"I don't care how important your damn case is! You won't get your results till—oh, it's you."

Raymond Cabell raised an eyebrow at Dr. Neo Crofton, who had practically attack him the moment he had set foot into the man's laboratory. "Long week?"

"They're always long when you leave," the man replied, leaving Ray by the door and returning to whatever he was working on. Crofton was the type of scientist Ray could work with, because the man was a certifiable super genius. He had protein marker for super powers, and his smarts was it. He was just under average height for a male and had gone bald long before Ray had met him. He was also the most un-athletic person Ray knew, but he made up for that by being the smartest man on the planet.

"So, how'd it go? Did she fall back into your arms the moment you swooped in and saved the day?" Crofton asked.

"Hardly," Ray said, trying to shake the bitterness he still felt after leaving Cat only yesterday.

"Ah, well, that's how it goes," Crofton said. "Especially with women. They never actually know what they really want until it's completely out of their reach, and then they go after it like mad harpies."

"How'd things go here?"

"They would have been better if that damn weather worker and her healer partner would leave me alone," Crofton scowled. "They've been in here every day asking about some vital piece of evidence for some case they're working on. Bullied me into testing it for them."

"Is that why you yelled at me?" Ray asked, sitting down at one of the computers. He needed to figure out a way to contact the head of the European League of Heroes. If there was a way to contact that person directly, Crofton would know it and have it saved on his computer.

"I thought they were back again," Crofton agreed. "I mean, really. Is common courtesy too much to ask from people these days? Just because I work for you doesn't mean I have time to work for every super hero in the area. I have a very prestigious and important job creating new military equipment for the US government. I can't look at every speck of 'super important evidence'. There just aren't enough hours in the day. You know what I'm saying?" Crofton looked over his shoulder at Ray, who was doing work on one of his computers. "What are you doing?"

"Looking something up," Ray replied absently.

"Nonononono," Crofton said, rushing over and pulling Ray off of the computer. "What are you thinking? This is delicate equipment and it could be working on a delicate project. You can't just use it to goggle whatever the hell you want. You do that from home, alright?"

"I was looking for information that might be in your database," Ray said.

"Well, then you ask me to look it up for you," Crofton said. "What you do not do is go bumbling around in my system with the elegance of a common drunk. This is a very young and fragile system and you have no idea--"

"Alright!" Ray snapped. "I'm sorry. Will you look something up for me?"

"No need to get snippety about it," Crofton huffed. "What do you need?"

"Do you have a contact list for ranking members of the ELH?"

"Of course I do," Crofton said, sounding offended. "I built up half of their systems by scratch along with--"

"The head of the ELH?" Ray pressed.

"Yes, yes," Crofton said. "Askster and I go way back. Why?"

"Send him--"

"Her," Crofton interrupted and Ray narrowed his eyes. "Eva Askster is the current head of the ELH."

"Send her a message," Ray amended.

"About what?" Crofton asked as he started to type away. Ray pulled a flash drive out of his pocket and grinned at it. For a while he had seriously debated handing this information over to Cat and Gregory, figuring the shadow walker deserved to know that his lover wasn't dead. But the more he had thought about it, the more he realized that this was a matter that the ELH needed to handle. Gregory Myer would find out about Säde Paiva soon enough.

"Tell her that I have some information that I'm sure she and the rest of her colleagues would be very interested in hearing," Ray said.

Crofton snorted. "She's gonna want more than that."

"Tell her that I have discovered the location of Gregory Myer," Ray said, patting Crofton on the shoulder before turning to leave. "I'm sure that information will be more than sufficient."

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