"Be careful, Tomoya."

"I am, stop worrying so much."

"I can't help it. You're always falling."

"But you're always there to catch me."

"Just be careful."

"Give me your hand." Tomoya jumped down into the other's arms. "There, safely on the ground. No harm done." He smiled brightly.

The other boy sighed as he glanced up at the darkened window above them. "No harm? My heart is still recovering."

Tomoya gently slapped his arm. "Tch. What a baby. It's not even that high up." He pointed up at the window.

They were hidden in the shadows, Tomoya's sour face catching the moonlight. The other boy smiled, thinking how cute he looked. "Let's go." He quickly grabbed Tomoya's hand, nudging to make their leave.

"Ok." Tomoya tightened their hands together.

They pulled their bags onto their shoulders and stepped out of the bushes. Tomoya followed the other boy, who lead their way through the small darkened town. They kept to the shadows, avoiding any lights out front of neighbour's homes until they finally reached the old road leading out of town. Tomoya struggled behind the other boy holding his hand. He barely paid attention to the dirt road passing under their feet, his eyes falling to watch the boy ahead of him.

"What's wrong? Are you hurt?" a young boy stood before a child crying in the street.

A bike lay behind the small child. "I-I fell o-off my bike." His left knee was freshly scraped, having torn a layer of skin.

The other boy crouched down and held out a popsicle. "Do you want a lick." The child stopped crying and looked at the orange dessert with teary eyes. He shyly nodded his head and took the popsicle with both hands. "I'm Kaoru. What's your name?"

"To-tomoya." He stared shyly as the other boy smiled.

"Do you want to play?" Tomoya held the popsicle in front of his face, nodding hesitantly. Kaoru giggled and ran his finger through the dirt.

Tomoya watched patiently until Kaoru was done and smiled. "What is it?"

Kaoru pointed at the picture. "This is you. This one is me, saving you." Tomoya looked up at Kaoru questionably. "From now on you'll be my best friend. I will protect you so you don't fall again. Ok?"

Tomoya's eyes lit up. "Ok!" He nodded, smiling brightly. They began laughing as they sat together drawing pictures in the dirt.

Tomoya smiled as he continued to be lead down the empty road by Kaoru. Since that day the two were inseparable, spending everyday together, playing games. Neither cared to play with the other kids, even when they entered kindergarten, grade school, junior high or high school. It was always just the two of them. Kaoru kept to his word and stayed best friends with Tomoya, protecting him from getting hurt when he fell, which was all too often.

However, their relationship changed a year ago when Kaoru's family went away for the entire summer break. Tomoya did nothing but wait for him, missing Kaoru as the hot days crawled by. He would sit on the porch most days, staring down the street for his best friend, getting scolded by his mother for being lazy. By the time Kaoru came back, Tomoya missed him so much he wouldn't let go when they embraced. He only released his friend when Kaoru said he wanted to give him something.

They raced to Tomoya's room and sat on the floor across from one another. "Is it something from your trip?" Tomoya watched his friend excitedly as he waited to be given his gift.

"Sort of." Kaoru smiled at his friend, shifting to get more comfortable. "You have to close your eyes though. I want it to be a surprise."

Tomoya laughed softly. "How can it be more of a surprise?" Kaoru just smiled back, Tomoya getting the hint he would not get anything until his eyes were tightly closed, so he did just that.

Nothing happened for a few seconds. He wasn't sure if he was suppose to hold out his hands or not, so sat perfectly still until he was given the ok to open his eyes.

He could barely hear Kaoru moving and wondered what the other boy was doing. He flinched slightly when he felt a soft breeze tickling his lips.

Tomoya swallowed his breath as his eyes flickered slightly. Kaoru's lips were gently touched to his own. The feeling was unmistakable. Tomoya didn't move, keeping his eyes shut lightly. He wasn't sure what he was suppose to do, but he did like this feeling.

Kaoru slowly pulled away and looked seriously at his motionless friend. "Tomoya?"

"Hmm?" Tomoya still had his eyes closed.

"You can open your eyes now." He watched curiously as the other boy slowly opened his eyes. Kaoru waited for a reaction, but Tomoya simply dropped his gaze to the floor. Silence fell between them, both feeling awkward, unsure of what to say.

