A/N: This is an older work of mine, done about a year ago. My first try at a romantic one-shot. I'm not particularly fond of it, but I decided to post it anyway. Hope you can still enjoy it.

There it was again: that spark.
That spark of something. Something warm and good. Something directed towards her.

It was different than the usual feelings she picked up:
Boredom. Fatigue. Frustration. Impatience. A small dot of amusement from time to time.
She got these every day, every hour of every class she droned through with the rest of them in the godforsaken school.

And then there was this. This, this warmth.

It had started popping up a few days back. Out of nowhere. But definitely directed towards her. She could feel it. But she only wished that she could know whom this feeling was coming from.

Normally, she could. She had the ability to focus her eyes onto someone and feel whatever it was that they were feeling. It was her special wound.
She often referred to it as a wound in her mind, rather than a gift, for the feelings of others are not always pleasant.

She didn't have to be looking at someone to feel as they felt. Looking at them only made the connection stronger.
So every day she walked around feeling every small emotion that struck every person around her. That included the hate and disgust often felt towards her as she walked by. No one knew of her ability to read their emotions, but they didn't have to know her secret to be able to sense that she was different from them. And what is different is often hated.

Which is why this strange spark intrigued her so much. But every time that she would begin to search the faces of her classmates to try and find this person who was creating this spark, the warmth would flicker out.

But here it was. A small spark of something warm, something pleasant. And so she began to search the faces of those around her, all the while thinking,
Who would feel something so good towards me?

Then something happened.

Something new.

The warmth exploded into a sun, the heat sending her body to shudder. She continued to search the faces frantically, desperate to know who was suddenly feeling something so powerfully good towards her.

And then her eyes met those of a boy whose name she didn't even know.

He was looking straight at her. She was overwhelmed with the wave of feeling hurtling through her.

Warm. Pleasant. Powerful. Loving.


The spark. It had been love. Building. Building until it was recognizable to the one who felt it and could then explode with the realization that they were in love. Love.

He smiled at her.