The Kids - First Time

The time had come for colds and overcoats, for blankets on beds and couches, for long days cuddled up with loved ones. These dreary winter months had been perpetually worse in Houston this year and showed no signs of abating. His mind seemed clouded in this old house, bundled up on this old couch next to his best friend.

He needed the smell of summer, he needed its noises in his ears. That would mean that this then was all in vain. The blanket, the small space heater that seemed to show no promise, and finally having to cuddle up against the only other warm thing in the room, her.

She'd half thrown her body across his, if only in an effort to stave off the cold. Her leg draped over his and her arms curled around his bicep. Now he tried to turn his attention back to the television but the show couldn't sway his interests for long. It seemed his eyes were destined to glide back over to Ashley.

If good looks could really kill, they'd have buried him now. Since the time that they were both little children he could remember her being the most perfect thing he had ever seen. Which he would never openly admit was odd because he had been around her since infancy.

As his eyes fell upon her delicately carved face, her green eyes stayed locked on the screen. His minded drifted to thoughts of her rich full lips opened into his. Her maroon hair draped down over his face as they kissed and necked. His short fantasy played out in their current setting, on this suede couch, bathed in the pale blue glow of late night television.

The little day dream started and his heart's rhythm increased in tempo. The beats seemed to fumble out and speed up so much he was afraid that the valley between the thumps wouldn't exist much longer. When the fabric of his dream ripped, she was staring into his face.

"Whats the matter, Perry?" her lips were parted slightly, her teeth together.

"Nothing," his voice was shaky and quick, almost a biting tone, "I think I'm just cold is all."

"Me too," she pushed her head into the nape of his neck and nuzzled in with the side of her face, "Let's stay warm together."

She'd always been affectionate towards him, it wasn't for the same reason he would have wished. But this time was different, her younger sister was sleeping in another room up stairs and his twin sister had taken off with some of her friends. They were alone for the most part.

When the show they had been watching cam to an end Ashley leaned down and snatched the remote off the table. "Let's see what else is on," she flipped frantically through the channels and then stopped on a black and white movie, "Jesus, what's this doing on, must be older than my parents."

Perry recognized the images right away, a man in a high collared cape pressing some early-twentieth-century-movie-vixen back and clamping his jaws around the curve of her elegant neck. He went to grab for the remote, "Can we just change it?"

"Whats the matter with you?" she yanked it back, "Are you offended." She snickered slightly with her dainty hand covering her mouth and her tan skin seemed to find a new glow.

His heart sunk a little, "Look you've been around me all my life, when the Hell have you known me to wear a cape or run around sleeping in coffins?"

"They're just legends," Ashley started, "I mean calm down, damn, you act like everything you see on television is true!"

"It's a stereotype, its like saying that just because you're a girl that you suck at sports...or that because we're half-black we're more prone to be criminals," Perry said.

Ashley giggled again, "You are really over thinking this, huh?"

"Well yeah, you don't know how it is when every other horror movie is about a bunch of teenagers slaughtering your kind or having to sit through reruns of that Vampire Slayer show with the girl..." Perry turned his body towards hers.

She pointed to the screen, "But you're hardly even a Vampire, I mean have you ever done that?" Dracula was drinking from the neck of another beautiful woman.

Perry stared at her with a blank expression, "Of course I haven't...we don't even drink Human blood anymore."

"I know," she said finally, "But you've never even tried it, I mean maybe its the greatest thing ever for vampires...maybe its like sex?"

"I doubt it," he countered quickly.

She sighed, "I get the feeling you're dismissing this."

"Because its forbidden unless the person consents," he said.

Ashley tossed the blanket off and stood up, "We used to play house together as kids all of the time, like pretend...but you kissed me that one time remember."

Perry shook his head and avoided contact with her eyes, "Barely."

"Shit Perry, you sure know how to make a girl feel special," she said.


"Look I want you to play vampire with me, bite me, just to try it out..." she said.

"You went from watching television to asking me to bite your neck and drink your blood?" he asked.

She put her hands on her hips, "I trust you Perry, with my life, I know you'd never try and hurt me."

"But many of the victims die," Perry said.

A devilish smile crept over Ashley's face, "Use that vampire-hearing of yours to listen for the beats of my heart...if they slow down, stop."

"I don't like this idea," Perry said.

"I've talked you into worse," she said.

He glanced down slightly, "What about your dad, he might shoot me."

"And, one bullet never killed a vampire, besides my dad things you're the shit," she said, "he'll probably lecture us if he even finds out."

"I don't know, Ash," he said slowly.

She walked over to the wall near the kitchen where there was a lot of open space with no pictures or furniture near the wall, Ashley threw the back of her hand to her forehead in mock distress, "Oh God, a vampire...what will I do?" her acting was blatantly bad but her legs caught the light just right and her shirt was part of the way open at the top.

