Leia's Story

Why Erin was watching the girl on the bus, she didn't know. She seemed compelled to do so. It was practically a day where no sun could possibly hope to penetrate the ridiculously thick clouds that hung oppressively in the sky, yet this girl still had sunglasses on. She even watched the girl try to take them off and flinch back, sliding them back on with a motion too smooth to be quite normal.

She was on the same bus every day, dressed in that ankle-length black coat no matter what the weather. The sunglasses were always on, and the blonde hair was left to swing free in front of the dark lenses.

The men on the bus seemed at once uneasy and turned on, the women threatened, even aroused despite themselves, and the children curious and slightly frightened when she got on the bus. Erin kept quietly to herself, shooting curious glances across the bus through a curtain of her own chocolate brown curls, watching the strange girl out of the corner of her eye. Sometimes, the girl would rake the bus with a gaze that all felt even through the black lenses of her sunglasses, and would shiver slightly, her breath becoming shorter and a fluttery feeling starting in the pit of her stomach.

She had not idea that she was being watched back.

The day it all changed was the day the stranger got on the bus without sunglasses, and all hell broke loose.

She got on, flashed the driver a radiant smile and he had trouble remembering that he was supposed to be driving the bus, not gawking. Erin sat and stared as the girl walked the aisle, smiling happily out of the window at the driving rain and heavy black clouds. A small child suddenly started to cry; a woman at the back of the bus suddenly crossed herself. Erin saw a wicked, frightening grin flash faster than lightning across the girl's face before she sat down next to her.

That bus journey, Erin watched the girl in awe. Her eyes, previously masked by sunglasses, turned out to be a very light shade of blue. 'Scandinavian' was the word that popped into Erin's head upon seeing them, and instantly she made her gaze wander away so the girl wouldn't see. The rest of the passengers seemed to be almost flinching away with panic, and some of the men were actually gawking. Erin snapped open her little compact mirror to look at her eyes. Green, as usual. Not that lovely fresh blue, that made her think of blue skies and cold landscapes. Erin had always wanted to go to the Scandinavian countries.

The road outside seemed to fascinate the girl. She stared at the little drops of rain caught on leaves, the frustrated frowns of people hurrying along in the sheeting rain, the little children splashing in the puddles. Erin was totally unprepared for the sudden glance the girl shot her way, and she gave her a smile before looking away.

What then started to worry Erin was that the girl was not watching the road after that- she was watching her.

As she got off, she noticed the girl had got off behind her, and was walking with a gliding step along the road towards her. True fear shot into Erin's head, making her stomach do small flips, but even though she increased her step, the girl got there first. Damn it, taking an alleyway turning was not a good plan, thought Erin as she was slammed into a wall, her breath knocked out of her and her mind short-circuited by those intense blue eyes.

"Clever little human, thinking you can watch and not participate. Did you enjoy having me watch you? I think you did- you lapped it up especially without my sunglasses on. But the question is, my dear- are you ready for my attention?"

The voice that said this was smooth, dark, and the grin painting the girl's face made Erin's mind think words like debauched and sinful.

Erin's brain only caught up when the girl pressed her body against Erin's, planting a full kiss on her lips and a hand over her wildly stuttering heart.

"P-participate?" Erin managed to choke out as the girl's lips trailed down her neck, and suddenly she felt the girl smile.

That was just before she bit her.

Erin's choked cry hardly escaped her lips before it turned into a moan of sheer pleasure. The girl's sharp teeth had driven a set of small holes deep into her throat, near where her neck joined her shoulder, and she was now drinking the blood that flowed out greedily. It stung like hell, but with the burn came pleasure so intense, all Erin could do was writhe against the other girl's body. The word vampire flitted across Erin's consciousness, then was gone when she realised that her arms were holding the girl tightly to her, her fingers knotted in her hair.

Of course. The signs all fit. The girl was never on the bus until the sun was just sinking below the horizon. Her sunglasses, her affect on the rest of the passengers, her total hypnosis of anyone and everyone, especially Erin…

"Oh fuck," she ground out as the girl suddenly bit again, slightly deeper, accompanied by a fresh moan as more of Erin's blood spilled into her mouth. Erin knew that she was probably going to die, but not now, not whilst this pleasure still existed, not whilst she could feel the girl's hands cold against her skin, her soft lips growing warmer with each drop she took…

Arching her back, Erin felt a vast rush of pleasure thunder through her, leaving her almost screaming as the intensity of it wracked her. What was this? Was this death? Sure as hell didn't sound, or feel, anything like it.

Suddenly the girl stopped drinking- gasping, Erin fell back against the wall, chest heaving and her passion spent utterly. A warm tingle flooded through her, and it took her a few seconds to see the girl was smiling tenderly at her, practically holding her up, before she passed out.

Erin woke up in bed, sore all down the right side of her body from the bites, and feeling a set of steel arms around her and a pair of lips on hers just once before she blacked out again. In the morning she was gone, the only reminder of the night before a rose left on the pillow beside Erin's head- a white one. Erin even gave it a jar of water before going to college, a scarf tied round the wounds to stop people from seeing.

And even though that girl does not come on the bus any more, Erin doesn't mind- every night, she appears to take just a little more blood, and stays with Erin 'til dawn. The fact that their conversation is as deep as their attraction, their craving for each other, never ceases to exhilarate her. The collection of roses is getting quite big now, and Erin knows the day she gets a red one will be her last day as a human on this earth.

It will be, quite possibly, the best day of her life.