"Thank you." Kaoru stared at his friend, barely hearing the soft spoken words. Tomoya leaned forward on his hands and touched his lips to Kaoru's.

He sat back and looked at Kaoru, both of them blushing.

Nothing seemed different, only to them. They would show their affection in private, yet no one became suspicious of the two being alone so often, because they had grown up having only one another. They believed they were happy, that their love would last forever. They were in bliss. Until they were caught.

The thought still ached in Tomoya's mind. His sister came to visit from the city, finding no one home. She went to check if her brother was in his room, knowing it was a school holiday. The two boys froze from mere shock and fear when they realized Tomoya's sister was standing at the doorway. Her face was enough to tell them they were in trouble. It wasn't a matter of them getting caught holding hands or kissing. It would have been easier to explain their way out of either of those, but when your suppose to be ' just friend' is over top of you, your bare bodies rubbing together, fully exposed, there really is no explanation other than the obvious.

And it wasn't a simple scolding they got either. Both Tomoya's and Kaoru's parents were furious, forbidding them from seeing one another again. As much as they pleaded, nothing helped. Tomoya's parents eventually started talking to him and looking at him again, somehow convincing themselves their precious child was innocent and Kaoru corrupted him. Kaoru's parents were the exact same, blaming Tomoya for everything and despising not only him but his family as well.

With their home lives completely screwed up, they at least had school. That's what they thought at least. Neither Tomoya or Kaoru knew exactly how people found out, but they got looks from everyone in the town, eyes constantly watching them, disgusted by their appearance. All the students at school shunned them, whispering behind their backs. Two boys being in love was unheard of, sinful to these people and they were paying for it. They became targets of bullying. Pushed down, books knocked out of their hands, name calling, Kaoru even ended up with a shot to his stomach when he tried to protect Tomoya. It got to the point that they worried about one another constantly. That the seemingly empty threats of being killed were starting to sound serious enough to not be taken lightly anymore.

"Let's run away." Kaoru looked to Tomoya who was crouched down across from him. The sky was already dark as they hid behind a pile of old crates near a shop.

"To where?" Kaoru still managed to make out the uncertainty in his lover's eyes through the darkness.

He touched a hand to the face he'd come to deeply care for. "Does it matter?" He watched the two pools of black stare at him. "We'll go somewhere we can be together. Will you come with me?"

Tomoya took the hand gently touching his cheek and held it at his knees. "I want to." He stroked Kaoru's fingers. "I'm scared though."

Kaoru gripped Tomoya's hand in his own. "I won't let anything happen to you."


"I promise." Kaoru smiled, leaning forward to softly kiss his lover.

The air was muggy that night as they continued to race down the road. Their feet skidding the dirt and pebbles was the only sound to break through the silence. Tomoya was starting to have difficulty breathing. He never was good at running. His hand was slipping a bit from Kaoru's as the heat started making them sweat. It was becoming a struggle to keep any sort of pace with him.

Then Tomoya's hand loosened and slipped from Kaoru's grip. He didn't feel like he was running anymore, the ground felt still beneath him. "Tomoya?" Kaoru's voice sounded distant. "Tomoya!" Then everything went black.

"Tomoya?" a voice called to him. He cracked his eyes open, a rush of white light stinging at them. "He's awake. His eyes are opening."

"Kaoru?" A light moan seeped through his lips, sounding more like a tired breath than a name. His eyes were still adjusting to the blinding light.

The sound of people nearby made him turn his head, though he could only see blurs of figures. "Tomoya, honey?"

He could hear soft murmurs of a few people around him as his sight slowly started to come back. A woman was sitting at his side staring tearfully. "Mom?" This time he managed to speak clear enough.

"How are you feeling? Do you feel ok?" She reached out, unsure how to show affection. "We were so worried."

He stared at her for a moment, trying to register her words. Realizing there were more people in the room he looked around him to find his father standing next to his mother. His older sister stood on the other side of him, stroking her bulging belly as her husband stood behind her.

They all just stood there staring at him, silently. It was then that Tomoya realized he was lying down. He tried to sit up quick, but received a rush to the head, falling back to his pillow. "Where am I?" The room was unfamiliar and the strange rail on the side of his bed was definitely unusual.

"The hospital." He looked over to his mother. "You had a seizure, honey."

