BFF: Best Friends ForNever


You love your friends

You hold them dear

You love your friends

They're always near

You love your friends

You keep in touch

You love your friends

So very much

People always say

They are your "best friend"

They say they'll be with you

'Til the very end

You have a few fights

Every so often

But you're always tight

Your hearts soften

Then you get

In an argument

You really didn't mean to

But they are angry with you

You don't know why

They don't speak

You feel some pain

Your heart is weak

You ask around

To see who knows

Make a sound

Now you're foes

You ask their friends

What's going on

You hope to cleanse

And act upon

Their findings help

But do not fix

You are still stuck

In the mud like sticks

You thought they were the one

Who you could count on

Forever and for always

You guess you weren't clever...

You chose a Best Friend...For-Never