University Life

University Life


Looking to the future is sometimes all a person can do when they're in the hardest stage of their life. This is something Alex learnt near the end of his college life. Failing friendships and hard times in his family. He could look forward to life in away from home… A life where he could start off new and do things right this time.

Alex was a late teenager of eighteen years. His body of average build except with broad shoulders. Navy blue eyes were one of his most noticeable features. Short brown hair curled into a wave with gel, rested atop his head. Stubble was clearly apparent on his chin and above his upper lip. He wore rugged clothes. Usually plain jeans, clever slogan-bearing shirts and a heavy jacket over top.

Alex's brother Barry sat next to him in the car. The two exchanged jokes and conversations. This would be the last time they managed to have a good talk for several months. Barry would return back to Auckland while Alex would stay behind in Palmerston North. These two brothers were close. They've suffered through some really hard times together. Their older sister dying in South Africa. Their parent's break up and just generally the times that followed.

The day went quickly as Alex moved into his hall while his brother helped him settle in. The room was rather sizeable. A large king-sized single bed in the corner. A huge window on the far side of the room. A desk for studying with a neon light above it. A wardrobe with a mirror and coat hangers inside. This room would house some of Alex's best and worse times in his first year of University.

Time went fast once more as Alex and Barry went to the airport. In the following hour Barry fare-welled Alex and boarded a small plane to take him back to Auckland. This is where our story starts. This is where Alex's life begins in the terms of University Life. The story holds life at its most dramatic. Romance, love, hate, temptation, friendship, support and stress dominate this tale…