This didn't seem right to Tomoya. He suffered from seizures for years, but something wasn't right. He shouldn't be looking at his mother right now. He should have been… "Where's Kaoru?" He suddenly remembered what had occurred before he awoke here. He couldn't have been mistaken about his attempt to run away with his love. It wasn't a dream. He looked to his mother who averted her gaze. Desperate for an answer he looked to his father who cleared his throat and looked at his wife. His sister and brother-in-law exchanged glances then looked to the older couple.

"You should get some rest." His mother tugged the bed sheet to his shoulders.

Tomoya threw the sheet off and sat up, grabbing his mother's wrist before she walked away. "Mom? Tell me where Kaoru is." He gave her a pleading look. A sickening feeling had hit his stomach and he knew something definitely was not right.

"Tomoya." He turned to his sister. "Kaoru's dead." She seemed to lack any sympathy in her words.

"No. He can't be." He stared at her, speaking in a correcting tone. "Kaoru's not dead."

The couples exchanged looks again. No one could find it within themselves to look the boy in the eyes. Tomoya sat back trying to breath. His mother finally reached out to comfort her son. "Tomoya."

"Don't touch me." He slapped her hand away. "Just leave. I don't want any of you here."

"Tomoya!" His sister's voice pierced his ears. She wanted to slap him for being so disrespectful to their mother, but the older woman shook her head. After standing up and leaving with her husband, the second couple glanced at the boy and left the room. Tomoya just stared into space. He lost his emotions. Everything humanly vanished from him, his mind unable to register any feeling within him.

He wouldn't cry, he just kept replaying the words in his mind. 'Kaoru's dead'. It seemed implausible to have someone at your side one second then gone the next. He just could not accept that Kaoru would never be there to catch him when he fell, ever again.

Days had passed since he was released from the hospital. He would just wander around the house with a vacant expression on his face. His mother would just watch him. His wandering was not too bizarre, but when he would just freeze in the middle of a room, staring at something, she became worried. He wouldn't even glance at food placed before him and the dark circles under his eyes grew each morning. Tomoya wasn't sleeping. He became a zombie, torn from normality and transfixed in a state of dead shock. He barely acknowledged anyone else's existence, simply staring at them briefly when they managed to tear him away from his own world.

"Mom." She froze to the voice, glancing to see Tomoya fully dressed in his uniform. "I'm going to school now."

"To-Tomoya." She was shocked to see him somehow normal and to actually hear him speak. "Are you sure you want to? You can wait a coupe of days."

He gently smiled at her. "It's ok. I've missed too much already from being in the hospital." He gave her a kiss on the cheek then slipped on his shoes, leaving the house.

People would stare at him as he walked by, stopping their conversations when he passed. Tomoya looked at them, curious as to why they looked at him so strangely. He smiled and greeted his classmates as he walked up to the school and through the hallways. He kept getting glances. "Everyone is so weird today." He spoke to himself, wondering why they looked at him as though he just came back from the dead.

When he stepped into his homeroom, the loud chatter of voices hushed instantly and all eyes fell on him. He nearly stepped back in shock. Tomoya tried to avoid them and went to his desk, pausing before he sat down. An empty desk in the back caught his attention and he turned to a classmate. "Where's Kaoru?" All the eyes seemed to turn away as whispers broke the silence. "Is he sick?" His expression turned to general concern that his friend was absent. Yet no one would answer him, so he sat down.

By lunch, Tomoya felt uncomfortable that everyone seemed to be shunning him. The constant eyes watching him were starting to bother him, so he went to the roof, hoping to find peace and quiet there. The breeze felt cool as he stepped into the open air. Everything faded from his mind as he found a place to sit and watch the clouds passing overhead.

The sound of students coming from the stairwell distracted him. He didn't budge, hoping they'd ignore him. But their eyes fell on him before they walked in his direction. Tomoya just watched them, glancing at the ground when they stopped around him. "Hey fag."

Tomoya felt a shiver run down his spine. He avoided looking at the four guys surrounding him, two girls keeping off to the side.

One of them kicked his thigh, making him wince. "Are you deaf?" Tomoya pulled himself into a tighter ball, hoping they would just leave him alone. "Oi, I'm talking to you."

