Of Spring and Fall in Winter

When I first saw you,

I longed to write poetry,

Upon your lips, with mine.

I longed to listen to your sweet harmonics,

And become lost in the deep tomes to your soul,

I longed to compose upon the harp of your skin,

Arpeggio, by arpeggio.

The eulogy of your kiss,

The sick throb of my heart,

The dark clouds overhead,

The eulogy of your touch,

The sick twisting of my empty nights,

The dark, damp ground below,

The eulogy, without you, all alone.

With the bubbling of your voice,

I wait for you to bloom,

The Golden Daffodil;

I wait to feel your warm days sun,

And listen to your Nature's chorus,

I wait to hold you in my arms,

A warmth of earth, of you.

With the falling leaves,

With my empty soul,

With your gentle caress, vanished,

With the leaving summer,

With my missing purpose,

With your auburn sunsets, away,

With the coming snow.

Fall fades to winter,

An empty longing pain,

Of warmth, and love, and sweet embrace,

Do make a heart to cringe,

But dark thoughts do fade and wither,

And in Chorus I sing,

For winter does leave, of course,

To the love of Spring.