It's been said that the right woman can talk the right man into anything, but this wasn't going to be one of those times.

"I'll do it," Perry said as he rose from the couch and walked towards her. He stopped directly in front of her.

The one hand was still posed on her forehead while the other covered her chest. She closed her eyes in a bout of fax woe, yet Perry made no move. After several seconds she opened her eyes, "Are you going to, like, make me struggle or what?"

He grabbed her wrists lightly, "Like this?"

"You're the worst vampire ever," she snatched her hands down and put them against the wall, "Fuck the play through, just bite me." Slowly she arched her head off to one side exposing the succulent curve of her neck.

From the moment that he stepped within reach of body, he could hear her heart beating. It was as if her heart beat in his own ears. With his fingers wrapped firmly around her slinky wrists, he held her in place. For fear of pressing his body against hers, he kept some distance.

The backdrop of the manila colored wall accented her figure, the contrast of the curve of where her slim waist flared into agilely rounded hips. He brought his face down close to her neck, the sound of her heart was all that he could hear now. That and the sound of her breathing.

His warm breath spread as it hit her neck. He was hovering right over her bare skin with his mouth spreading open. It occurred to him at that very moment that he might not be able to make a clean bite—he'd never actually used his fangs. Frozen there, above the mark he contemplated what he could do now.

"Just do it, Perry," she whispered.

In a flash, he locked his mouth down over her neck. He felt the pop as the skin was punched through by his fangs. Ashley gasped, her neck muscles tightened under the hot pressure of his bite. The blood rushed out, down around his lips and down the back of his throat.

He'd tasted blood before, but not like this. The synthetic blood grown in the labs that they were made to drink tasted similar, but this was something all together different. There was something there that he'd never tasted before. Something...unique.

Perry sank in harder and Ashley let out a short moan. He could feel his own heart picking up pace, beating at a fevered speed.

It was then that he began to notice her body trembling, her heart rate slowed with each beat. He had to shake the sensation from his head to pull himself away. The sticky, sweet, warm metallic taste was an ambrosia to him. It was orgasmic in flavor almost and he had to wonder if Ashley had been right.

As he pulled away from her, she sank back into him. Her fingers cold by most of her body surprisingly warm. She grabbed at her neck where the wound was and turned towards him, "Are you alright?" he asked.

Her breathing was still heavy, "That actually felt great—like a good warm tingling sensation..." she held her hand up to the side of her neck.

Perry bolted up from the couch, he felt more energized than he ever had from the prepackaged bag blood he was used to drinking. Had it been like this every time for his kind in the old days? Had his Mom felt this upon every vein she'd opened. He ran his fingers across his lips and sucked the crimson fluid away.

Ashley's eyes were half opened, her movements sluggish, "That good, huh?" she wobbled side to side and then fell back into the couch.

"You need to be still," said Perry, "There's a toxin that we inject on instinct, it makes it hard for the victim to run, although it's also supposed to be..."

" it supposed to be like a hot white pleasure feeling?" Ashley muttered from the couch.

"I don't know, let me get you something to stop the bleeding and dress the wound," he dashed frantically into the kitchen where his parents kept the first aid items in a kitchen drawer right next to the pantry. His mind seemed to fumble and trip over these new feelings, had he really just done this? He flung the drawer open and grabbed some antiseptic wipes along with the bandages.

When he returned her eyes were closed and she only opened them upon his touch on her arm. He felt her so cold, but then realized that it could have been that he felt so hot. His heart was beating faster than he'd ever known it to. Slowly he lifted her hand from the wound and froze.

On her fingers, where she had been holding the spot, there was a small pool of half coagulated blood. His eyes widened and before he knew what he was doing he took her hand in his mouth and sucked the fluid free.

She giggled, "Everything tickles..." her voice was of a surreal tone, as if she was on the edge of consciousness.

When the alcohol wipe touched her neck, it should have burned but she smiled warmly through it and even laughed as he placed the medicated bandage over it. Slowly he sat her up on the couch, "There you go, Ash, I'll go get you some orange juice, that's what they use when you give blood right?"

She nodded as he left the room. Back in the kitchen as he opened the refrigerator she called out to him, already starting to come out of her inebriated state, "This is like, so awkward," she said, "I mean best friends don't do this kind of thing."

"Yeah I know," he said trying to force a jovial tone, "But most people aren't what I am."

"I mean if we wanted to be normal," she started, "I guess we could have just practiced like, making out or something."

He paused, every thought process in him stopped, we could have practiced making out. It took him only a second to feel the cold splash down his hand and realize he was pouring orange juice into an overflowing cup. He stopped and slammed the bottle back into the open ice box.

As he wiped his hands and the counter top down, he thought harder...we could have made out.

He dropped the rag and slapped his hand over his face. As a quiet sigh escaped he muttered, "I'm so fucking stupid."