Panic was growing in him. He wanted to get out of there and back into the hallways where teachers were. He slowly stood and tried to push past the four guys.

Tomoya was thrown back into the fence at the roof edge. The one who had been yelling at him grabbed at his shirt collar. "How dare you show your ugly face here." The guy spit at his face, a glob of saliva running down his cheek. "I don't want to see your face at this school anymore. Understand?" Tomoya kept his eyes down, not moving or speaking. "Don't you speak?"

"Eh, answer when your senior asks you a question." Another guy grabbed at his hair, pulling his head up. "Disrespectful brat."

"Don't waste time talking to him. He's too scared." One of the girls called to them.

"Scared?" The first guy snorted and tossed Tomoya to the ground. "Want mommy to come help you?" A foot shot into Tomoya's stomach. "Go on, call her." Another blow hit his ribs. He crouched down to look at Tomoya. "Or does she not care what happens to such a dirty little fag." He slapped Tomoya's face to the ground.

Tomoya was still trying to recover from the two blows dealt to his abdomen when there was a sharp kick in his back. He wanted to cry out in pain, but was afraid it would only please them, leading to more abuse. He bit down on his lip, squeezing his eyes shut as the four guys pounded Tomoya with their feet. He was surprised he managed to move, let alone walk when they left him to worm about in pain on the roof.

A woman came into the room he sat in, speaking to a man. Tomoya didn't look up to see who he knew was his mother when she placed a hand on his back. "Who did this?" He winced when she tried to pull his face towards hers. Everywhere ached with bruising. She sighed. "Come on. I'm taking you home."

Tomoya didn't talk to either of his parents as he just lay in his room allowing the bruising to heal. There was nothing else for him to do anyways. He couldn't go back to school.

A few weeks had passed and Tomoya sat in his room. He would never leave his room and wouldn't let anyone in. His mother had to leave trays of food at the door, most of the time spoiling or only a little nibbled at. His family wasn't sure why he locked himself up in there. He wasn't crying or moping, just sitting there, usually reading.

His mother walked by one day, watching the door as though something might happen. She paused. Their was a voice coming from the room. She leaned close to the door and listened carefully to what sounded like a conversation. Someone was definitely talking in there. She knocked, since the door was still locked, and the voice stopped. "Tomoya, honey. Are you alright?"

There was shuffling sounds on the other side and soon Tomoya opened the door and stared at her. "Did you need something?"

"It's just…well I heard someone talking. I thought someone else was in there with you." She laughed embarrassingly to herself, seeing an empty room behind her son. "I'm going to make lunch now." She smiled and walked off feeling awkward from her son's stare.

Every day she would stop at his door and listen to Tomoya talking. She could barely make out the words, so let it be for now. One day she stopped as the sound of laughter came from the room. Then a voice spoke clear enough for her to make out. "You always know how to make me laugh."

She banged on the door. "Tomoya! Tomoya!" The door was opened and once again she met her son's stare. Ignoring it, she looked over his shoulder, only to find an empty room. "Was someone in here just now?"

He looked at her confused and looked over his shoulder.

"You were talking to someone just now, weren't you? You were laughing." Her eyes filled with panic. The thought of someone unknown being in Tomoya's room scared her. How could she keep hearing this talking, yet find no one else?

"Mom, are you feeling ok?" He reached out and took her trembling hand. "You look pale."

She stared at him. There was no possibility for mistaking what she heard. "Tomoya?" His eyes suddenly rolled back a bit then his body hit the floor hard. His mother jumped back in a state of alarm. She just stared at his twitching, arched body then ran for the phone.

"He's been having seizures quite often these days." Tomoya's mother spoke to a doctor, sitting on the opposite side of a large desk. Her husband was next to her, holding hands.

"Well, he's been going through tremendous stress. Emotions can easily be triggering his seizures." The doctor leaned forward, folding his hands on his desk. "How has he been coping with the loss of…Kaoru?" He read the name off some notes.

"I'm not really sure." She looked to her husband then back to the doctor. "He was distraught when we first brought him home, but then he was suddenly back to normal one day. As though nothing happened."

"I see." He nodded his head.

Her husband shifted as he went to speak. "We had to pull him out of school. Some students attacked him." He looked to his wife's saddened eyes. "He wouldn't talk about what happened and ended up locking himself in his room. He would just sit in there."

