I'm drowning
But no one can see

I won't let them
This is my own

Why don't they know?
I'm in a state
Are they blind?

It's all too much
I've lost myself
Behind all the walls
The walls in my mind

I built them myself
To keep people out
But now I want them down

I'm drowning
Won't you throw me a rope?
No, you cannot see

I made my self invisible
Hiding from everyone

I am what I
Made myself
But I didn't do it alone

You laughed
You teased
And ignored

No one
Not one of you
Reached out a hand
To save me

So share the blame
For a life gone wrong
That can't be built again

Written for a friend of mine, who never let the one's bullying her know what they were doing. She hardly even told her friends. Now she's a mess, and no one knows why. Written in 1st person 'cause it seemed to work better. Please R&R. I know it's probably rubbish, but I'd like to know.