The Simplistic worries,

That life won't ease.

The poverty of the world,

Money won't appease.

All the murdered dead bodies,

The electric chair won't save.

All the jail cells, filling,

Won't make this world brave.

All the tyrants and leaders,

Won't stop rebellion.

Terrorists, beheaded,

Won't stop the demon.

No one can solve,

The effects of cancer.

Why are we here?

No one has the answer.

Evolutions theory,

Is worth it's weight in dirt.

As it's ideas,

The truth it, doesn't skirt.

All these ideas,

Your worries won't appease.

All your sins,

Your heart, it won't ease.

You need the man,

Who can save us all.

War, he'll ban,

World peace he'll recall.

God is watching,

Out for you.

Your life, he's clocking,

In his heart, it's true.

his helping hand,

his guidance and love.

We need to fly,

Like a freed dove.