"Has he showed an peculiar signs? Attempts to harm himself? Rage?"

"Well. He's been talking to himself a lot lately." The doctor made an odd face at this, so she continued. "It's strange how he talks. It sounds almost like he's talking to another person, but no one else is in the room with him."

"Talking to someone? Are you sure?" She nodded to confirm his question. "I think I should speak with Tomoya."

They waited outside the room as Tomoya went into the office. "Your parents tell me you stay locked in your room all day. Any reason why?"

"No." He shook his head slightly.

"Do you mind me asking what you do in there?"

"Nothing." He stared blankly at the older man.

"I see." He looked down at some paper pulled from a folder. "Tell me Tomoya, do you talk to yourself?"

"No." He was forward and blunt, seemingly odd.

"Your mother mentioned hearing voices coming from your room." He gave a questioning look. "Are you talking to someone?"

"Yes." His brow pinched.

"So there is someone with you in the room?" The boy nodded, confusion on his face. "Your mother said no one was in the room with you."

He shook his head. "I'm not alone. He sits with me everyday."

"Do you know this man's name?"

Tomoya stared at him a little perplexed by the question. "Of course. He's my best friend."

"But, is Kaoru not your best friend?" He looked back a little confused himself.

"Yes." There was a hint of annoyance in Tomoya's voice.

"So, you are saying you talk to…Kaoru?" The doctor seemed to not believe what the boy was trying to say.

"Yes." The doctor leaned back in his chair, watching Tomoya's blank eyes. "Can I go now?"

Tomoya sat in his room, his parents and sister were at the kitchen table. "He's what?" Their daughter nearly spit out her steaming tea as her mother repeated what the doctor had told them. "You're kidding, right?"

The mother shook her head. "That's what Tomoya told him."

"Is he crazy? How could he possibly think Kaoru is still alive?" Her tone sharpened.

"He could be having a hard time accepting the truth." Her father spoke, trying to calm his daughter.

"And how do you explain him thinking Kaoru is sitting in that room with him?"

"We can't explain anything. We just have to let him realize Kaoru is gone on his own."

"Are you serious?" She looked into her father's eyes then turned to her mother. "Mom. You're not going to let him sit there talking to ghosts are you?"

"There's nothing else we can do." Her eyes stayed focused on the cooling cup of tea.

"Take him to see Kaoru's grave!" Her voice shot at them.

"How can you suggest such a thing. He's your brother." Her father's voice was stern. "Do you have any idea how traumatizing it would be for him? He's been through enough."

"Fine. He can stay locked up for all I care." She snorted.

"What has gotten in to you? Speaking so ill of your little brother." Her mother looked at her in shock. "You used to be close, when did you start hating him so much?"

She looked coldly at her mother. "You can't tell me you don't resent him a little." Her parents stared at her. "He's ruining any bit of reputation our family has left. No one will even talk to us anymore. All because he isn't normal. Because he had to go and fall in love with another boy!" Her voice pierced their ears, tears rimming her eyes. "How can you sit there and accept a homosexual son. It's disgusting!"

"But he's our son." She stared at them in disbelief before getting up and leaving the house, tears staining her cheeks.

"It's so nice that you came shopping with me, Tomoya." She smiled to her son as they walked down the street. Tomoya faintly smiled back at her, but caught a look from a lady standing nearby. His eyes fell back to her as they continued walking. "Over here." He looked to notice his mother heading to a small market, glancing back at the other lady before following.

"Could you grab a bag." She gestured to the pile of plastic bags while juggling some fruit in one hand. He handed her a bag, and looked back at the lady down the street, still watching him.

"Good morning." A lady came out of the shop, greeting the other woman. Tomoya turned his attention to catch her eyes look surprisingly at him. She forced a smile then scooted over to his mother. She pulled the other woman close to her. "You can't bring him here."

"Why not? He's my son. Besides he's just standing there." She felt insulted.

"Exactly! He'll bring bad business." The mother gave her a look. "No one will buy from me if they think I'm serving him."

"That's ridiculous." She couldn't help but laugh at such an idea. "We've known each other for years."

"Yes. So come back later, by yourself." She tried to take the bag of fruit, but Tomoya's mother pulled it away and threw it on the ground.

