kick. kick. kick.

mother in bed by her nightstand
light on beside with no idea that inside of her
god appeared to a child that night.

she feels soft kicks and it seems that
her daughter is dancing and she laughs
as the little feet from a five month old baby
kick away at her tummy.

inside of her, the baby is starting to change
its health is getting stronger and its spirit is aware
the baby girl is becoming the rushing wind a whisper comes to her
the words the wind speaks are just as alive as.
she feels it and makes a sound- as impossible as it seems.

mommy still just smiling.
only seconds have gone by about what's written
only seconds and a divine anointing has taken place.

and the mother just turns off her light
and closes her eyes as the bastard child inside of her
starts to live out its calling with god.

god anointed the bastard child- a product of her
mother and father's intimacy before their time -
the child to be born on thanksgiving day.