuck fest, but I did enjoy it. It didn't feel wrong to have a threesome with Rick and his boytoy, even with the double penetration, because we didn't fuck each other, it's the twink we fucked.

Later I realized that my line of thought was a sorry excuse for what we did.

At this time, the boytoy has changed a few times, but everytime we fucked we did double penetration. Rick didn't want to fuck the twinks, and Rick didn't want me to fuck the twinks. He wanted us to fuck the twinks.

And just like that, after months of double penetration fucking, feeling Rick's cock along mine, rubbing so intimately in the tightly stuffed asshole, and then scalding my cockhead with his hot cum at the throes of orgasm, and eyes always open to watch me with such intensity, I came into realization that it's my cock that made him come.

It's such a heady feeling, this realization, making me come so hard and so suddenly that I almost passed out. But I never closed my eyes because they're saying the words that I couldn't say, that Rick couldn't say, that we couldn't talk about.

I want you. I love you. Make love to me.