"Keep your filthy food. I'll go where they won't look at my son as some walking curse." She shot a look at the shop lady, but noticed she was looking over her shoulder. Curious as to what was so distracting she turned. Tomoya, watching his mother's quarrel noticed the two ladies turn to his direction. He stared at them before realizing their eyes were looking past him. He turned only to see a familiar woman standing before him.

Tomoya stared into her eyes as she looked back furiously. Before anyone could react she moved swiftly forward, striking Tomoya's face. "How could you…"

He held his cheek and looked back at Kaoru's mother. His own mother rushed over to tend to her son. "How dare you strike my child."

She shot a glare at Tomoya's mother. "How dare I? How dare I?" She looked back at Tomoya. "This boy took my son form me and you say how dare I?" He stared at her as tears welled up in her eyes. "All I want is my Kaoru back. Can you do that? Can you give me my Kaoru? Huh?" She looked Tomoya over. "You could never understand. Your son living happily while mine is dead in the ground!" She cried out and began slapping at Tomoya.

"That's enough." Tomoya's mother spoke firmly trying to shield him.

The two women stared at one another. Tomoya looked at Kaoru's mother. "Dead?" She shot him a look. "But Kaoru's not dead."

"What?" She could not believe her ears. "Is this a joke? How can you say such a thing. You ungrateful little rat!" She began striking his head as he ducked. His mother tried to stop her, when she fell to the ground in tears. The shop lady rushed over to help her.

A small group of people had gathered around the commotion and watched as Tomoya's mother tried to pull her son away. Tomoya, however, brushed her off and turned to the crying woman. "Why did you say Kaoru's dead? Did something happen to him last night?"

"Excuse me?" The crying woman looked up in disbelief at the boy. "You…how can you…? You're just a sick monster." She stood up, pushing away the shop lady from helping her. "Were you just playing all this time? Making him trust you to leave his home and then he…" She cupped a hand to her mouth as her lips quivered.

"But I just saw him yesterday. He was at my house." Tomoya started feeling confused.

Both women stared at him. "Are you crazy? Or just playing with my head?" Kaoru's mother grabbed at his shirt and started shaking him. "You think I don't know if my own son is dead!"

Tomoya seemed impervious to what was happening, only the thought of Kaoru was going through his mind. He could feel his breathing quickening to such an idea. The shop lady was trying to hold back Kaoru's hysterical mother as Tomoya's own mother was yelling at the woman to let go of her son.

Tomoya couldn't focus his eyes and felt a little unstable. As the two women fought neither noticed the boy until he was down on the ground. They stared at him in horror as he began convulsing, making odd gestures with his hands. Tomoya's mother dropped to her knees but was afraid to touch the boy.

"Call a doctor!" She had turned sharply to the shop lady behind her, who backed away fearful before running into the store.

The older woman walked down the street carrying a bag of groceries. She could not help but feel her stomach tighten as the whispered words of people she passed were heard. It had been several days since the incident at the shop and everything became worse. She could feel eyes on her as the neighbours would talk about Tomoya being possessed or corrupted by the devil. His little attack had turned into some horrific story of some demonic display. She tried hard to hold her tongue. She knew Tomoya simply suffered seizure attacks, but refused to lose face by falling so low to have to argue with them. She knew her son was a good child, but lately she had to keep reminding herself.

"Oh, your home." She just walked into the house and set the bag on the counter as her husband came from the hallway.

"How's Tomoya?" She began unpacking groceries, not bothering to look at her husband.

He sighed loudly. "He's still locked in his room."

Silence fell between them. Neither moved. Until the sound of soft sobs brought the attention of the man back to his wife. He stepped closer and placed a hand on her back. She turned and wrapped her arms around him in desperation.

"I can't take this anymore." Tears began falling down her cheeks, wetting the man's shirt. "I can't handle the looks and whispers. I just can't deal with him anymore. I can't." He stroked her back as she sobbed into his chest.

Weeks passed as Tomoya sat in his room, with Kaoru. He would talk from morning until night. Locked up in his own prison. His parents had no idea what to do with him. They tried to ignore the fact, but it was hitting them harder than ever. Tomoya had gone insane. They contemplated taking him to a mental health ward, but it was still hard for them to accept their son as mentally unstable. They prayed he would suddenly turn around and be the Tomoya they raised and loved for years before all of this.

