Second Chance

Maybe it's just the way I am…

Maybe that's why I seem to hate you so much…

Maybe that's why I feel free when you aren't around… because you never seem to understand me…

She hopes that one day he will understand.

You tell me to throw it away and start over new. You say that you are merely trying to help, but I know better. You are pushing me back into hell for nothing but the sake of seeing me fall apart again. I won't though. Memories – that's something you can't throw away and you know that as well as I do.

Run and cling to life… those were the words you said to me that night – the night you eyed me with those dangerous bloodshot eyes and pointed a dagger towards the door, giving me a chance to flee.

Five years later, you come crawling back to me. You are on my doorstep begging for a second chance. You plead forgiveness for all those terrible things you have done to me. You apologize for abusing me, harassing me, killing my confidence and self worth as well as ruining the relationship. But most of all, you say "I'm sorry for killing Faith".

She was my daughter. Ourdaughter. But you still managed to murder her.

Maybe that's just life. Maybe that's what people do – get drunk and murder their own child just like how you did it.

Whatever excuse you have, I still can't accept your apology. I can't tell you why. But all I can say is that sometimes, a 'sorry' just isn't enough… and a second chance won't be able to exist.

When I look into your eyes, I don't see that light anymore – the one I saw the first time I met you. So tell me… give me one good reason why I should be able to just press rewind.