"I can not believe you have to actually think about this." A woman paced about, rubbing her pregnant belly.

"This isn't that simple." an older woman sat at the kitchen table watching her daughter.

"Mom. He needs help. He's been in there for two weeks." She stopped and looked down at her mother. "Dad even took his door off and he still sits there talking to ghosts."

"I know he needs help, but.." The older woman dropped her gaze.

"But? But what? There is something wrong with him. He needs to be hospitalized." She breathed deeply. "He's just being selfish."

"That's enough." The older woman stood and yelled at her daughter.

"It's his fault!" She shot back. "I am getting tired of his self centred attitude, pretending Kaoru is still alive!" Her mother was speechless.

The woman turned and marched down the hall to her brothers room. Tomoya didn't even blink when she bent down and grabbed his thin wrist. He was pale and the bags under his eyes showed little or no signs of sleep. He didn't even have enough energy to resist his sister as she tried to pull him to his feet. What body weight he had kept her from moving him very far.

She threw down his arm, panting. "Tomoya! Stop this!" He didn't respond. "Stop being so selfish. Think of the people you're hurting." He looked up at her with a dead stare. "Kaoru's dead!!"

His lips moved slowly, his voice weak. "Kaoru's…not…dea-"

His head snapped to the side. A red mark pounded on his left cheek as he froze. "Kaoru is dead. Kaoru is dead! KAORU IS DEAD!" He didn't move. "You killed him! You killed Kaoru!"

Tomoya looked up at her in terror. "Wh-what?"

"Kaoru tried to save you that night." She breathed, a smirk smearing her lips. "And you strangled him to death. Are you happy? You're the reason Kaoru's dead, Tomoya. Because you killed him with your own two hands." Tomoya's eyes flooded with tears.

"What is all the screaming about?" Their mother had come rushing into the room to find her son starting to cry. "Tomoya, what's wrong?"

"I-is Kaoru…" She looked at him curiously, though she had a feelings what he was about to ask. "Is Kaoru really dead? Did I really kill him?"

She bent down, wrapping her arms around him. "It was an accident. None of it was your fault. Kaoru just tried to help you."

Tomoya's eyes grew with fear. He pushed his mother away and back into the wall. The older woman stared at him and tried to reach forward to comfort him but he screamed. "Don't touch me!!"

She flinched from the sudden anger in his trembling voice. "Tomoya…" she wanted to hold him, but a loud scream made her turn sharply.

"Call the hospital!" Her daughter commanded, holding her stomach. She had gone into labour. "Call the hospital!" she yelled again, annoyed by her mother standing there in shock.

"Right." She rushed over to help ease her daughter onto the floor as the contractions began to hit harder. She rushed out of the room, grabbing the telephone to call for an ambulance. She could hear her daughter screaming in the other room as she tapped a finger on the receiver impatiently.

The phone clicked when she finally hung up. "Tomoya!" Her daughters voice rang out in fear causing the woman to rush back to the room.

Tomoya ran his finger gently over the silver fork in his other hand. The tray of food his mother had left earlier that morning had been untouched and sat on the table near the wall. Tomoya in a state of shock grabbed for the fork as his mother was busy calling the ambulance. His sister was screaming in pain and didn't notice her younger brother holding the object until his finger touched the four spears. His face was soaked with tears, his lips quivering as he mumbled to himself. His sister tried to move and stop him, but she only managed to scream in hopes he would snap back to reality.

Their mother ran into the room, stopping as her daughter sat shaking on the floor. Her hands flew to keep her from screaming as tears welled up in her eyes. Tomoya fell against the wall staring at his mother. A cold, empty stare in his eyes. The fork lunged into his throat, silver shining through a deep crimson river.

A/N: This story didn't really turn out the way I wanted, but I hope everyone still enjoys it :D

I just wanted to elaborate on the cause of Kaoru's death to avoid any confusion.

Tomoya suffers from Complex partial seizures, in which cases have shown restraining the individual during a seizure can cause them to show aggression or defensiveness and so when Kaoru freaked out when Tomoya suddenly dropped to the ground he was trying to help him but caused restrain where Tomoya lashed out at him and strangled him :(

hope that helps the end make sense :o